Family and Youth

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Saving Money with Coupons 11-FCS-904 home, yard and garden
Ohio History of 4-H 4H-01 4-h, 4-h youth development, history of 4-h, 4-h history
Building Self-Esteem in Youth 4H-08 self-esteem, helping children, early adolescents, self identity
Parliamentary Procedure for Community Organizations and Boards 4H-11 parliamentary procedure, meetings
Community Service 4H-12 community service, service, experiential learning, 4-h, 4-h clubs
Building a Team within a 4-H Club 4H-30-11 youth development
Rabbit Basics for the Beginner 4H-31 rabbits
Techniques Youth Development Professionals and Key Leaders Can Use to Navigate Difficult Problems 4H-32 youth
Implementing "Learning by Doing" Strategies 4H-33 youth education
Camp Management Frequently Asked Questions 4H-34 health form, record, incident form, injury form, camp counselor, background check, day camp, resident camp, cloverbud
Instructions for Tattooing Rabbits 4H-35 rabbits, ear, tattoo
Leading Recreation at a 4-H Community Club Meeting 4H-37 recreation, social activities, play, healthy living
Using a Waterslide to Introduce STEM to Younger Youth 4H-38 waterslide, stem, youth skills, 4-h, camping, special events, community club, recreation
Creative Leadership in 4-H—Flatwater Kayaking 4H-39 kayak, recreation, leadership, camping
Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) for 4-H Youth Livestock Producers and Families 4H-40 veterinary feed directive, antibiotic drugs, animal feed, animal medications
Creative Leadership in 4-H—Stand Up Paddle Boarding 4H-41 paddle board, recreation, leadership, camping
4-H Camp Active Threat Guidelines 4H-42 camp counselor, 4-h camp, active shooter, safety
Recognizing 4-H Volunteers Utilizing State Awards to Show Appreciation 4H-43 volunteer awards, state awards, volunteer appreciation
Involving Parents in 4-H 4H-44 4-h, family, parents, involvement
Facilitating Positive Behavior in 4-H 4H-45 4-h, positive behavior, positive reinforcement, volunteers
Demonstrations for 4-H Members 4H-46 4-h, demonstrations
Traveling with 4-H Teens 4H-47 travel, teens, 4-h
County-level 4-H Advisory Committees 4H-48 committees, volunteers, 4-h
Effective Ways to Promote Ohio 4-H Camps 4H-49 4-h, camp, promotion, youth, volunteers
Where to Have Your Water Tested AEX-315 environment, water quality
Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water AEX-317 safety, water-purification, disinfection, chlorinated water, emergency-preparedness
No Riders on Farm and Lawn Equipment AEX-591.1.7 agricultural tailgate safety training for operators and supervisors, safety, farm equipment, riders on farm equipment, hazards, farm hazards
Hand Signals for Agricultural Safety AEX-591.9.5 agricultural tailgate safety training for operators and supervisors, hand signals, safety, communication-tools, noisy-working-conditions
Dangers of Substance Abuse AEX-790.13 small farm, gardening, safety, health, substance abuse, small farm and garden safety series
Farming with Upper Extremity Limitation/Amputation AEX-981.10 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Managing Arthritis When Farming AEX-982.1 health, safety, ohio agrability series
Farming After a Stroke AEX-982.2 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Preventing Heart Disease AEX-982.3 health, safety, ohio agrability series
Managing Stress for a Healthy Heart AEX-982.4 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Farming with Parkinson’s Disease AEX-982.5 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Farming with Diabetes AEX-982.6 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Assistive Technology for the Farm AEX-983.2 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Initial Farm Injury Emergency Response AEX-984.1 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Primary Caregiver for a Farm Family Member AEX-984.2 family, safety, ohio agrability series
Emergency Plans for Pets AEX-999 emergency preparedness
Accepting SNAP Benefits at Ohio Farmers Markets ANR-65 local foods, food insecure, food access, farmers markets, snap, snap benefits
First Grade: Dealing with Morning Madness BB-F-1 backpack buddies
First Grade: Understanding Sibling Rivalry BB-F-2 backpack buddies
First Grade: Good Study Habits and Homework BB-F-3 backpack buddies
First Grade: Holidays—What a Great Time! BB-F-4 backpack buddies
First Grade: Cybersafety—Is Your Child Safe Online? BB-F-5 backpack buddies
First Grade: Setting Limits with Your Children BB-F-6 backpack buddies
First Grade: Nutritious Food for Cool Kids BB-F-7 backpack buddies
First Grade: Children's Friendships BB-F-8 backpack buddies
