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A History of Packaging CDFS-133 packaging, environment, community recycling, a history of packaging, food packaging
A Landowner’s Guide to Understanding Recommended Pipeline Standards and Construction Specifications ANR-29 shale, oil, gas, easement, pipeline, backfill, trench crowning, right-of-way, gas wells, public utilities commission of ohio, federal energy regulatory commission
Adams County’s Forest Economy F-89 forestry
Adapting to Shale-Based Development Through a Countywide Approach: Lessons Learned from Jefferson County, Ohio CDFS-1283 community development
Algae for Biofuels AEX-651 alternative energy, algae, microalgae, growing, harvesting, conversion, fuel, biodiesel, ultrasonic-assistant extraction, osmotic shock, enzymatic extraction, processing, supercritical fluid extraction, oil extraction, press extraction, hexane solvent extraction, biomass recovery
Ambrosia Coloration in Maple Trees ANR-0108 forestry, forest management, maple, tree, ambrosia, red maple, sugar maple, black maple, silver maple, boxelder
Ammonia Emission from Animal Feeding Operations and Its Impacts AEX-723.1 farm management, ammonia emissions, animal feeding operations, health impacts, environmental impacts
An Introduction to On-Farm Solar Electric Systems CDFS-4101 farm energy, net metering, renewable energy, photovoltaic solar technology, farm solar electric systems
An Overview of Drying Hardwood Lumber F-73 wet bulb depression, casehardening, forestry, lumber, wood, dry end storage, moisture content, oven dry weight, fiber saturation point, equilibrium moisture content, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature
Ashtabula County’s Forest Economy F-98 forestry
Athens County’s Forest Economy F-99 forestry, athens county, forest resources, economy, saw timber, timber, woodland management, industries
Beech Bark Disease PLPATH-TREE-09 beech tree, beech bark disease, diseased beech tree, beech scale, beech tree fungus, beech tree cankers
Belmont County’s Forest Economy F-81 forestry, belmont county, forest industry, farmland, forestland, economic impact, yellow poplar, beech, hickory, federal, state taxes, land usage, woodland, ohio division of forestry, labor income
Biogas Cleaning and Upgrading Technologies AEX-653.1-14 anaerobic digestion, biogas cleaning and upgrading technologies, methane and carbon dioxide, biogas composition, biogas applications, biogas cleaning methods
Brown County’s Forest Economy F-90 forestry, woodland management, forest industries, property tax credits, sawtimber, harvesting operation
Calculating Cation Exchange Capacity, Base Saturation, and Calcium Saturation ANR-81 cation exchange capacity, soil fertility, calculating cation exchange capacity, base saturation, calcium saturation
Chain Saws AEX-790.33 small farm, gardening, safety, health, chain saw, small farm and garden safety series
Characteristics of a Boomtown CDFS-SED-2 shale energy development, modern boomtowns, community economics, energy boomtowns
Community Planning Strategies for Energy Boomtowns CDFS-SED-6 shale energy development
Community-Level Strategies for Urban Coyote Management W-25 wildlife, coyote, public education, educational poster, urban, food-conditioned, removal, relocate, trapping, conflicts, hazing, encounter, prevention, nuisance, rabies, mange
Compact Utility Tractor Safety AEX-790.32 small farm, gardening, safety, health, compact utility tractor, small farm and garden safety series, small tractor
Contributing Factors to a Boomtown Bust CDFS-SED-3 shale energy development, rural community, resource case, oil, gas, exploration, utica shale formation, hydrocarbon resources, economic boom, leased mineral rights, natural resources
Controlling Non-Native Invasive Plants in Ohio Forests: Ailanthus F-65 forestry, invasive species, ailanthus, tree-of-heaven, tree that smells like rotting peanuts or cat urine, foliar herbicide, basal treatment
Controlling Non-Native Invasive Plants in Ohio Forests: Bush Honeysuckle F-68 forestry, invasive species, bush honeysuckle, controlling bush honeysuckle, controlling non-native shrubs, controlling invasive plants, basal application, herbicides, cut stump herbicide treatment, foliar spraying
