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Insects and Pests

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Safe Use Of Flammable Liquids AEX-591.4.6 agricultural tailgate safety training for operators and supervisors, flammable liquids, flammables, safety, health, series, ag tailgate training
European Elm Flea Weevil ANR-38 insects, trees, yard, forest, elm
Viburnum Leaf Beetle ANR-39 insects, shrubs, trees, yard, forest, viburnum
Protecting Pollinators While Using Pesticides ANR-68 pesticide safety, labels, pest management, pollinators, bees, protecting pollinators, protecting honeybees, integrated pest management, targeted pesticide application, insecticide effects to bees
Be Alert for Spotted Lanternfly ANR-83 invasive species, spotted lantern fly, egg mass, tree of heaven, tree sap, tree injury, honeydew, grape vine, mold
Herbicide Programs for non-GMO Soybeans ANR-92 food grade soybean, weeds
European Corn Borer ENT-15
Slugs on Field Crops ENT-20 agronomic crops
Drain Flies (Moth Flies) ENT-41 home, yard and garden, drain, fly, flies in the bathroom, restroom flies, sewer flies, insecticides, pesticides
Hops in Ohio: Beneficial Arthropods ENT-42 home, yard and garden
Hops in Ohio: Pests ENT-43 home, yard and garden
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle ENT-44 asian ladybugs, asian lady beetles, multicolored asian lady beetles, controlling asian ladybugs, insecticides for asian lady beetles
Lady Beetles ENT-45
Japanese Beetle ENT-46 japanese beetles, white grubs, controlling japanese beetles, parasitic wasps, bacterial milky disease, japanese beetle insecticide
Attracting Pollinators to the Garden ENT-47 bees, pollinators, gardening, attracting pollinators to the garden
Stink Bugs on Soybeans and Other Field Crops ENT-48 stink bugs, soybeans, field crops
Black Vine Weevil (and Other Root Weevils) ENT-49
Centipedes ENT-50 predatory arthropods, centipedes, house centipedes, centipede prevention and control, centipede pesticides and insecticides
Masked Chafers ENT-51
Springtails ENT-52
Ohio Bee Identification Guide ENT-57 home, yard and garden, bee, bees, beekeeping, bee id, honey bees, ohio honeybees
Periodical and "Dog-Day" Cicadas ENT-58 cicadas, periodical cicadas, annual cicadas, dog-day cicadas, controlling cicadas
Fungus Gnats ENT-59
Galls of Maple Trees in Ohio ENT-60 trees, ohio maple tree galls, sugar maple leaf galls, maple velvet erineum gall, gouty vein gall, gall insecticides and miticides
Magnolia Scale ENT-61 magnolia, magnolia scale insects, magnolia scale infestation, magnolia pesticides, magnolia insecticides, magnolia pest control
Cottony Maple Scale and Its Management ENT-62 trees, cottony maple scale, silver and red maple disease, cottony maple scale pesticides, cottony maple scale insecticides
Cicada Killer Wasp ENT-63 cicada killers, cicada killer wasp, giant ohio wasps, big yellowjackets, the largest ohio wasp, largest wasps in north america
Silverfish and Firebrats ENT-64
Common Insects and Associated Pests Attacking Bedding Plants and Perennials ENT-65 integrated pest management, insects and pests, bedding plants and perennials
Mystery Bugs and Bites ENT-66 bugs, bites, delusory parasitosis, entomophobia, mystery bugs and bites, parasites, itching, scratching
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Mantids ENT-67 biological control, beneficial insect, mantids, praying mantis, insect predator, predator insect
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Harvestmen (also known as daddy longlegs) ENT-68 beneficial predator, arachnid, harvestmen, daddy long legs, shepherd's spiders, predatory arachnid
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Long-Legged Flies ENT-69 beneficial insect, pest control, long-legged flies, predatory fly
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Crab Spiders ENT-70 biological control, arachnid, crab spiders, ohio spiders, ohio insect predator
Ohio Trees for Bees ENT-71 bees, pollinators, trees
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Lacewings ENT-72 beneficial insect, pest control, pest management program, lacewings, green lacewings, brown lacewings, aphid control
Ohio's Natural Enemies: Hover Flies ENT-73 beneficial insect, hover flies, sweat bees, drone flies
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Jumping Spiders ENT-74 arthropod, jumping spiders, ohio garden spiders, good garden bugs, salticid spiders
Asian Longhorned Beetle ENT-75 trees, forests
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Funnel Weaver Spiders ENT-76 grass spider, funnel weaver spiders, hackledmesh weaver spiders, ohio spiders, arachnids, agelenidae, agelenopsis