First Grade: Fun Summer Time Activities and Games BB-F-9 backpack buddies
Kindergarten: Helping Your Child Succeed in School BB-K-3 backpack buddies
Kindergarten: Holiday Stress Busters for Big and Little People BB-K-4 backpack buddies
Kindergarten: Discipline and Your Child BB-K-5 backpack buddies
Kindergarten: Nutrition and Fitness BB-K-6 backpack buddies
Kindergarten: Reading Skills BB-K-7 backpack buddies, reading, libraries
Kindergarten: Caution—Is Your Home Safe? BB-K-8 backpack buddies
Kindergarten: Summer Activities for Fun and Learning BB-K-9 backpack buddies
Preschool: Get Off to a Good Start BB-P-1 backpack buddies, preschool
Preschool: Nurturing Your Child's Self-Esteem BB-P-2 backpack buddies
Preschool: Helping Your Child Succeed in School BB-P-3 backpack buddies
Preschool: Nutrition and Fitness BB-P-6 backpack buddies, preschool
Ultraviolet Light Exposure: Health Concerns CDFS-199 sunscreen, sun safety, ultraviolet light, uv, skin cancer, uva, uvc, uvb, premature aging, cancer
Eating Disorders Awareness: Introduction ED-1001 eating disorders
Eating Disorders Awareness: Anorexia Nervosa ED-1002 eating disorders
Eating Disorders Awareness: Bulimia Nervosa ED-1003 eating disorders
Eating Disorders Awareness: Binge Eating Disorder ED-1004 eating disorders, binge eating
Eating Disorders Awareness: Emotional Issues Involved With Eating Disorders ED-1005 eating disorders
Eating Disorders Awareness: Eating Disorders Among Athletes ED-1006 eating disorders
Mystery Bugs and Bites ENT-66 bugs, bites, delusory parasitosis, entomophobia
Basic Estate Planning: Introduction EP-1 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: The Nursing Home Dilemma EP-10 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Medicare and Medigap EP-11 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Miscellaneous Issues EP-12 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Costs Involved in Transferring Property EP-2 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Tax Basis if Property Is Transferred EP-3 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Why Have a Will? EP-4 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Letter of Instruction EP-5 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Life Insurance EP-6 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Trusts EP-7 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Giving EP-8 basic estate planning
Before You Say “I Do” Again FLM-FS-1-02-R11 marriage
Helping Adolescents Cope with Grief FLM-FS-10-01-R10 family
Nurturing in Stepfamilies FLM-FS-11-00-R11 stepfamilies
Reducing Conflict over Child Support FLM-FS-12-99-R10 divorce, parenting
Cultivating the Practice of Family Philanthropy FLM-FS-13-03-R10 charitable giving
Gender Issues: Preparing Children for a Lifetime of Success FLM-FS-16-01-R10 gender issues, children
Parental Involvement Can Reduce the Risk of Teen Pregnancy FLM-FS-16-99-R10 teens
After You Say “I Do”: Adjusting to Marriage FLM-FS-2-01-R10 marriage
The Stepmother's Role in a Blended Family FLM-FS-4-01-R10 stepfamilies
Gender Issues: Communication Differences in Interpersonal Relationships FLM-FS-4-02-R10 communication
Enhancing the Adult Child/Parent Partnership FLM-FS-5-99-R11 adult care
Helping Young Children Through Stressful Times FLM-FS-8-99-R07 stress, children
Keeping Sun Safe HSC-7 sunscreen, sun safety, ultraviolet light, uv, sun protection factor, spf, skin cancer
Growing Apples in the Home Orchard HYG-1401 apple, fruit, garden, health, home, yard and garden
Dealing With Anger in a Marriage HYG-5191 home, yard and garden, home and away series
Resolving Conflict Constructively and Respectfully HYG-5196 home, yard and garden, home and away series
Don't Clash Over Cash HYG-5208 home, yard and garden, family finances
Getting to Know You, Your Co-spender, and Money HYG-5241 home, yard and garden, home and away series
Stress Coping Methods HYG-5242 health, stress
Introduction to Mindfulness HYG-5243 health, stress
Eating Healthy During Stressful Times HYG-5244 nutrition, health, stress
Preparing a Net Worth Statement HYG-5245 net worth, family finances, budgeting, money
The Benefits of Family Meals HYG-5246 family meals, eating together, family, meal
Consumer Debt Relief in the United States and Canada HYG-5247 debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure, finance, chapter 7, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13
Some Options for Resourceful Living HYG-5248 money, saving money, tips to save money, spend wisely, food, housing, medical, technology, clothing, transportation
Family Mealtime: Routines and Rituals HYG-5249 family, family meals, meals, rituals, routines
