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sustainable agriculture

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Overview and Cost of a Small-Scale Aquaponic Build at The Ohio State University ANR-0105 aquaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, recirculating aquaculture system, greenhouse, fish, plants, water, cost, agricultural economics, system design, small farm, hobbyist, sustainable agriculture, controlled environmental agriculture, garden
Soil Terminology and Definitions SAG-19 fungal hyphae, glomalin, fulvic acid, sustainable agriculture, soil terminology and definitions, soil biology, aerobic soil, primary soil particles
Understanding Soil Microbes and Nutrient Recycling SAG-16 sustainable agriculture, understanding soil microbes and nutrient recycling, soil microorganisms, decomposition, carbon supply, dead plant residues, carbon to nitrogen ratio
Inoculants and Soil Amendments for Organic Growers SAG-17 sustainable agriculture, organic, agriculture, biopesticides, biofertilizers, green manures, mycorrhizae, fertilizer, materials, review, institute, usda, national organic program, improving, crop, productivity, certified, foods production act
Biopesticide Controls of Plant Diseases: Resources and Products for Organic Farmers in Ohio SAG-18 sustainable agriculture, organic farming, biopesticides for plant diseases, foliar pathogens, controlling plant pathogens, soilborne pathogens, epa-registered biopesticides, biochemical pesticides, biopesticides, microbial pesticides
The Biology of Soil Compaction SAG-10 sustainable agriculture, subsoil tillage, fungus hyphae, active carbon, soil compaction, microaggregate, macroaggregate, decomposition, soil structure, polysaccharides, glomalin, clod
Using Cover Crops to Convert to No-till SAG-11 macropores, sustainable agriculture, cover crops, water infiltration, no-till, reducing soil erosion, phosphorus retention, no till versus tillage, nitrogen recycling, runoff water, healthy soil
Sustainable Crop Rotations with Cover Crops SAG-9 sustainable agriculture, typical cover crop, rotations, crop rotations, cover crops, after corn silage, after early soybeans, after late soybeans, after late corn, after wheat, sustainable crop rotations with cover crops
Oilseed Radish Cover Crop SAG-5 sustainable agriculture, oilseed radish, cover crop, weeds, plant growth, harvest, herbicide, decomposition, nutrient cycling, seed source
Soil Quality Test Kit SAG-4 sustainable agriculture, soil quality, soil testing, soil quality test kit
Ohio Soil Health Card SAG-1 sustainable agriculture, soil health, ohio soil health card, growing season, ph, nutrient levels, soil quality
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