Controlling Non-Native Invasive Plants in Ohio Forests: Japanese Stiltgrass F-70 forestry, invasive species, grass-specific herbicides, japanese, stiltgrass, residual herbicides, stiltgrass herbicide, napalese browntop, preventing japanese stiltgrass, controlling japanese stiltgrass
Controlling Non-Native Invasive Plants in Ohio Forests: Privet (Ligustrum spp.) F-103 forestry, invasive species, herbicides for controlling privets, controlling undesirable trees, cut stump herbicide treatment, foliar spraying, basal spraying, controlling undesirable shrubs, herbicides for invasive plants, controlling undesirable vines, controlling non-native plant species, non-native privets
Controlling Non-Native Invasive Plants in Ohio's Forests: Autumn Olive and Russian Olive F-69 forestry, invasive species, controlling autumn olive and russian olive, foliar spraying autumn olive and russian olive, basal spraying with herbicide, cut stump herbicide treatment
Controlling Non-Native Invasive Plants in Ohio’s Forests: Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) F-66 control methods, mechanical, foliar herbicide, forestry, invasive species, basal rosette, garlic mustard, infestation, herbicides, successful control, labels, soil, controlling, garlic, mustard
Converting Biogas to Transportation Fuels AEX-653.2 biogas, compressed natural gas, bio-cng, liquified biogas, methanol and liquid transportation fuels, biogas purification unit, multi-stage compressor, high-pressure storage system, buffer storage system, cascade storage system
Converting Spent Wheat Straw from Horse Stalls into Methane AEX-653-14 alternative energy
Coping with Canada Geese: Conflict Management and Damage Prevention Strategies W-3 goose distress, repellents, goslings, decoys, visual deterrents, wildlife, canadian geese, canada geese, controlling canadian geese, hunting, geese, goose repellents
Coshocton County’s Forest Economy F-86 forestry
Crawford County’s Forest Economy F-87 forestry
Crop Tree Management: A Tool to Help You Achieve Your Woodland Goals F-50 forestry, woodland, trees, mast producing, timber, species, valuable trees, private, nonindustrial, forest, landowner, unmanaged woodland, crop trees, private woodland
Defiance County’s Forest Economy F-88 forestry
Determining Location of Cellulosic Ethanol Plants in Ohio Based on Availability of Crop Residues AEX-650 agricultural economics, ethanol production, wheat straw residue, corn stover residue, sustainable crop residue, transporting residue
Developing a Model to Measure Economic Change in an Energy Economy CDFS-SED-4 shale energy development
Diplodia Tip Blight of Two-Needled Pines PLPATH-TREE-03 pine trees, diplodia tip blight, pine tree disease, infected pine tree, pine tree fungus, dead pine needles, pine branches dying
Dutch Elm Disease PLPATH-TREE-04 elm, dutch elm disease, insecticides for dutch elm disease, american elm tree fungal pathogen, treating dutch elm disease, managing dutch elm disease, elm bark beetles, bark beetle larvae
Economic Implications of Anaerobic Digestion for Bioenergy Production and Waste Management FABE-661.1 anaerobic digestion, bioenergy, biogas, waste management, economics, organic feedstocks, feedstocks for anaerobic digestion, small scale digesters
Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water AEX-317 safety, water-purification, disinfection, chlorinated water, emergency-preparedness
Energy Conservation in Corn Production AGF-102 corn, energy conservation
Enhancing Food (Mast) Production for Woodland Wildlife in Ohio F-60 wildlife, woodland, mast
Establishing Early Successional Habitat for Wildlife W-23 wildlife, early successional habitat, warm-season grasses, seed purity, grass, seeding, rates, spring planting, improving wildlife habitat, big bluestem, indiangrass, little bluestem, switchgrass, legumes or forbs
Estimate Ammonia (NH3) Emissions from Manure-Belt Layer Houses: An Effective Modeling Tool AEX-723.5 farm management, farm safety
Estimating the Size of Your Solar Electric System CDFS-4102 farm energy, clean energy, solar electric system, determining solar electric system size, measuring solar radiation, net metering, estimating the size of your solar electric system, farm solar electric generation, alternative energy
