Business and Land Ownership

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The Basics of a Farm Balance Sheet ANR-64 balance sheet, finances, farm management
Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents 2017-18 AEDE-17-18 cash rent, cropland value, land value, interest rates, pasture land value, pasture rent, agricultural economics
Grants and Low-Interest Loans for Ohio Small Farms ANR-63 grants, loans, farm management, small farm
Free, Online Data and Tools for the Agricultural Community FABE-552.04 agriculture, free data, decision tools, digital elevation model, soil survey geographic database, climate, vegetation indices, cropland data layer
The Data Ownership Confusion FABE-552.01 data, precision agriculture, data ownership, atp, farm data
Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents 2016-17 AEDE-16-17 cash rents, cropland value, land value, agricultural economics
Guide to Creating Food Plots for White-Tailed Deer ANR-61 food plots, white-tailed deer, whitetail, wildlife
Ohio Farm Custom Rates 2016 AEDE-11-16 custom rates, machinery rates, machinery value, agricultural economics
Remote Sensing in Precision Agriculture FABE-554.1 precision agriculture, agronomy, corn, soybeans, wheat, nutrient management
Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents 2015-16 AEDE-15-16 cash rent, cropland value, land value, agricultural economics
Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents 2014-15 AEDE-15-15 cash rent, cropland value, land value, agricultural economics
Planning for the Successful Transition of Your Agricultural Business ANR-47 farm management
Drinking Water Regulations AEX-423 drinking water, regulations
Understanding and Negotiating Pipeline Easements ANR-33 shale, oil, gas, easement, pipeline
Seeding Recommendations Following Pipeline Construction ANR-32 shale, oil, gas, easement, pipeline
Oil and Gas Pipeline Easement Checklist ANR-31 shale, oil, gas, easement, pipeline
Facing the Possibility of Leasing for Shale Gas Development on Your Land ANR-30 shale, oil, gas, easement, lease
A Landowner’s Guide to Understanding Recommended Pipeline Standards and Construction Specifications ANR-29 shale, oil, gas, easement, pipeline
Crop Tree Management: A Tool to Help You Achieve Your Woodland Goals F-50 forestry, woodland, trees
Enhancing Food (Mast) Production for Woodland Wildlife in Ohio F-60 wildlife, woodland, mast
Wastewater Treatment Principles and Regulations AEX-768 sewage, wastewater, treatment system, effluent
Wastewater Management in Rural Communities AEX-750 wastewater, water pollution, pollutants, irrigation, treatment system, soil
Using Soil to Remove Pollutants From Wastewater AEX-745 wastewater, sewage, effluent, soil, pollutants
Septic Tank: Mound System AEX-744 septic tank, mound system, effluent, soil
Group Problem Solving Process CDFS-1572 community development, organization, decision making
Establishing a New Coalition CDFS-3 building coalitions
Community Assessment CDFS-7 building coalitions
Effective Coalition Meetings CDFS-9 building coalitions
Coalition Goal Setting CDFS-8 building coalitions
Communication in Coalitions CDFS-10 building coalitions
Increasing Coalition Effectiveness Through Community Mobilization CDFS-12 building coalitions
Decision Making CDFS-11 building coalitions
Financial Resources for Coalitions CDFS-13 building coalitions
Common Difficulties Faced by Coalitions CDFS-15 building coalitions
Evaluating Coalition Progress and Impacts CDFS-14 building coalitions
Building Coalitions: Introduction CDFS-1 building coalitions
Policy, System and Environmental Change CDFS-2 building coalitions
Coalition Leadership CDFS-5 building coalitions
Coalition Structure CDFS-4 building coalitions
Community Coaching to Enhance Coalition Capacity and Effectiveness CDFS-6 building coalitions
Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents 2013-14 AEDE-15-14 agricultural economics, land value, cash rent
Ohio Farm Custom Rates 2014 AEDE-11-14 agricultural economics
Sole Proprietorship CDFS-1384 business, sole proprietorship
Written Documents for Community Groups: Bylaws CDFS-1570 organizations, bylaws
Written Documents for Community Groups: Policies and Procedures CDFS-1571 organizations
Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents 2012-13 AEDE-15-13 agricultural economics, farm management, cash rent
Fulton County’s Forest Economy F-102 forestry
Feral Swine in Ohio: Managing Damage and Conflicts W-26 wildlife
Adapting to Shale-Based Development Through a Countywide Approach: Lessons Learned from Jefferson County, Ohio CDFS-1283 community development
Ashtabula County’s Forest Economy F-98 forestry
Meigs County’s Forest Economy F-100 forestry
Athens County’s Forest Economy F-99 forestry
Trumbull County’s Forest Economy F-101 forestry
A Business Retention & Expansion Strategy CDFS-DEG2 distributed energy generation
A Business Guide for Investing in On-Site Energy Generation CDFS-DEG3 distributed energy generation
Geauga County’s Forest Economy F-93 forestry
Tuscarawas County’s Forest Economy F-96 forestry
