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A History of Packaging CDFS-133 packaging, environment, community recycling
Accepting SNAP Benefits at Ohio Farmers Markets ANR-65 local foods, food insecure, food access, farmers markets, snap, snap benefits
Adapting to Shale-Based Development Through a Countywide Approach: Lessons Learned from Jefferson County, Ohio CDFS-1283 community development
Basic Estate Planning: Costs Involved in Transferring Property EP-2 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Giving EP-8 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Introduction EP-1 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Letter of Instruction EP-5 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Life Insurance EP-6 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Medicare and Medigap EP-11 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Miscellaneous Issues EP-12 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Sale of Residence EP-9 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Tax Basis if Property Is Transferred EP-3 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: The Nursing Home Dilemma EP-10 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Trusts EP-7 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Why Have a Will? EP-4 basic estate planning
Building Coalitions: Introduction CDFS-1 building coalitions
Characteristics of a Boomtown CDFS-SED-2 shale energy development
Coalition Goal Setting CDFS-8 building coalitions
Coalition Leadership CDFS-5 building coalitions
Coalition Structure CDFS-4 building coalitions
Code Literacy: Increasing K-12 Coding Education in Ohio CDFS-1574 stem; cs; k-12 education; computer science; computer programming; coding
Common Difficulties Faced by Coalitions CDFS-15 building coalitions
Communication in Coalitions CDFS-10 building coalitions
Community Assessment CDFS-7 building coalitions
Community Coaching to Enhance Coalition Capacity and Effectiveness CDFS-6 building coalitions
Community Planning Strategies for Energy Boomtowns CDFS-SED-6 shale energy development
Community Reinvestment Areas: Economic Development Tools CDFS-1568 economic development
Community Service 4H-12 community service, service, experiential learning, 4-h, 4-h clubs
Contributing Factors to a Boomtown Bust CDFS-SED-3 shale energy development
Decision Making CDFS-11 building coalitions
Developing a Model to Measure Economic Change in an Energy Economy CDFS-SED-4 shale energy development
Economic Development Series: Hosting a Successful Prospect Visit CDFS-1504 economic development
Effective Coalition Meetings CDFS-9 building coalitions
Establishing a New Coalition CDFS-3 building coalitions
Evaluating Coalition Progress and Impacts CDFS-14 building coalitions
Facing the Possibility of Leasing for Shale Gas Development on Your Land ANR-30 shale, oil, gas, easement, lease
Financial Resources for Coalitions CDFS-13 building coalitions
Food Safety and Garden Flooding HYG-1154 food safety, flooding, garden
Food Safety in Gardens HYG-1153 food safety, garden
Foreign-Trade Zones: Helping Companies Compete Globally CDFS-1579 foreign trade zone, foreign trade zones, ftz, ftzs, imports, customs, duty-free
Global Climate Change 1996 CDFS-186 global climate change
Global Climate Change: Update 2020 CDFS-203 climate change, global, weather, environment, temperature, earth, milankovitch, ice age, interglacial, holocene, medieval, microclimate, noaa, el nino, carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas, maritime, ecosystem
Group Problem Solving Process CDFS-1572 community development, organization, decision making
Growing Apples in the Home Orchard HYG-1401 apple, fruit, garden, health, home, yard and garden
Growing Hardy Figs in Ohio HYG-1439 fig, hardy fig, fruit, farm, high tunnel, farm diversification, cultivars, varieties, hardy chicago, brown turkey
Increasing Coalition Effectiveness Through Community Mobilization CDFS-12 building coalitions
Joint Economic Development Districts CDFS-1560 economic development, job creation, townships, cities, villages.
Lighting and Marking Recommendations for Pony Carts and Other Low-Profile, Animal-Drawn Vehicles AEX-596.9 road safety
Local Economic Development Strategies for Energy Boomtowns CDFS-SED-5 shale energy development
Local Food Council Formation Planning Guide CDFS-1573 food council, community food council
Maps, Apps and Mobile Media Marketing ANR-53 direct marketing, specialty crops, websites, social media
mRNA Vaccines: The Next Generation Tool to Fight Infections VME-34 vaccine, safety, mrna, covid-19
MyPlate-Guided Rainbow of Colors Choice System for Food Pantry Staff and Volunteers HYG-5585 food pantry, food insecurity, healthy food access, myplate, choice
Natural Gas Drilling: Questions Residents and Local Leaders Should Be Asking CDFS-1282 community development
Ohio Energy Trends: Comparing Old and New Energy Development CDFS-SED-1 energy development
On-Farm Solar Electric System Safety CDFS-4105 farm energy
On-Farm Solar Site Assessment CDFS-4103 farm energy
Parliamentary Procedure for Community Organizations and Boards 4H-11 parliamentary procedure, meetings
Planning and Conducting Effective Public Meetings CDFS-1555 community, community meetings, effective meetings, citizen involvement, open meetings, conducting public meetings, planning meetings, public meetings, sunshine laws
Policy, System and Environmental Change CDFS-2 building coalitions
Port Authorities as an Economic Development Tool for Local Government CDFS-1567 port authority, community, economic development, creating-a-port-authority
Preparing Newsprint for Bedding CDFS-126 farm management, animal bedding, newsprint, recycling
Renewable Energy Policy Series: Ohio SB 221 CDFS-4001 alternative energy
Renewable Energy Policy Series: Rules for Siting a Utility Scale Wind Farm in Ohio CDFS-4004 alternative energy
Renewable Energy Policy Series: The Effect of Renewable Energy Projects on Current Agricultural Use Value CDFS-4003 alternative energy
Rural Neighbors—Living and Working Together CDFS-1280 rural, farmer, conflict resolution, rural neighbors, respect, respecting others
Rural Transportation Programs and Their Benefits CDFS-1575 transportation
Snowplows in Amish Country: A Guide for Buggy Drivers, Pedestrians, and Snowplow Operators AEX-596.8 agricultural safety
Sole Proprietorship CDFS-1384 business, sole proprietorship
Special Improvement District: A Tool for Targeting Investment CDFS-1566 business improvement district, special services area, community improvement district
Starting and Operating a Microenterprise Loan Fund CDFS-1569 small business, loans
Summary of Hydraulic Fracturing in Ohio SOGD-DEV1 shale oil and gas development
Tech Recipe: Starting A Scholastic Drone Racing Team CDFS-1576 inspired education, entrepreneurial mindset, engineering and design, collaborative teamwork, building an enhanced skillset, national and international competition, lifelong learning, tech sport, technology skillset, growth mindset, drone technology, emerging technology, stem, steam, youth workforce development, k-12
The Role of the Land-Grant University Cooperative Extension in Addressing Community Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Programs  CD-1577 business retention and expansion, land-grant university
The Value of Community Strategic Plans in Corporate Location Decision-Making CDFS-1578 business retention and expansion, strategic planning, business location decisions, workforce development
Township Zoning Enforcement Officer: Role, Responsibilities, and Tools to Succeed CDFS-1281 zoning
Using Solar Energy to Produce Electricity for Ohioans 11-CMD-732 solar energy
Utilizing Secondary Data for Business Retention and Expansion Planning and Reporting CDFS-1580 business retention and expansion, secondary data, ohio data sources, data visualization
Wind Energy Development as an Economic Development Strategy for Rural Areas 11-CMD-849 alternative energy
Written Documents for Community Groups: Bylaws CDFS-1570 organizations, bylaws
Written Documents for Community Groups: Policies and Procedures CDFS-1571 organizations
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