European Elm Flea Weevil ANR-38 insects, trees, yard, forest, elm, flea weevil, reddish-brown beetle, european flea weevil, leafminers, chinese elm, homestead elm, smoothleaf elm, siberian elm
Facing the Possibility of Leasing for Shale Gas Development on Your Land ANR-30 shale, oil, gas, easement, lease, mandatory pooling, mineral rights, environmental risks
Fairfield County’s Forest Economy F-77 forest industry, federal, state taxes, land ownership, private land, public, fairfield county, mange woodlands, natural resources, species, economic benefits
Fall Color Change in Ohio ANR-0145 forestry, fall color, trees, natural resources, chlorophyll, carotenoids, anthocyanins
Feedstock Logistics for Agricultural Residues and Energy Crops: Moving Biomass from the Field to Biorefinery Gate FABE-660.4 lignocellulosic, biomass, feedstock, logistics, energy crops, agricultural residue, biorefinery
Feral Swine in Ohio: Managing Damage and Conflicts W-26 wildlife, feral swine, invasive species, wild boar, disease, damage, ohio, destructive feral animals, razorbacks, eurasian wild boar, russian wild boar, wild pigs
Financial Considerations of On-Farm Renewable Energy CDFS-4104 farm energy, solar, power, systems, alternative energy, wind, turbines, investment tax credit, itc, renewable, energy, hot water systems
Financial Maturity: A Guide to Increasing Financial Returns From Your Woodland F-48 forestry, maturity, harvesting, old growth forest, mature trees, tree value, landowners
Foot and Leg Protection AEX-790.4 small farm, gardening, safety, health, foot protection, leg protection, small farm and garden safety series
Forage as Vegetative Cover for Utility-Scale Solar in Ohio CDFS-4106 utility-scale solar, vegetation management, forage, renewable energy, cool-season pasture, vegetative cover, forage crops
Forest Management F-34 forestry, management, forestry principles, forestry practices. forestry business techniques
Forest Products Terminology F-85 forestry, forest products, industry, dry kiln operation, manufacturers, retailers, wood preservative application
Forestry Terms for Ohio Forest Landowners F-0104 forests, forestry, terms, forest management, definitions
Frequently Asked Questions About Birds and West Nile Virus WNV-1000 west nile virus, livestock
Frequently Asked Questions About Wildlife and West Nile Virus WNV-1006 west nile virus, mosquito, disease, encephalitis, meningitis, wildlife, north america, united states
Front-End Loader Safety AEX-790.35 small farm, gardening, safety, health, front-end loader, small farm and garden safety series
Fulton County’s Forest Economy F-102 forestry
Fundamentals of Energy Analysis for Crop Production Agriculture FABE-662.1 energy analysis, agriculture, food production, agricultural energy consumption, production agriculture inputs, energy analysis in production agriculture
Fungal Pretreatment of Corn Stover Fractions for Ethanol Production AEX-651.1-13 renewable fuel
Geauga County’s Forest Economy F-93 forestry
Getting the Most Return From Your Timber Sale F-37 forestry, timber, selecting timber for sale, timber contracts, harvesting timber, selling stumpage, lump sum sale, sale by unit, getting the most return from your timber sale, selling timber, timber sales, timber marketing, increasing timber profits
Global Climate Change 1996 CDFS-186 global climate change, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, climate models, temperature trends, chloroflourocarbons, cfcs, carbon dioxide, methane, climatology
Global Climate Change: Update 2020 CDFS-203 climate change, global, weather, environment, temperature, earth, milankovitch, ice age, interglacial, holocene, medieval, microclimate, noaa, el nino, carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas, maritime, ecosystem
Gray Water Recycling in Ohio AEX-GW1 wastewater, wastewater reuse systems, type 1 gray water system, type 2 gray water system, type 3 gray water system, type 4 gray water system, gray water, recycle, reuse, sewer system, composting toilet, ohio administrative code 3701-29-17