Licking County’s Forest Economy F-94 forestry
Muskingum County’s Forest Economy F-95 forestry
Brown County’s Forest Economy F-90 forestry
Highland County’s Forest Economy F-91 forestry
Adams County’s Forest Economy F-89 forestry
Hocking County’s Forest Economy F-92 forestry
Defiance County’s Forest Economy F-88 forestry
Crawford County’s Forest Economy F-87 forestry
Coshocton County’s Forest Economy F-86 forestry
Economic Development Series: Hosting a Successful Prospect Visit CDFS-1504 economic development
Forest Products Terminology F-85 forestry
Ross County’s Forest Economy F-84 forestry
Pike County’s Forest Economy F-83 forestry
Using the Depletion Deduction to Minimize Oil and Gas Tax Liability SOGD-TAX3 shale oil and gas development
Shale Oil and Gas Payments Are Subject to Ohio Commercial Activity Tax SOGD-TAX2 shale oil and gas development
Income Tax Management of Oil and Gas Lease Payments SOGD-TAX1 shale oil and gas development
Belmont County’s Forest Economy F-81 forestry
Morgan County’s Forest Economy F-82 forestry
Ohio’s Forest Economy F-80 forestry
Summary of Hydraulic Fracturing in Ohio SOGD-DEV1 shale oil and gas development
Perry County’s Forest Economy F-79 forestry
Monroe County’s Forest Economy F-78 forestry
Fairfield County’s Forest Economy F-77 forestry
Ohio Farm Custom Rates 2012 AEDE-11-12 agricultural economics
Holmes County’s Forest Economy F-75 forestry
Jackson County’s Forest Economy F-76 forestry
Depreciation of Farm Drainage Tile OAM-1 ohio ag manager
Ohio Agricultural Sales Tax Exemption Rules OAM-2 ohio ag manager
Renewable Energy Policy Series: Rules for Siting a Utility Scale Wind Farm in Ohio CDFS-4004 alternative energy
Basic Estate Planning: Why Have a Will? EP-4 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Letter of Instruction EP-5 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Life Insurance EP-6 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Trusts EP-7 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Giving EP-8 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Sale of Residence EP-9 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Medicare and Medigap EP-11 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: The Nursing Home Dilemma EP-10 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Costs Involved in Transferring Property EP-2 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Miscellaneous Issues EP-12 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Introduction EP-1 basic estate planning
Basic Estate Planning: Tax Basis if Property Is Transferred EP-3 basic estate planning
Natural Gas Drilling: Questions Residents and Local Leaders Should Be Asking CDFS-1282 community development
Renewable Energy Policy Series: The Effect of Renewable Energy Projects on Current Agricultural Use Value CDFS-4003 alternative energy
Coordinating a Community-Led Business Retention and Expansion Program CDFS-1564 business
Snowplows in Amish Country: A Guide for Buggy Drivers, Pedestrians, and Snowplow Operators AEX-596.8 agricultural safety
Renewable Energy Policy Series: SB 232—Leveling the Playing Field CDFS-4002 alternative energy
Turning Crude Glycerin into Polyurethane Foam and Biopolyols AEX-654 farm management, biodiesel, energy
Wind Energy Development as an Economic Development Strategy for Rural Areas 11-CMD-849 alternative energy
Your Old Barn: Hiring a Contractor AEX-643 barns
Your Old Barn: Reasons for Rehabilitation AEX-641 barns
Your Old Barn: Economic Incentives and Preservation Tools AEX-642 barns
Extending Universal Design Principles onto the Farmstead AEX-983.1 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Community Reinvestment Areas: Economic Development Tools CDFS-1568 economic development
Starting and Operating a Microenterprise Loan Fund CDFS-1569 small business, loans
Using Solar Energy to Produce Electricity for Ohioans 11-CMD-732 solar energy
Involving Volunteers in a Community-Led Business Retention and Expansion Program CDFS-1563 business retention and expansion
Renewable Energy Policy Series: Ohio SB 221 CDFS-4001 alternative energy
Know The Rules When Employing Minors on Your Farm ANR-26-10 farm employees
Port Authorities as an Economic Development Tool for Local Government CDFS-1567 port authority
Business Retention and Expansion Program CDFS-1562 economic development
Special Improvement District: A Tool for Targeting Investment CDFS-1566 business improvement district, special services area, community improvement district
Township Zoning Enforcement Officer: Role, Responsibilities, and Tools to Succeed CDFS-1281 zoning
Establishing a Fair Pasture Rental Rate FR-8 farm management, pasture, rental
Using Local Woodlot Lumber F-9 forestry, lumber, woodlot
Getting the Most Return From Your Timber Sale F-37 forestry, timber
Forest Management F-34 forestry, management
Timber Sale Contracts F-38 forestry, timber, sale, contract
Measuring Standing Trees F-35 forestry, trees, measuring
Financial Maturity: A Guide to Increasing Financial Returns From Your Woodland F-48 forestry, maturity
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