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Crop Tree Management: A Tool to Help You Achieve Your Woodland Goals F-50 forestry, woodland, trees, mast producing, timber, species, valuable trees, private, nonindustrial, forest, landowner, unmanaged woodland, crop trees, private woodland
Measuring Standing Trees F-35 forestry, trees, measuring, measuring standing trees, merchantable board-foot content
Fall Color Change in Ohio ANR-0145 forestry, fall color, trees, natural resources, chlorophyll, carotenoids, anthocyanins
Native Trees: Creating Living Landscapes for Birds, Butterflies, Bees, and Other Beneficials HYG-5815 wildlife, trees, pollinators, bees, birds, butterflies, moths, caterpillars, landscapes
How to Hire an Arborist HYG-1032 trees, arborist, pruning, tree care, urban forestry
Soil Testing for Ohio Lawns, Landscapes, Fruit Crops, and Vegetable Gardens HYG-1132 soil, soil testing, garden, lawn, vegetable, fruit, turfgrass, fertilizer, trees, soil testing for ohio lawns, landscapes, fruit crops, and vegetable gardens
Viburnum Leaf Beetle ANR-39 insects, shrubs, trees, yard, forest, viburnum
European Elm Flea Weevil ANR-38 insects, trees, yard, forest, elm, flea weevil, reddish-brown beetle, european flea weevil, leafminers, chinese elm, homestead elm, smoothleaf elm, siberian elm
Mycorrhizae in Urban Landscapes PLPATH-TREE-01 trees, mycorrhizae
Asian Longhorned Beetle ENT-75 trees, forests, asian longhorned beetle, how to kill longhorned beetles, holes in tree trunk, wood borer, invasive beetle, trees killed by longhorned beetles
Ohio Trees for Bees ENT-71 bees, pollinators, trees, honey bees, native bees, ohio bees, carolina silverbell, seven-son flower, goldenrain tree, japanese pagoda tree, maple, boxelder, buckeye, horsechestnut, alder, serviceberry, catalpa, common hackberry
Cottony Maple Scale and Its Management ENT-62 trees, cottony maple scale, silver and red maple disease, cottony maple scale pesticides, cottony maple scale insecticides
Galls of Maple Trees in Ohio ENT-60 trees, ohio maple tree galls, sugar maple leaf galls, maple velvet erineum gall, gouty vein gall, gall insecticides and miticides
Pruning and Care of Tree Wounds PLPATH-TREE-06 trees, pruning, wounds, caring for tree wounds, preventing tree wounds, maintaining tree health, pruning tree branches, callus formation, how to prune
Aphids on Trees and Shrubs HYG-2031 aphids, trees, shrubs, plant lice, control, treatment, insecticide, pesticide, ant cows, wooly aphids, life cycle, black sooty mold, distorted leaves, single host plant, aphid reproduction.
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