Grounding and GFCI Protection AEX-790.21 small farm, gardening, safety, health, electrical grounding, small farm and garden safety series
Growing American Ginseng in Ohio: An Introduction F-56 forestry, vegetable crops, ohio ginseng, american ginseng, growing american ginseng in ohio, shade grown ginseng root, wild grown ginseng root
Growing American Ginseng in Ohio: Harvesting, Washing, and Drying F-64 forestry, vegetable crops, drying ginseng roots, ginseng legal harvest season, federal ginseng regulations, growing american ginseng in ohio, harvesting american ginseng, ginseng production
Growing American Ginseng in Ohio: Maintenance, Disease Control, and Pest Management F-63 forestry, vegetable crops, disease treatment, ginseng, wild simulated ginseng, american ginseng, planting, fungus, root rot, disease, leaf blight
Growing American Ginseng in Ohio: Selecting a Site F-58 forestry, vegetable crops, growing american ginseng, ideal ginseng sites, best soil for ginseng production, what plants grow around ginseng, where ginseng is located in american forests, trees associated with ginseng, where to find ginseng, best sites for american ginseng
Growing American Ginseng in Ohio: Site Preparation and Planting Using the Wild-Simulated Approach F-57 forestry, vegetable crops, life cycle of ginseng, growing ginseng in ohio, selecting a site for ginseng, ohio ginseng, american ginseng, wild-simulated ginseng, wild ginseng pricing
Growing Hardy Figs in Ohio HYG-1439 fig, hardy fig, fruit, farm, high tunnel, farm diversification, cultivars, varieties, hardy chicago, brown turkey, growing figs in ohio, ohio figs
Guide to Creating Food Plots for White-Tailed Deer ANR-61 food, plots, white-tailed deer, whitetail, wildlife, attracting white-tailed deer, food plots for deer
Hand Protection AEX-790.3 small farm, gardening, safety, health, hand protection, small farm and garden safety series
Hardwood Log and Tree Quality F-74 forestry, veneer logs, grading factors, factory logs, form class, fas boards, tree grades, construction logs, local use logs, sawmills, log grading, timber buyers, hardwood logs, log classes, nhla lumber grades
Head Protection AEX-790.5 small farm, gardening, safety, health, head protection, small farm and garden safety series
Hearing Protection AEX-790.2 small farm, gardening, safety, health, hearing protection, small farm and garden safety series
Highland County’s Forest Economy F-91 forestry
Hocking County’s Forest Economy F-92 forestry
Holmes County’s Forest Economy F-75 forestry, holmes county, land usage, inventory, taxes on income, standing timber, sawtimber, stock volume, woodland management, forest industry, forestry resources
Household Water Use AEX-420 wells, septic systems, water conservation
Household Well Water Testing AEX-314 well water, water treatment, water test, drinking water, water contamination, lead, copper, iron, manganese, nitrate
Humedales y el Virus del Nilo Occidental WNV-1008S west nile virus, spanish
Hydrothermal Carbonization: Upgrading Waste Biomass to Char FABE-662.2 biomass, hydrothermal, carbonization, carbon sequestration, bioenergy feedstock, thermochemical conversion, htc process, hydrochar yield
Hypothermia and Frostbite AEX-790.12 small farm, gardening, safety, health, hypothermia, frostbite, small farm and garden safety series
Important Aspects of an Oil and Gas Lease ANR-88 oil lease, gas lease
Improving Biomass Properties via Densification and Upgrading FABE-660.5 biomass, upgrading, densification, energy crops
Income Tax Management of Oil and Gas Lease Payments SOGD-TAX1 shale oil and gas development
Jackson County’s Forest Economy F-76 local forestry association, resources, jackson county, ohio, oak, hickory, managing timber, commercial logging, growing stock, woodlands, sawtimber
Kiwifruit and Hardy Kiwi (Kiwiberries) HYG-1426 kiwi, hardy kiwi, kiwiberry, fruit, home, farm, kiwifruit, kiwi cultivars, trellising kiwi, fertilizing kiwi, growing kiwi in ohio, growing hardy kiwi, kiwi frost hardiness, dormant pruning
Licking County’s Forest Economy F-94 forestry
Local Economic Development Strategies for Energy Boomtowns CDFS-SED-5 shale energy development