Distinguishing Emerald Ash Borer from Native Borers ENT-77 emerald ash borer, native clearwing borer, native roundheaded borer, eab
Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Pollinators ENT-78 pollinators, monarch butterflies, native bees, bumble bees, native plants
Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Honey Bees ENT-79 pollinators, honey bees, native plants, bee, bees, beekeeping
Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Native Bees ENT-80 pollinators, native bees, native plants
Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Bumble Bees ENT-81 pollinators, bumble bees, native plants
Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Monarchs ENT-82 pollinators, monarch butterflies, native plants
Monitoring Carrot Weevils Using Wooden Boivin Traps ENT-83 carrot weevil, parsley, carrots, celery, monitoring weevils, wooden trap
Bumble Bees in Ohio: Natural History and Identification of Common Species ENT-84 bumble bees, pollinators, native bees, ohio bumble bees, pollinator, common eastern bumble bee, brown-belted bumble bee, two-spotted bumble bee, golden northern bumble bee, perplexing bumble bee, half-black bumble bee, black -and-gold bumble bee, american bumble bee, lemon cuckoo bumble bee
How to Identify and Enhance Ohio’s Wild Bees in Your Landscape ENT-85 bee, bees, apoidea, polyester bees, shiny green bees, squash bees, dull green sweat bees, bee nests, leafcutter bees, mason bees, orchard bees, bumble bees, carpenter bees, mining bees, identifying wild bees, ground nesting bees
Monitoring and Managing Spotted wing Drosophila in Fruit Crops ENT-86 swd, spotted-wing-drosophila, fruit fly, vinegar fly, invasive, invasive species
Asian Tiger Mosquito ENT-87 mosquito, mosquitoes, skeeters, mozzies, wrigglers, tumblers
How to Control and Prevent Mosquito Bites In and Around Ohio Homes ENT-88 mosquito, mosquitoes, disease transmission, west nile virus, eastern equine encephalitis virus, la crosse virus, st. louis encephalitis virus
Northern House Mosquito ENT-89 culex pipiens, skeeter, mozzie, west nile virus, wnv
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug ENT-90 stink bug, pest, apple, peach, sweet corn, peppers, soybean
Calibrating Boom Sprayers for Forestry Herbicide Application FABE-529 calibration, sprayers, forestry, herbicide application
How Much Chemical Product Do I Need to Add to My Sprayer Tank? FABE-530 calibration, sprayers, tank mixing pesticides, applying herbicides, weed control, measuring and mixing herbicides
Best Practices for Effective and Efficient Pesticide Application FABE-532 sprayers, pesticide application, spray drift, nozzles, sprayer calibration
Growing Apples in the Home Orchard HYG-1401 apple, fruit, garden, health, home, yard and garden, growing apples in the home orchard, apple cultivars
Growing Peaches and Nectarines in the Home Landscape HYG-1406 home, yard and garden, fruit crops, growing peaches and nectarines, peach cultivars, peach fertilizer, peach tree insecticides
Growing Strawberries in the Home Garden HYG-1424 home, yard and garden, health, home, strawberry, growing strawberries in the home garden, types of strawberries
Kiwifruit and Hardy Kiwi (Kiwiberries) HYG-1426 kiwi, hardy kiwi, kiwiberry, fruit, home, farm, kiwifruit, kiwi cultivars, trellising kiwi, fertilizing kiwi, growing kiwi in ohio, growing hardy kiwi, kiwi frost hardiness, dormant pruning
Growing Hardy Figs in Ohio HYG-1439 fig, hardy fig, fruit, farm, high tunnel, farm diversification, cultivars, varieties, hardy chicago, brown turkey, growing figs in ohio, ohio figs
Spider Mites and Their Control HYG-2012 home, yard and garden, flowers, trees, shrubs and groundcovers, spider mites and their control, ohio spider mites
Giant Caterpillars HYG-2015 yard and garden, giant caterpillars, caterpillars, ohio caterpillars, caterpillar life cycle
Aphids on Trees and Shrubs HYG-2031 home, yard and garden, trees, shrubs and groundcovers
Carpenter Ants HYG-2063 yard and garden, ant, wood damage, structural pest, biting insect, carpenter ants, black ants, ant nests, ant pesticides
Ants In and Around the Home HYG-2064 home, yard and garden, ants in and around the home, ant control, ant pesticides, ohio ant control, ant insecticides
Millipedes HYG-2067A millipedes, millipede insecticides, thousand-legged worms, controlling millipedes, preventing millipedes
Earwigs HYG-2068 home, yard and garden, flowers
Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases HYG-2073 home, yard and garden, lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, lone star tick, blacklegged tick, deer tick, dog tick, ticks, tick-borne diseases, tick life cycle, tick habits
