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20 Questions on Plant Diagnosis PLPATH-GEN-3 home, yard and garden, plant disease, plant pathology diagnosis, plant health management
Accepting SNAP Benefits at Ohio Farmers Markets ANR-65 local foods, food insecure, food access, farmers markets, snap, snap benefits
All Things Sweet: Sugar and Other Sweeteners HYG-5584 sugar, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohol
Analysis of Safety Issues for Fresh Produce AEX-260 foodborne illness
Bacillus cereus: A Foodborne Illness Confused with the 24-hour Flu HYG-5576 home, yard and garden, food safety, bacillus cereus, a foodborne illness confused with the 24-hour flu
Backyard Grilling: Food Safety Practices to Keep on the Front Burner HYG-5590 food safety, grilling, cooking, family gatherings
Basic Principles of Pruning Backyard Grapevines HYG-1428 home, yard and garden, horticulture, fruit crops, fruit, basic principles of pruning backyard grapevines, grapevine pruning
Bitter Rot of Apple PLPATH-FRU-20 bitter rot, apple, apple disease, rotten spots on apples, rotten apples, controlling bitter rot on apples
Botulism: What You Don't See or Smell Can Still Hurt You HYG-5567 home, yard and garden, food safety, botulism, food poisoning, clostridium botulinium, food contamination
Canning Basics HYG-5338 canning basics, proper canning techniques, resources for canning, spoiled canned food, storing canned foods, canning lids, filling and processing, food acidity, pressure canners, boiling water canners
Canning Meat, Poultry and Game HYG-5330 home, yard and garden, canning meat, poultry, and game, canned meat, canned game, canned poultry
Canning Tomato Products HYG-5337 home, yard and garden
Canning Tomatoes HYG-5336 home, yard and garden, canning tomatoes, home canned tomatoes, tomato processing, pressure cooking tomatoes, boiling tomatoes
Chlorinated Water Sanitation of Leafy Green Vegetables For Fresh Produce Processors AEX-262 leafy greens, sanitizer, chlorinated water, fresh produce, chlorine treatment, disinfecting leafy green vegetables
Communication Strategies to Support a Family Member with Diabetes HYG-5322 diabetes, caregiver, family
Creating Signage for Direct Food and Agricultural Sales ANR-70 direct marketing, marketing, agritourism, signs, food sales, produce sales, farmers markets
Current Sanitation Practices for Leafy Green Vegetables For Processors, Retailers and Consumers AEX-261 leafy greens, sanitizer, chlorinated water, fresh produce
Diagnosing Sick Plants PLPATH-GEN-2 diagnosing plant diseases, plant disease series, plant pathogens versus insects, questions for diagnosing a sick plant
Drying Fruits and Vegetables HYG-5347 home, yard and garden, drying fruits and vegetables, food preservation, food dehydration
Eating Disorders Awareness: Binge Eating Disorder ED-1004 eating disorders, binge eating
Eating Healthy During Stressful Times HYG-5244 nutrition, health, stress
Eating Nutritiously When the Power Is Out HYG-5582 emergency, nutrition, power outage
Farm to Health: Maximizing Nutrients and Phytonutrients in Ohio Produce HYG-5581 home, yard and garden
Fiber Fills You Up, Fills your Wallet, and Fuels Your Health HYG-5583 fiber, diet, health
Food for Baby's First Year MOB-4 babies
Food for the Toddler Years MOB-6 babies, toddlers
Food Preservation: Basics for Canning Fruit HYG-5343 food preservation, canning, fruit, basics for canning fruit, canning fruit juice, pressure canner, standard canning jars and lids, water bath canner
Food Preservation: Basics for Canning Vegetables HYG-5344 food preservation, canning, vegetables, basics for canning vegetables
Food Preservation: Canning Soup HYG-5340 food preservation, food, canning soup
Food Preservation: Freezing Basics HYG-5341 food preservation, freezing, food preservation: freezing basics
Food Preservation: Freezing Fruits HYG-5349 food preservation, freezing, fruit
Food Preservation: Freezing Vegetables HYG-5333 food preservation, freezing, vegetables
Food Preservation: Making Jerky HYG-5362 food preservation, food, food preservation: making jerky, beef jerky, pork jerky, lamb jerky