Lockout/Tagout AEX-790.22 small farm, gardening, safety, health, lockout, tagout, small farm and garden safety series
Low-Cost Treatment of Food Processing Wastewater AEX-771 meat processing, pollution control, daf, lagoon system, biofilm-based treatment system, sand/gravel bioreactor system, dissolved air floatation, treating wastewater, wastewater treatment
Managing for Bobwhite Quail in Ohio's Agricultural Landscape W-27 bobwhites, northern bobwhite, ohio game bird, bobwhite habitat, quail, bobwhite quail
Manure to Energy Through Anaerobic Digestion AEX-653.1 alternative energy, manure, anaerobic, biogas, methane, complete mix digesters, covered lagoons, digester, plug flow digesters
Measuring Standing Trees F-35 forestry, trees, measuring, measuring standing trees, merchantable board-foot content
Meigs County’s Forest Economy F-100 forestry
Monroe County’s Forest Economy F-78 local, forestry, resources, monroe county, ohio, oak, hickory, managing timber, commercial logging, woodlands, industrial production values, economic impact, sawtimber
Morgan County’s Forest Economy F-82 forestry, sawtimber, woodland management, morgan county, forest industries, yellow poplar, red oak, beech, farmland production, woodland production, manufacturing, labor income, industrial output, value added, state taxes, federal, natural resources
Muskingum County’s Forest Economy F-95 forestry
Mycorrhizae in Urban Landscapes PLPATH-TREE-01 trees, mycorrhizae
Natural Gas Drilling: Questions Residents and Local Leaders Should Be Asking CDFS-1282 community development, lease payments, seismic testing, stakeholders, site reclamation, water quality, noise pollution, wildlife habitat, air pollution, hydrofracturing, fracking, royalties, natural gas, drilling, questions, shale gas, ohio, natural gas extraction
Nonpower Hand Tools AEX-790.38 small farm, gardening, safety, health, non-power hand tool, small farm and garden safety series
Oak Wilt PLPATH-TREE-02 oak, oak wilt, oak tree disease, oak tree fungus, oak infection, treating oak wilt disease, nitidulid beetles
Ohio Energy Trends: Comparing Old and New Energy Development CDFS-SED-1 energy development, ohio, coal, production, coal mines, green jobs, oil, gas, petroleum, industry, clinton sandstone, natural gas, crude oil, hydraulic fracturing, marcellus, utica, shale
Ohio’s Forest Economy F-80 forestry, sawtimber, timber prices, ohio timber volume, managing woodlands, selling timber, stumpage prices, pulp and paper producers, commercial logging in ohio, wood dealers, mills, commercial hardwood species, forest products industry, logging industry
Oil and Gas Pipeline Easement Checklist ANR-31 shale, oil, gas, easement, pipeline, maintenance, termination, abandonment, landowner liability, construction, granting clause, granting property rights
On-Farm Solar Electric System Safety CDFS-4105 farm energy, solar panels, alternative energy, photovoltaic, on-site
On-Farm Solar Site Assessment CDFS-4103 farm energy, solar, photovoltaic, easements, power generation, rooftop, ground mount, renewable, energy, zoning, ordinances, on-site solar electric systems
Opportunities for Subsurface Nutrient Placement in Ohio FABE-564.01 precision agriculture, agronomy, corn, soybeans, wheat, nutrient management
People and West Nile Virus: Frequently Asked Questions WNV-1003 west nile virus, mosquitos, epidemic, controlling mosquitos, northern house mosquito, encephalitis, meningitis, infection, brain, spinal cord
Perry County’s Forest Economy F-79 forest industry employers, federal tax, industrial production value, economy, perry county, growing stock volume, direct economic impacts, state and local tax, labor income
Pesticide Exposure AEX-591.4.1 agricultural tailgate safety training for operators and supervisors, pesticides, exposure, pesticide-exposure, safety, toxic-materials, acute exposure, oral exposure, dermal exposure, ocular exposure, inhalation exposure, daily exposure, chronic exposure, allergic exposure
Phosphorus Nutrient Management for Yield and Reduced P Loss at Edge of Field AGF-509 p loss, phosphorus, bmps, nutrient management, row crop production, water quality, water management practices, ohio p risk index
