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Family and Youth

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4-H Camp Active Threat Guidelines 4H-42 camp counselor, 4-h camp, active shooter, safety
4-H Project Learning 4H-50 4-h, project, youth development, project planning, group project
Accepting SNAP Benefits at Ohio Farmers Markets ANR-65 local foods, food insecure, food access, farmers markets, snap, snap benefits
After You Say “I Do”: Adjusting to Marriage FLM-FS-2-01-R10 marriage, adjusting to marriage, strong marriages, satisfying marriages
Aging: A Natural and Beneficial Part of Life HYG-5809 seniors, aging, perceptions, benefits
Assistive Technology for the Farm AEX-983.2 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Backyard Grilling: Food Safety Practices to Keep on the Front Burner HYG-5590 food safety, grilling, cooking, family gatherings
Basic Estate Planning: Costs Involved in Transferring Property EP-2 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Giving EP-8 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Introduction EP-1 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Letter of Instruction EP-5 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Life Insurance EP-6 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Medicare and Medigap EP-11 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Miscellaneous Issues EP-12 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Tax Basis if Property Is Transferred EP-3 basic estate planning, tax basis if property is transferred, co-ownership of personal property, tenancy by the entirety, joint tenancy with right of survivorship, fee simple, life estate, lifetime exclusion, unified credit, annual giving exclusion, marginal noncorporate tax rates, capital gains, transfer of assets and liquidity, tax rate for collectibles
Basic Estate Planning: The Nursing Home Dilemma EP-10 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Trusts EP-7 basic estate planning trusts, testamentary trust, uniform trust code, 2007 trust code, avoiding probate, living trusts, revocable living trusts, irrevocable living trusts, reducing real estate settlement costs, managing assets
Basic Estate Planning: Why Have a Will? EP-4 basic estate planning
Before You Say “I Do” Again FLM-FS-1-02-R11 marriage
Biosecurity for Youth Livestock Exhibitors VME-7 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, 4-h, ffa, fairs, exhibitions
Biosecurity Fundamentals for Extension Personnel VME-5 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, extension personnel, livestock
Breastfeeding: Steps for Success MOB-2 breastfeeding, babies
Breastfeeding: Your Best Choice MOB-1 breastfeeding, babies
Building a Team within a 4-H Club 4H-30-11 youth development
Building Self-Esteem in Youth 4H-08 self-esteem, helping children, early adolescents, self identity
Calcium HYG-5506 nutrition, health, calcium
Camp Management Frequently Asked Questions 4H-34 health form, record, incident form, injury form, camp counselor, background check, day camp, resident camp, cloverbud
Campylobacteriosis: A Concern for Parents with Young Children and Other Young Adults HYG-5565 food safety, illness, diarrhea
Clostridium perfringens: A Foodborne Illness, Not the 24-Hour Flu HYG-5568 food safety, illness
College Savings Options HYG-5250 college, savings, tuition, education
Community Service 4H-12 community service, service, experiential learning, 4-h, 4-h clubs
Consumer Debt Relief in the United States and Canada HYG-5247 debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure, finance, chapter 7, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13
County-level 4-H Advisory Committees 4H-48 committees, volunteers, 4-h
Creative Leadership in 4-H—Flatwater Kayaking 4H-39 kayak, recreation, leadership, camping
Creative Leadership in 4-H—Stand Up Paddle Boarding 4H-41 paddle board, recreation, leadership, camping
Cultivating the Practice of Family Philanthropy FLM-FS-13-03-R10 charitable giving
Dangers of Substance Abuse AEX-790.13 small farm, gardening, safety, health, substance abuse, small farm and garden safety series
Dealing With Anger in a Marriage HYG-5191 home and away series, dealing with anger in a marriage, healthy marriages, handling conflict, strengthening marriage, resolving marital disputes
Decision Making/Problem Solving With Teens HYG-5301 home, yard and garden, parenting, decision making with teens. problem solving with teens