Food Preservation: Preserving Herbs: Freezing and Drying HYG-5360 food preservation, freezing, drying, herbs
Food Preservation: Salsa—From Garden to Table HYG-5339 food preservation, salsa
Food Safety and Garden Flooding HYG-1154 food safety, flooding, garden
Food Safety for Fruits and Vegetables ANR-25 food safety
Food Safety in Gardens HYG-1153 food safety, garden
Foodborne Illness: Guess Who Came to Dinner? HYG-5570 food safety, illness
Freezer Storage HYG-5402 home, yard and garden
Freezing and Canning Venison HYG-5367 venison, wild game, freezing venison, processing venison, deer meat, canning
Freezing Cooked Foods HYG-5308 food, leftovers, freezing
Freezing Meat, Poultry and Game HYG-5334 home, yard and garden, freezing meat, poultry, and game, freezing poultry, freezing game, storing meat
Fruits and Vegetables Are a Convenience for Busy People! HYG-5302 home, yard and garden
Gluten-Free Eating: Important Considerations HYG-5589 health, gluten, celiac
Growing Apples in the Home Orchard HYG-1401 apple, fruit, garden, health, home, yard and garden, growing apples in the home orchard, apple cultivars
Growing Broccoli in the Home Garden HYG-1605 broccoli, vegetables, gardening, cultivar, pest management, growing broccoli in the home garden, broccoli cultivars, disease management
Growing Garlic in the Garden HYG-1627 garlic, vegetables, gardening, cultivar, pest management, growing garlic in the garden, allium sativum, hardneck garlic, softneck garlic, elephant garlic
Growing Grapes in the Home Fruit Planting HYG-1423 home, yard and garden, fruit crops, grapes, growing grapes in the home fruit planting, grape cultivars, ohio grape growers
Growing Hardy Figs in Ohio HYG-1439 fig, hardy fig, fruit, farm, high tunnel, farm diversification, cultivars, varieties, hardy chicago, brown turkey, growing figs in ohio, ohio figs
Growing Peaches and Nectarines in the Home Landscape HYG-1406 home, yard and garden, fruit crops, growing peaches and nectarines, peach cultivars, peach fertilizer, peach tree insecticides
Growing Peppers in the Home Garden HYG-1618 peppers, habanero peppers, ghost peppers, ohio peppers, pepper diseases, pepper pests, starting pepper seeds, transplanting peppers, fertilizing peppers, gardening, cultivar, pest management, scoville score
Growing Strawberries in the Home Garden HYG-1424 home, yard and garden, health, home, strawberry, growing strawberries in the home garden, types of strawberries
Hepatitis A: A Virus that Causes Foodborne Illness HYG-5579 home, yard and garden, food safety, illness
Hepatitis E: A Foodborne Zoonotic Threat in the U.S. and Abroad AS-20 virus, food safety, hev, meat safety, zoonosis
Home Preservation of Fish HYG-5351 home food preservation, freezing, canning, smoking, fish
How to Identify and Enhance Ohio’s Wild Bees in Your Landscape ENT-85 bee, bees, apoidea, polyester bees, shiny green bees, squash bees, dull green sweat bees, bee nests, leafcutter bees, mason bees, orchard bees, bumble bees, carpenter bees, mining bees, identifying wild bees, ground nesting bees
How to Read the Nutrition Facts Label HYG-5586 nutrition facts, food label
Infused Water with Ohio Local Foods HYG-5363 local foods, drinking water
Jams, Jellies, and Other Fruit Spreads HYG-5350 home, yard and garden, jelly recipes, jams, jellies, preserves, conserves, marmalades, fruit butters, making jams and jellies
Keeping Baby Formula Safe MOB-3 babies, food safety
Kiwifruit and Hardy Kiwi (Kiwiberries) HYG-1426 kiwi, hardy kiwi, kiwiberry, fruit, home, farm, kiwifruit, kiwi cultivars, trellising kiwi, fertilizing kiwi, growing kiwi in ohio, growing hardy kiwi, kiwi frost hardiness, dormant pruning
Listeria monocytogenes: A Concern for Pregnant Women and Older Adults HYG-5562 food safety, illness
Local Food Council Formation Planning Guide CDFS-1573 food council, community food council
Low-Cost Treatment of Food Processing Wastewater AEX-771 meat processing, pollution control, daf
Making and Preserving BBQ and Hot Sauces HYG-5365 bbq, hot sauce, canning, preserving sauces, hot sauce ingredients, bbq sauce ingredients, making and preserving bbq and hot sauces