Photovoltaic Systems for Solar Electricity Production AEX-652 alternative energy, solar, photovoltaic, conversion, net metering, grid-connected, renewable, energy, flat plate system, inverter, concentrator system
Physical Properties of Granular Fertilizers and Impact on Spreading FABE-550.1 precision agriculture, fertilizer, physical properties, granular fertilizers, spreading
Pike County’s Forest Economy F-83 forestry, forest industry, farmland, forestland, economic impact, yellow poplar, beech hickory, federal state taxes, land usage, woodland, ohio division of forestry, labor income
Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre Animales Silvestres y el Virus del Nilo Occidental WNV-1006S west nile virus, spanish
Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre Aves y el Virus del Nilo Occidental WNV-1000S west nile virus, spanish
Preparing Newsprint for Bedding CDFS-126 farm management, animal bedding, newsprint, newspaper, cutting, shredding, recycling, bedding material
Preservative-Treated Wood: A Sustainable Consumer Choice F-71 forestry, ecological sustainability, environment friendly processing, treated wood products, manufactured treated wood plastic composites, wood preservatives
Preventing Lifting Injuries AEX-790.8 small farm, gardening, safety, health, lifting injuries, small farm and garden safety series, lower back injury, avoiding back injury, back pain
Protecting Hands and Fingers AEX-790.14 small farm, gardening, safety, health, hand protection, finger protection, small farm and garden safety series, identifying hazards, pinch, crush, cut
Pruning and Care of Tree Wounds PLPATH-TREE-06 trees, pruning, wounds, caring for tree wounds, preventing tree wounds, maintaining tree health, pruning tree branches, callus formation, how to prune
Reading Pesticide Labels AEX-790.26 small farm, gardening, safety, health, pesticide label, small farm and garden safety series, pesticide disposal, pesticide, exposure, register, environmental risks
Relative Effectiveness of Herbicides Commonly Used to Control Woody Vegetation in Forest Stands F-0051 herbicides, forestry, deadening, girdling, frilling, injection, basal spraying, cut stump
Renewable Energy Policy Series: Ohio SB 221 CDFS-4001 alternative energy, renewable energy credit calculation, energy efficiency standards, solar ready school, greenhouse gas emissions, ohio senate bill 221
Renewable Energy Policy Series: Rules for Siting a Utility Scale Wind Farm in Ohio CDFS-4004 alternative energy, utility scale wind farm, requirements, rural economic development, technology, wind energy, renewable energy development, ohio, wind developer, permit, certification requirements, permitting process
Renewable Energy Policy Series: The Effect of Renewable Energy Projects on Current Agricultural Use Value CDFS-4003 alternative energy, wind energy project, solar project, renewable, energy, wind turbines, solar, self-generated, major electric utility renewable energy project, current agricultural use value, cauv
Respiratory Protection AEX-790.7 small farm, gardening, safety, health, respiratory health, small farm and garden safety series
Role of Soil Bacteria ANR-36 bacteria, soil, microbes, nutrients, role of soil bacteria, microbes in the soil, soil microbes
Role of Soil Fungus ANR-37 fungus, soil, microbes, nutrients, mycorrhizae, role of soil fungus, microbial ecology
Ross County’s Forest Economy F-84 forestry, forest industry, farmland, forestland, economic impact, yellow poplar, beech hickory, federal state taxes, land usage, woodland, ohio division of forestry, labor income
Safety Data Sheets AEX-790.28 small farm, gardening, safety, health, safety data sheet, sds, small farm and garden safety series
Sand Bioreactors for Onsite Wastewater Treatment AEX-754 wastewater treatment, sand bioreactors, wastewater pollutants, off-lot discharge permit, home, aerobic, treatment unit, ohio, leaching trench, mound system
Sand Size Analysis for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems AEX-757 wastewater treatment, sand size analysis, sand size analysis for onsite wastewater treatment systems