Carpenter Bees HYG-2074 bees, stinging insects, wood damage, pollinators, carpenter bees, carpenter bee insecticide, preventing carpenter bees
Yellowjackets HYG-2075 home, yard and garden, insects, yellow jackets, ohio wasps, german yellowjackets, eastern yellowjackets, common yellowjackets, controlling yellowjackets
Honey Bees in House Walls HYG-2079 bees and pollination, beekeeping, bees, bee, bees in buildings, honeybees in house walls, honeybee colony
Fleas HYG-2081 fleas
Fungus Beetles HYG-2084 home, yard and garden
Clover Mites HYG-2095 home, yard and garden, lawn and turf
Ground Beetles HYG-2102 home, yard and garden, ground beetles, identifying beetles, beetle life cycle, beetle insecticides, controlling beetles
Carpet Beetles HYG-2103 home, yard and garden
Bed Bugs HYG-2105 bed bug, bedbug, pests, bites
Boxelder Bugs and Leaf-footed Bugs HYG-2106 boxelder bugs, leaffooted bugs, life cycle of boxelder bugs and leaffootedbugs, controlling boxelder bugs and leaffooted bugs, boxelder and leaffooted bug insecticides
Submitting Insect Specimens for Identification HYG-2121 home, yard and garden
Pharaoh Ant HYG-2136 home, yard and garden
Bumble Bees and Solitary Bees & Wasps in Urban Landscapes HYG-2143 bees, pollinators, bumble bees, controlling ground-nesting bees and wasps, carpenter bees, sweat bees, leafcutting bees, digger wasps, grass carrying wasps
Bagworm and Its Control HYG-2149 home, yard and garden, trees, shrubs and groundcovers
Lace Bugs HYG-2150 home, yard and garden, trees, shrubs and groundcovers
Choosing a Pest Management Company HYG-2178 home, yard and garden
Billbugs in Turfgrass HYG-2502 home, yard and garden, lawn and turf
Chinch Bugs in Turfgrass HYG-2503 hairy chinch bug, common chinch bug, chinch bugs in turf grass, chinch bug turf damage, controlling chinch bugs, chinch bug insecticides
Identification of White Grubs in Turfgrass HYG-2510 lawn and turf, white grubs in turf grass, ohio white grubs, ohio white grub adults
Identification and Management of Soilborne Diseases of Tomato HYG-3314 tomato, soilborne disease, wilt, root rot
Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation for Management of Soilborne Diseases in Midwestern Vegetable Production HYG-3315 tomato, soilborne disease, anaerobic soil disinfestation, wilt, root rot
Bitter Rot of Apple PLPATH-FRU-20 bitter rot, apple, apple disease, rotten spots on apples, rotten apples, controlling bitter rot on apples
Sanitation and Phytosanitation (SPS) PLPATH-GEN-10 home, yard and garden, plant disease
Diagnosing Sick Plants PLPATH-GEN-2 home, yard and garden, plant disease
20 Questions on Plant Diagnosis PLPATH-GEN-3 home, yard and garden, plant disease, plant pathology diagnosis, plant health management
Rhizoctonia Damping-off and Root Rot of Soybeans PLPATH-SOY-1 soybeans
Soybean Cyst Nematode PLPATH-SOY-5 soybean, scn, cyst, nematode, scn prevention, scn symptoms, yellow soybeans, nematodes, scn damage
Thousand Cankers Disease PLPATH-TREE-07 walnut trees, thousand cankers disease, invasives
Beech Bark Disease PLPATH-TREE-09 beech tree, beech bark disease, plant disease
Frequently Asked Questions About Birds and West Nile Virus WNV-1000 west nile virus, livestock
Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre Aves y el Virus del Nilo Occidental WNV-1000S west nile virus, spanish
Los Granjeros y el Virus del Nilo Occidental WNV-1001S west nile virus, spanish
What Outdoor Enthusiasts Should Know About West Nile Virus WNV-1002 west nile virus
Lo Que los Aficionados al Aire Libre Deben Saber Sobre el Virus del Nilo Occidental WNV-1002S west nile virus, spanish
People and West Nile Virus: Frequently Asked Questions WNV-1003 west nile virus
Las Personas y el Virus del Nilo Occidental: Preguntas Frecuentes WNV-1003S west nile virus, spanish
West Nile Virus and Scrap Tires WNV-1004 west nile virus
El Virus del Nilo Occidental y Llantas Viejas WNV-1004S west nile virus, spanish
Información sobre el Virus del Nilo Occidental para Veterinarios WNV-1005S west nile virus, spanish
Frequently Asked Questions About Wildlife and West Nile Virus WNV-1006 west nile virus
Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre Animales Silvestres y el Virus del Nilo Occidental WNV-1006S west nile virus, spanish
Lo Que los Dueños de Caballos Deben Saber sobre el Virus del Nilo Occidental WNV-1007S west nile virus, spanish
Humedales y el Virus del Nilo Occidental WNV-1008S west nile virus, spanish
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