Making and Preserving Sauerkraut HYG-5364 cabbage varieties, danish ballhead, stone head, early flat dutch, head start, hinova, red acre, sauerkraut ingredients, premium late dutch, fermentation, sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, cabbage, preserving food, canning, making and preserving sauerkraut
Making Baby Food MOB-5 babies
Making Fermented Dill Pickles HYG-5342 cucumbers, pickles, fermentation, home food preservation, fermented dill pickles, brined cucumbers
Making Fruit Leathers HYG-5361 fruit, drying
Making Your Own Convenience Foods HYG-5366 convenience, food, make-your-own, quick-meals, easy-meals
Modifying a Recipe to Be Healthier HYG-5543 recipes, healthy recipes, reduced fat recipes. reduced salt recipes, reduced sugar recipes, lower calories recipes, modifying a recipe to be healthier
Mold Has Grown on Your Food: What Should You Do? HYG-5592 food safety, mold, mold growth on food, mold on canned food, mold growth on vegetables, mold on hard cheeses, hard meats, and vegetables, mold on beverages
MyPlate-Guided Rainbow of Colors Choice System for Food Pantry Staff and Volunteers HYG-5585 food pantry, food insecurity, healthy food access, myplate, choice
Norovirus: A Different Type of Foodborne Illness HYG-5569 food safety, illness
Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding HYG-5573 breastfeeding, babies, nutritional needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Pantry Food Storage HYG-5401 food, storage, pantry food storage, properly storing food, recommended food storage times
Potassium HYG-5588 potassium, vegetables, fruit, nutrients, minerals
Preschool: Get Off to a Good Start BB-P-1 backpack buddies, preschool
Preschool: Nutrition and Fitness BB-P-6 backpack buddies, preschool
Preserving Food With Less Sodium HYG-5358 home food preservation, freezing, canning, pickling, pickle, salt
Preserving Food With Less Sugar HYG-5359 home food preservation, canning, freezing, pickling, sweetener, sugar, preserving food with less sugar
Preserving Pie Fillings HYG-5355 home food preservation, pie, canner
Preserving Uncooked Jams and Jellies HYG-5348 home, yard and garden, jams, jellies
Processed Meats, Red Meats and Colorectal Cancer Risk HYG-5587 processed meats, red meat, colon cancer, nutrition
Pruning Backyard Grapevines in the First Three Years HYG-1429 home, yard and garden, grape, grapevine, vineyard, pruning, pruning backyard grapevines in the first three years
Pruning Blueberry Bushes in the Home Garden HYG-1430 home, yard and garden, fruit crops, gardening, blueberries, pruning blueberry bushes in the home garden
Pruning Erect Blackberries in the Home Garden HYG-1431 blackberry, pruning, thornless, fruit, garden, health, home, yard and garden, pruning blackberry plants in the home garden
Putting MyPlate on Your Table: Dairy SS-150 food, nutrition guidelines
Putting MyPlate on Your Table: Fruit SS-151 nutrition, food guidelines
Putting MyPlate on Your Table: Grains SS-149 nutrition, food guidelines
Putting MyPlate on Your Table: Protein SS-153 nutrition, food guidelines
Putting MyPlate on Your Table: Vegetables SS-152 nutrition, food guidelines
Quick-Process Pickles HYG-5345 home food preservation, canner, pickles, quick process pickles, acetic acid pickling, pickling ingredients, pickling equipment, pickling recipes, quick sweet pickles, quick dill pickles
Raspberries for the Home Fruit Planting HYG-1421 home, yard and garden
Refrigerator Storage HYG-5403 food storage, refrigerating meat, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs, cured meat, smoked meat, refrigerating food, safe food storage, how long to refrigerate food, sell-by date, best-if-used-by date, refrigerator food storage chart
Rotavirus: A Concern for Infants and Young Children HYG-5580 food safety
Salmonella HYG-5566 foodborne illness
Salmonella in Fresh Produce ANR-62 salmonella, fresh produce, tomatoes
Sanitation and Phytosanitation (SPS) PLPATH-GEN-10 home, yard and garden, plant disease
Saving Money with Coupons 11-FCS-904 home, yard and garden