Seeding Recommendations Following Pipeline Construction ANR-32 shale, oil, gas, easement, pipeline, soil erosion, reducing erosion, seeding, recommendations, rates, grasses, pure live seed, pls, forages
Selecting and Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) AEX-790.1 small farm, gardening, safety, health, personal protective equipment, small farm and garden safety series
Septic System Care and Maintenance  AEX-740 septic-tank-pumping, tank, septic, maintenance
Septic System Maintenance AEX-740 wastewater, septic tank, sewage treatment system, wastewater treatment system, water conservation
Septic Tank: Mound System AEX-744 wastewater, septic system, sewage treatment system, sewage, sewage treatment, mound system, septic tank
Septic Tank: Soil Treatment System AEX-743 leach field, septic system, septic tank, household sewage system, soil, absorption, system, treatment, wastewater
Shale Oil and Gas Payments Are Subject to Ohio Commercial Activity Tax SOGD-TAX2 shale oil and gas development
Shock Chlorination of Wells AEX-318 safety, well, contamination, shock chlorination, sanitation, disinfection, chlorinated water, water purification
Simple Gray Water Systems: Type 1 AEX-GW2 wastewater, gray water, recycle, reuse, sewer system
Soil Carbon Sequestration—Fundamentals AEX-510 agronomy, soil carbon sequestration, fossil fuel emissions, global warming, erosion, carbon trading, carbon management
Soil Evaluation for Home Septic Systems   AEX- 742 septic tank, septic tanks, leach field, sewage treatment, soil, soil depth, soil saturation, soil permeability, soil evaluation for home septic systems 
Solid-State Anaerobic Digestion for Energy Production from Organic Waste AEX-653-11 alternative energy, anaerobic digestion technology, biowaste, the valorga process, vertical plug-flow vessel, landfill, waste disposal, biogas, electricity, solid-state anaerobic digestion, liquid anaerobic digestion, compost, commercial solid-state anaerobic digester, hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis, methanogenesis, methane
Spray Irrigation of Reclaimed Wastewater for Rural Homes AEX-758 water quality, wastewater, on-site irrigation using wastewater, water reuse, winter irrigation, wastewater treatment, septic system, septic tanks, spray irrigation of treated wastewater, spray irrigation
Status of Biorefineries in Ohio FABE-660.2 biorefinery, biopolymers, bioplastics, nanocomposites, biofuels, ethanol, biodiesel, anaerobic digestion, chp, biomass, bioethanol, biogas, hydrogen, biochemicals
Storing Corn Stover for Biobased Industries FABE 660.1 biofuels, corn, stover, lignocellulosic biomass, biobased energy, indoor permanent structure storage, outdoor tube-wrapped storage, outdoor open storage, outdoor tarped storage, storage
Storing Lignocellulosic Biomass for Bio-Refining Industry AEX-651.1 farm management, biomass, biorefining, storing, lignocellulosic, ensilage fermentation, enzymatic hydrolysis, dry storage, wet storage, corn stover, harvesting, processing
Sudden Oak Death (aka Ramorum blight) PLPATH-TREE-05 oak, sudden oak death, ramorum blight, symptoms, pathogen, prevention, management, stem cankers, twig dieback, leaf blight
Summary of Hydraulic Fracturing in Ohio SOGD-DEV1 shale oil and gas development, petroleum, geology, gas development issues, utica shale, ohio, natural gas, crude oil, drilling, electricity, marcellus shale, hydrocarbons
Testing Private Water Sources and Resolving Contamination Issues near Shale Oil and Gas Development SOGD-ENV1 shale oil and gas development, safe drinking water, well water, water testing, certified water testing laboratory, contaminants, chloride, sodium, spring, cistern, private, water, supply, testing, groundwater
The Organic Certification Process for Farms SAG-0003 organic, certification, farm, farms, value-added, transition, sustainable, producers, growers
Thousand Cankers Disease PLPATH-TREE-07 walnut trees, symptoms, causal agents, disease management, conidia, cankers, thousand cankers disease, invasives, mortality, walnut twig beetle, fungus
Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases HYG-2073 home, yard and garden, lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, lone star tick, blacklegged tick, deer tick, dog tick, ticks, tick-borne diseases, tick life cycle, tick habits