Demonstrations for 4-H Members 4H-46 4-h, demonstrations
Diabetes and Your Health SS-166 senior series
Disinfection in On-Farm Biosecurity Procedures VME-8 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, disinfection, sanitation, farm, farm biosecurity, farm disinfectants, quaternary ammonium, phenol-based compounds, hypochlorites, iodophors
Don't Clash Over Cash HYG-5208 home, yard and garden, family finances
Eating Disorders Awareness: Anorexia Nervosa ED-1002 eating disorders
Eating Disorders Awareness: Binge Eating Disorder ED-1004 eating disorders, binge eating
Eating Disorders Awareness: Bulimia Nervosa ED-1003 eating disorders
Eating Disorders Awareness: Eating Disorders Among Athletes ED-1006 eating disorders
Eating Disorders Awareness: Emotional Issues Involved With Eating Disorders ED-1005 eating disorders
Eating Disorders Awareness: Introduction ED-1001 eating disorders
Eating Healthy During Stressful Times HYG-5244 nutrition, health, stress
Eating Nutritiously When the Power Is Out HYG-5582 emergency, nutrition, power outage
Effective 4-H Club Meetings 4H-6 club meetings, club officers, meeting structure
Effective Ways to Promote Ohio 4-H Camps 4H-49 4-h, camp, promotion, youth, volunteers
Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water AEX-317 safety, water-purification, disinfection, chlorinated water, emergency-preparedness
Emergency Plans for Pets AEX-999 emergency preparedness
Engaging Older Youth in 4-H Club Work 4H-27 older youth, volunteer, 4-h clubs
Enhancing the Adult Child/Parent Partnership FLM-FS-5-99-R11 adult care
Facilitating Positive Behavior in 4-H 4H-45 4-h, positive behavior, positive reinforcement, volunteers
Family Mealtime: Routines and Rituals HYG-5249 family, family meals, meals, rituals, routines
Farm to Health: Maximizing Nutrients and Phytonutrients in Ohio Produce HYG-5581 home, yard and garden
Farming After a Stroke AEX-982.2 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Farming with Diabetes AEX-982.6 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Farming with Parkinson’s Disease AEX-982.5 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Farming with Upper Extremity Limitation/Amputation AEX-981.10 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Fathering Your Adolescent: Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship HYG-5298 family
Fiber Fills You Up, Fills your Wallet, and Fuels Your Health HYG-5583 fiber, diet, health
First Grade: Children's Friendships BB-F-8 backpack buddies
First Grade: Cybersafety—Is Your Child Safe Online? BB-F-5 backpack buddies
First Grade: Dealing with Morning Madness BB-F-1 backpack buddies
First Grade: Fun Summer Time Activities and Games BB-F-9 backpack buddies
First Grade: Good Study Habits and Homework BB-F-3 backpack buddies
First Grade: Holidays—What a Great Time! BB-F-4 backpack buddies
First Grade: Nutritious Food for Cool Kids BB-F-7 backpack buddies
First Grade: Setting Limits with Your Children BB-F-6 backpack buddies
First Grade: Understanding Sibling Rivalry BB-F-2 backpack buddies
Food for Baby's First Year MOB-4 babies
Food for the Toddler Years MOB-6 babies, toddlers
Foodborne Illness: Guess Who Came to Dinner? HYG-5570 food safety, illness
Fruits and Vegetables Are a Convenience for Busy People! HYG-5302 home, yard and garden
Gender Issues: Communication Differences in Interpersonal Relationships FLM-FS-4-02-R10 communication, gender issues: communication differences in interpersonal relationships
Gender Issues: Preparing Children for a Lifetime of Success FLM-FS-16-01-R10 gender issues, children
Getting to Know You, Your Co-spender, and Money HYG-5241 home, yard and garden, home and away series
Gluten-Free Eating: Important Considerations HYG-5589 health, gluten, celiac
Growing Apples in the Home Orchard HYG-1401 apple, fruit, garden, health, home, yard and garden, growing apples in the home orchard, apple cultivars
Growing Hardy Figs in Ohio HYG-1439 fig, hardy fig, fruit, farm, high tunnel, farm diversification, cultivars, varieties, hardy chicago, brown turkey, growing figs in ohio, ohio figs
Hand Signals for Agricultural Safety AEX-591.9.5 agricultural tailgate safety training for operators and supervisors, hand signals, safety, communication-tools, noisy-working-conditions
Helping Adolescents Cope with Grief FLM-FS-10-01-R10 family
Helping Young Children Through Stressful Times FLM-FS-8-99-R07 stress, children