Selecting, Storing and Serving Ohio Carrots HYG-5514 carrots, ohio carrot recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Apples HYG-5507 apples, ohio apples, apple recipes, fruit, recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Asparagus HYG-5508 asparagus, ohio asparagus, asparagus recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Beans HYG-5509 beans, ohio beans, bean recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, and Cauliflower HYG=5512 broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, ohio broccoli, ohio cauliflower, ohio brussel sprouts, ohio cauliflower recipes, ohio broccoli recipes, ohio brussel sprout recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Cabbage HYG-5513 cabbage, ohio cabbage recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Cherries HYG-5515 cherries, ohio cherry recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Grapes HYG-5518 grapes, ohio grape recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Greens HYG-5519 greens, ohio greens recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Kohlrabi, Rutabagas, and Turnips HYG-5521 kohlrabi, rutabagas, turnips, ohio kohlrabi, ohio rutabagas, ohio turnips, kohlrabi recipes, rutabaga recipes, turnip recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Maple Syrup HYG-5522 home, yard and garden
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Melons HYG-5523 melon, ohio melon recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Onions HYG-5524 onions, ohio onions, onion recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Peaches HYG-5525 peaches, ohio peach recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Pears HYG-5526 tags: pears, ohio pear recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Peas HYG-5527 pears, ohio pear recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Peppers HYG-5528 peppers, ohio peppers, pepper recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Potatoes HYG-5529 potatoes, ohio potatoes, potato recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Squash and Pumpkin HYG-5530 squash and pumpkin, ohio squash and pumpkin, squash and pumpkin recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Strawberries HYG-5531 strawberries, ohio strawberry recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Sweet Corn HYG-5516 corn, sweet corn, ohio corn recipes, ohio sweet corn recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Tomatoes HYG-5532 tomatoes, ohio tomatoes, tomato recipes
Selecting, Storing, and Using Fresh Herbs HYG-5520 herbs, ohio herb recipes
Selling Eggs in Ohio: Marketing and Regulations ANR-59 direct marketing, eggs, chickens, regulations, food safety, selling eggs in ohio, choosing chicken breeds, poultry breeds
Shiga-Toxin Escherichia coli: What You Should Know About this Group of Foodborne Pathogens HYG-5561 food safety
Shigella: Bacteria that Causes the Foodborne Illness Shigellosis HYG-5563 foodborne illness, shigella, bacteria that causes the foodborne illness shigellosis
Smart Eating for Healthy Aging SS-207-06 aging, nutrition, healthy eating
Some Options for Resourceful Living HYG-5248 money, saving money, tips to save money, spend wisely, food, housing, medical, technology, clothing, transportation
Staphylococcus aureus: A Problem When Food Is Left Out Too Long HYG-5564 food safety, foodborne illness, staphylococcus aureus: a problem when food is left out too long
Strategies for Successful Health SS-125 senior series, health
Targeting a Healthier Diet SS-123 senior series, health, diet
Toxoplasma gondii: A Parasite that Causes Toxoplasmosis HYG-5578 health, illness
Understanding Genetically Modified Foods HYG-5058 genetically modified organism, gmos
Using a Community Supported Agriculture Share to Plan Family Meals HYG-5593 csa, community share, meal planning, family meal planning, recipes-csa, vegetables, recipes
Vibrio species: Foodborne Illness and Seafood HYG-5575 food safety, foodborne illness
Vitamin C HYG-5552 vitamin
What To Do When Your Freezer Stops HYG-5357 freezing
Wild Mushrooms PLPATH-GEN-11 home, yard and garden, plant disease, hyg-3303, wild mushrooms, ohio mushrooms, edible mushrooms, mushrooms
Yersinia enterocolitica: A rare but important food safety concern for young children and immune-compromised individuals HYG-5574 food safety, illness
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