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Downy Mildew of Blackberry PLPATH-FRU-48 blackberry, downy mildew, disease, symptoms, infection, fungicides
Soybean Rust PLPATH-SOY-2 soybeans, rust, plant disease, kudzu, symptoms, management, disease, fungicide
Sudden Oak Death (aka Ramorum blight) PLPATH-TREE-05 oak, sudden oak death, ramorum blight, symptoms, pathogen, prevention, management, stem cankers, twig dieback, leaf blight
Scab of Peach, Nectarine, Plum, and Apricot PLPATH-FRU-39 scab, fungus, peach, nectarine, plum, apricot, symptoms, blotches, infected fruit, fungicide
Spur Blight of Red Raspberries PLPATH-FRU-28 spur blight, red raspberries, lesions, raspberries, disease cycle, fungus, symptoms, control, treatment, fungicides
Eutypa Dieback of Grape PLPATH-FRU-11 eutypa dieback, grape, dead arm, fungus, dead-arm disease, symptoms, control, phomopsis, cane, leaf spot
Thousand Cankers Disease PLPATH-TREE-07 walnut trees, symptoms, causal agents, disease management, conidia, cankers, thousand cankers disease, invasives, mortality, walnut twig beetle, fungus
White Rot and Botryosphaeria Canker of Apple PLPATH-FRU-42 white rot, botryosphaeria canker, infection, fungicides, apple tree fungus, apple tree blisters, apple, bot rot, fruit rot, symptoms, apple disease
European Corn Borer ENT-15 european corn borer, corn, pest, symptoms, management, infestation, larvae, corn stubble, yield losses, stalk disease, stalk breakage, ear drop, reduced corn yield
Black Cutworm on Corn ENT-35 agronomic crops, cutworm, black, insecticide, pesticide, corn hybrids, bcw, control, corn, moths, crop, infestation, symptoms, management
Summer Patch on Turfgrass HYG-3082 plant disease, lawn and turf, turfgrass, prevention, fungicides, symptoms, patch disease, necrotic ring spot, take-all patch, bentgrass dead spot, bermudagrass decline, summer patch, take all patch, spring dead spot, fungi, eri
Injury Prevention: Types of Cold Stress AEX-981.13 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, symptoms, first aid, cold stress, wind chill, frostbite, hypothermia, trench foot, chilblains, freezing prevention, cold weather precautions, high wind, cold water effects
Vibrio Species: Foodborne Illness and Seafood HYG-5575 food safety, foodborne illness, raw, undercooked, seafood, vibrio vulnificus, infection, vibrio cholera, contamination, symptoms, diarrhea, bacteria, cramps, nausea, vomiting, headache, fever, chills
Angular Leaf Spot of Strawberry (Bacterial Blight) HYG-3212 plant disease, strawberry, angular leaf spot, symptoms, disease, control, copper fungicide, bactericide, allstar, annapolis, cavendish, honeoye, kent
Dollar Spot on Turfgrass HYG-3075 kentucky bluegrass, infected grass, prolonged wet foliage, plant disease, lawn and turf, dollar spot, bluegrass, turfgrass, symptoms, chemical control, yellow spots on grass blades
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