Hepatitis A: A Virus that Causes Foodborne Illness HYG-5579 home, yard and garden, food safety, illness
Home Alone: Is My Child Old Enough? HYG-5321 home, yard and garden, is my child old enough to be home alone, home rules for children
Human Trafficking: Know the Signs of this Hidden Crime HYG-5900 human trafficking, labor, sex, catch court
Implementing "Learning by Doing" Strategies 4H-33 youth education
Initial Farm Injury Emergency Response AEX-984.1 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Instructions for Tattooing Rabbits 4H-35 rabbits, ear, tattoo, tattooing rabbits, american rabbit breeders association registration tattoos, rabbit tattooing
Introduction to Mindfulness HYG-5243 health, stress
Involving Parents in 4-H 4H-44 4-h, family, parents, involvement
Involving Teens as 4-H Leaders 4H-52 leaders, teens, youth development
Iron HYG-5559 iron
Keeping Baby Formula Safe MOB-3 babies, food safety
Keeping Sun Safe HSC-7 sunscreen, sun safety, ultraviolet light, uv, sun protection factor, spf, skin cancer
Kindergarten: Caution—Is Your Home Safe? BB-K-8 backpack buddies
Kindergarten: Discipline and Your Child BB-K-5 backpack buddies
Kindergarten: Helping Your Child Succeed in School BB-K-3 backpack buddies
Kindergarten: Holiday Stress Busters for Big and Little People BB-K-4 backpack buddies
Kindergarten: Nutrition and Fitness BB-K-6 backpack buddies
Kindergarten: Reading Skills BB-K-7 backpack buddies, reading, libraries
Kindergarten: Summer Activities for Fun and Learning BB-K-9 backpack buddies
Kiwifruit and Hardy Kiwi (Kiwiberries) HYG-1426 kiwi, hardy kiwi, kiwiberry, fruit, home, farm, kiwifruit, kiwi cultivars, trellising kiwi, fertilizing kiwi, growing kiwi in ohio, growing hardy kiwi, kiwi frost hardiness, dormant pruning
Leading Recreation at a 4-H Community Club Meeting 4H-37 recreation, social activities, play, healthy living
Limiting Risks for Your Unborn Baby HYG-5535 home, yard and garden, pregnancy
Listeria monocytogenes: A Concern for Pregnant Women and Older Adults HYG-5562 food safety, illness
Making Baby Food MOB-5 babies
Managing Arthritis When Farming AEX-982.1 health, safety, ohio agrability series
Managing Stress for a Healthy Heart AEX-982.4 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
MyPlate-Guided Rainbow of Colors Choice System for Food Pantry Staff and Volunteers HYG-5585 food pantry, food insecurity, healthy food access, myplate, choice
Mystery Bugs and Bites ENT-66 bugs, bites, delusory parasitosis, entomophobia, mystery bugs and bites, parasites, itching, scratching
No Riders on Farm and Lawn Equipment AEX-591.1.7 agricultural tailgate safety training for operators and supervisors, safety, farm equipment, riders on farm equipment, hazards, farm hazards
Norovirus: A Different Type of Foodborne Illness HYG-5569 food safety, illness
Nurturant Grandfathering: Character Work HYG-5804 grandfather, grandchild, character, ethics, personality, family, relationships
Nurturant Grandfathering: Family Identity Work HYG-5806 grandfather, grandchild, family identity, relationships
Nurturant Grandfathering: Investment Work HYG-5807 grandfather, grandchild, investment, education, occupation, financial
Nurturant Grandfathering: Let’s Get Involved HYG 5800 grandfather, grandchild, nurturing, family, relationships
Nurturant Grandfathering: Lineage Work HYG-5801 grandfather, grandchild, lineage, family, relationships
Nurturant Grandfathering: Mentoring Work HYG-5802 grandfather, grandchild, mentoring, family, relationships
Nurturant Grandfathering: Recreation Work HYG-5805 grandfather, grandchild, recreation, leisure, family, relationships
Nurturant Grandfathering: Spiritual Work HYG-5803 grandfather, grandchild, spiritual, family, relationships
Nurturing in Stepfamilies FLM-FS-11-00-R11 stepfamilies
Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding HYG-5573 breastfeeding, babies, nutritional needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Ohio History of 4-H 4H-01 4-h, 4-h youth development, history of 4-h, 4-h history
On-Farm Biosecurity: Traffic Control and Sanitation VME-6 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, sanitation, farm
Osteoporosis: Risk Factors, Prevention, and Detection HYG-5808 bones, osteoporosis, seniors, health
Parasites: Cryptosporidium parvum, Cyclospora, and Giardia lamblia HYG-5577 home, yard and garden, health