Fathering Your Adolescent: Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship HYG-5298 family
Decision Making/Problem Solving With Teens HYG-5301 home, yard and garden, parenting
Fruits and Vegetables Are a Convenience for Busy People! HYG-5302 home, yard and garden
Teaching Children to Resolve Conflict HYG-5319 home, yard and garden
Home Alone: Is My Child Old Enough? HYG-5321 home, yard and garden
Calcium HYG-5506 nutrition, health, calcium
Limiting Risks for Your Unborn Baby HYG-5535 home, yard and garden, pregnancy
Vitamin C HYG-5552 vitamin
Iron HYG-5559 iron
Shiga-Toxin Escherichia coli: What You Should Know About this Group of Foodborne Pathogens HYG-5561 food safety
Listeria monocytogenes: A Concern for Pregnant Women and Older Adults HYG-5562 food safety, illness
Shigella: Bacteria that Causes the Foodborne Illness Shigellosis HYG-5563 foodborne illness
Staphylococcus aureus: A Problem When Food Is Left Out Too Long HYG-5564 food safety, foodborne illness
Campylobacteriosis: A Concern for Parents with Young Children and Other Young Adults HYG-5565 food safety, illness, diarrhea
Salmonella HYG-5566 foodborne illness
Clostridium perfringens: A Foodborne Illness, Not the 24-Hour Flu HYG-5568 food safety, illness
Norovirus: A Different Type of Foodborne Illness HYG-5569 food safety, illness
Foodborne Illness: Guess Who Came to Dinner? HYG-5570 food safety, illness
Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding HYG-5573 breastfeeding, babies
Yersinia enterocolitica: A rare but important food safety concern for young children and immune-compromised individuals HYG-5574 food safety, illness
Vibrio species: Foodborne Illness and Seafood HYG-5575 food safety, foodborne illness
Parasites: Cryptosporidium parvum, Cyclospora, and Giardia lamblia HYG-5577 home, yard and garden, health
Toxoplasma gondii: A Parasite that Causes Toxoplasmosis HYG-5578 health, illness
Hepatitis A: A Virus that Causes Foodborne Illness HYG-5579 home, yard and garden, food safety, illness
Rotavirus: A Concern for Infants and Young Children HYG-5580 food safety
Farm to Health: Maximizing Nutrients and Phytonutrients in Ohio Produce HYG-5581 home, yard and garden
Eating Nutritiously When the Power Is Out HYG-5582 emergency, nutrition, power outage
Fiber Fills You Up, Fills your Wallet, and Fuels Your Health HYG-5583 fiber, diet, health
MyPlate-Guided Rainbow of Colors Choice System for Food Pantry Staff and Volunteers HYG-5585 food pantry, food insecurity, healthy food access, myplate, choice
Gluten-Free Eating: Important Considerations HYG-5589 health, gluten, celiac
Backyard Grilling: Food Safety Practices to Keep on the Front Burner HYG-5590 food safety, grilling, cooking, family gatherings
Nurturant Grandfathering: Let's Get Involved HYG-5800 home, yard and garden, nurturant grandfathering
Nurturant Grandfathering: Lineage Work HYG-5801 home, yard and garden, nurturant grandfathering
Nurturant Grandfathering: Mentoring Work HYG-5802 home, yard and garden, nurturant grandfathering
Nurturant Grandfathering: Spiritual Work HYG-5803 home, yard and garden, nurturant grandfathering
Nurturant Grandfathering: Character Work HYG-5804 home, yard and garden, nurturant grandfathering
Nurturant Grandfathering: Recreation Work HYG-5805 home, yard and garden, nurturant grandfathering
Nurturant Grandfathering: Family Identity Work HYG-5806 home, yard and garden, nurturant grandfathering
Nurturant Grandfathering: Investment Work HYG-5807 home, yard and garden, nurturant grandfathering
Human Trafficking: Know the Signs of this Hidden Crime HYG-5900 human trafficking, labor, sex, catch court
Breastfeeding: Your Best Choice MOB-1 breastfeeding, babies
Breastfeeding: Steps for Success MOB-2 breastfeeding, babies
Keeping Baby Formula Safe MOB-3 babies, food safety
Food for Baby's First Year MOB-4 babies
Making Baby Food MOB-5 babies
Food for the Toddler Years MOB-6 babies, toddlers
Targeting a Healthier Diet SS-123 senior series, health, diet
Strategies for Successful Health SS-125 senior series, health
Diabetes and Your Health SS-166 senior series
Biosecurity Fundamentals for Extension Personnel VME-5 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, extension personnel, livestock
On-Farm Biosecurity: Traffic Control and Sanitation VME-6 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, sanitation, farm
Biosecurity for Youth Livestock Exhibitors VME-7 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, 4-h, ffa, fairs, exhibitions
Disinfection in On-Farm Biosecurity Procedures VME-8 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, disinfection, sanitation, farm
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