Timber Sale Contracts F-38 forestry, timber, sale, contract
Timber Theft in Ohio F-97 forestry
Torrefaction: Upgrading Biomass to "Green Coal" FABE 660.3 torrefaction, biochar, biomass, bioenergy, soil amendment, volatiles, vapors, gases, chamber, combustion
Tree Work Safety AEX-790.16 small farm, gardening, safety, health, tree work, tree pruning, small farm and garden safety series, tree trimming
Trumbull County’s Forest Economy F-101 forestry
Turning Crude Glycerin into Polyurethane Foam and Biopolyols AEX-654 farm management, biodiesel, energy, crude glycerin, biodiesel production process, polyols, isocyanates, biological conversion process, polyurethane (pu) foam
Tuscarawas County’s Forest Economy F-96 forestry
Understanding and Negotiating Pipeline Easements ANR-33 shale, oil, gas, easement, pipeline, understanding pipeline easements, negotiating pipeline easements, pipeline right of way
Understanding How Soil Test Phosphorus Impacts Water Quality ANR-0111 water quality, phosphorus, soil test, fertility
Urban Coyotes: Conflict and Management W-24 wildlife, coyotes, urban, residential, preventing conflicts, carnivores, repellents, rabies, mange, habituation, food conditioning, range, attacks on cats, attacks on dogs, attacks on humans
Using Local Woodlot Lumber F-9 forestry, lumber, woodlot
Using Soil to Remove Pollutants From Wastewater AEX-745 wastewater, sewage, effluent, soil, pollutants, removing wastewater pollution with soil, wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, treating wastewater with soil
Using Solar Energy to Produce Electricity for Ohioans 11-CMD-732 solar energy, renewable, post, solar farm, kwh, panels, mounting brackets, transformer, inverter, solar power, energy, generation scale, photovoltaic, technology, clean energy, sustainable
Using the Depletion Deduction to Minimize Oil and Gas Tax Liability SOGD-TAX3 shale oil and gas development, using the depletion deduction to minimize oil and gas tax liability
Using the Tree Measuring Stick F-62 forestry, measuring tree diameter, tree measuring stick, tree measuring tool, estimating the merchantable height of a tree, estimating tree volume, log scale stick doyle rule, basal area factor, measuring tree height
Viburnum Leaf Beetle ANR-39 insects, shrubs, trees, yard, forest, viburnum
Wastewater Management in Rural Communities AEX-750 wastewater, water pollution, pollutants, irrigation, treatment system, soil
Wastewater Treatment Principles and Regulations AEX-768 sewage, wastewater, suspended film system, lagoon systems, wastewater treatment regulations, sludge treatment, fixed film system, wastewater treatment plant operators, national pollutant discharge elimination system, treatment system, effluent, wastewater treatment principles and regulations
West Nile Virus and Scrap Tires WNV-1004 west nile virus, encephalitis, meningitis, west nile virus symptoms, larvacide, pesticide, mosquito disease, scrap tires, mosquito breeding
What Outdoor Enthusiasts Should Know About West Nile Virus WNV-1002 west nile virus, mosquito, disease, encephalitis, meningitis, north america, united states
Where to Have Your Water Tested AEX-315 environment, water quality, where to have your water tested in ohio, certified ohio water testing laboratories
White-Nose Syndrome: A Deadly Disease of Bats W-22 wildlife, white nose syndrome, fuzzy white fungus on bats, itching, welts, veterinary wns, bat diseases, increased hibernation, caves, geomyces g. destructans, conservation, reduced bat population, bat wings
Why Do Septic Systems Malfunction?  AEX-741 leach field, leach fields, septic tank, septic-system-failure, septic system malfunction
Wild Mushrooms PLPATH-GEN-11 home, yard and garden, plant disease, hyg-3303, wild mushrooms, ohio mushrooms, edible mushrooms, mushrooms
Wind Energy Development as an Economic Development Strategy for Rural Areas 11-CMD-849 alternative energy, wind farms, clean energy, wind turbines, utility scale wind, wind power, wind development
Woodlands Make Poor Pastures F-0015 woodlands, forestry, pasture, livestock, grazing, erosion
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