Parental Involvement Can Reduce the Risk of Teen Pregnancy FLM-FS-16-99-R10 teens, parents, preventing teen pregnancy, teen pregnancy prevention, talking about sex with teens, strategies for decreasing teen pregnancy, sexually active teenagers
Parliamentary Procedure for Community Organizations and Boards 4H-11 parliamentary procedure, meetings, community organizations, boards, successful meetings, motions
Preparing a Net Worth Statement HYG-5245 net worth, family finances, budgeting, money
Preschool: Get Off to a Good Start BB-P-1 backpack buddies, preschool
Preschool: Helping Your Child Succeed in School BB-P-3 backpack buddies
Preschool: Nurturing Your Child's Self-Esteem BB-P-2 backpack buddies
Preschool: Nutrition and Fitness BB-P-6 backpack buddies, preschool
Preventing Heart Disease AEX-982.3 health, safety, ohio agrability series
Primary Caregiver for a Farm Family Member AEX-984.2 family, safety, ohio agrability series
Rabbit Basics for the Beginner 4H-31 rabbits, rabbit basics for beginners, raising rabbits, caring for rabbits
Recognizing 4-H Volunteers Utilizing State Awards to Show Appreciation 4H-43 volunteer awards, state awards, volunteer appreciation
Reducing Conflict over Child Support FLM-FS-12-99-R10 divorce, parenting
Resolving Conflict Constructively and Respectfully HYG-5196 home and away series, resolving conflict constructively and respectfully, problem solving
Rotavirus: A Concern for Infants and Young Children HYG-5580 food safety
Salmonella HYG-5566 foodborne illness
Saving Money with Coupons 11-FCS-904 home, yard and garden
Shiga-Toxin Escherichia coli: What You Should Know About this Group of Foodborne Pathogens HYG-5561 food safety
Shigella: Bacteria that Causes the Foodborne Illness Shigellosis HYG-5563 foodborne illness, shigella, bacteria that causes the foodborne illness shigellosis
Some Options for Resourceful Living HYG-5248 money, saving money, tips to save money, spend wisely, food, housing, medical, technology, clothing, transportation
Staphylococcus aureus: A Problem When Food Is Left Out Too Long HYG-5564 food safety, foodborne illness, staphylococcus aureus: a problem when food is left out too long
Starting a 4-H Teen Leader Group  4H-53 teen leaders, 4-h group
Strategies for Successful Health SS-125 senior series, health
Stress Coping Methods HYG-5242 health, stress
Targeting a Healthier Diet SS-123 senior series, health, diet
Teaching Children to Resolve Conflict HYG-5319 home, yard and garden
Tech Recipe: Starting A Scholastic Drone Racing Team CDFS-1576 inspired education, entrepreneurial mindset, engineering and design, collaborative teamwork, building an enhanced skillset, national and international competition, lifelong learning, tech sport, technology skillset, growth mindset, drone technology, emerging technology, stem, steam, youth workforce development, k-12
Techniques Youth Development Professionals and Key Leaders Can Use to Navigate Difficult Problems 4H-32 youth
The Benefits of Family Meals HYG-5246 family meals, eating together, family, meal
The Stepmother's Role in a Blended Family FLM-FS-4-01-R10 stepfamilies, the stepmother's role in a blended family, evil stepmother, stepmother myths
Tools for 4-H Public Speaking 4H-51 youth, public speaking, demonstration
Toxoplasma gondii: A Parasite that Causes Toxoplasmosis HYG-5578 health, illness
Traveling with 4-H Teens 4H-47 travel, teens, 4-h
Ultraviolet Light Exposure: Health Concerns CDFS-199 sunscreen, sun safety, ultraviolet light, uv, skin cancer, uva, uvc, uvb, premature aging, cancer
Using a Waterslide to Introduce STEM to Younger Youth 4H-38 waterslide, stem, youth skills, 4-h, camping, special events, community club, recreation
Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) for 4-H Youth Livestock Producers and Families 4H-40 veterinary feed directive, antibiotic drugs, animal feed, animal medications
Vibrio species: Foodborne Illness and Seafood HYG-5575 food safety, foodborne illness
Vitamin C HYG-5552 vitamin
What Schools Need to Know to Enhance School-Family Engagement within their Grandfamily Communities HGY-5810 schools, grandparent, community, family
Where to Have Your Water Tested AEX-315 environment, water quality, where to have your water tested in ohio, certified ohio water testing laboratories
Yersinia enterocolitica: A rare but important food safety concern for young children and immune-compromised individuals HYG-5574 food safety, illness
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