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Biomass Availability in Northwest Ohio AEX-541 biofuels, biomass, feedstocks, corn stover, soil quality, soil erosion, cellulosic ethanol, corn cobs, flatbed trailers, storage, stover, wheat straw, miscanthus
Freezer Storage HYG-5402 freezer, home, food, storage, safety, packaging, thawing, refreezing, defrost
Gas Welding Safety for Trainers and Supervisors AEX-892.2.19 safety, landscape, horticulture, safety glasses, infrared radiation, single stage regulator, two stage regulator, oxygen, cylinders, tailgate safety training for landscaping and horticultural services, gas welding safety, gas welding, storage, handling, personal protection equipment
Gibberella Ear Rot and Mycotoxins in Corn: Sampling, Testing, and Storage AC-52 agronomic crops, corn, rotting corn, mycotoxin test, corn infection and colonization, optimal corn conditions, vomitoxin test, storage, harvesting corn, black light, test, gibberella ear rot
Pantry Food Storage HYG-5401 food, storage, pantry food storage, properly storing food, recommended food storage times
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Asparagus HYG-5508 asparagus, ohio asparagus, nutrition, storage, asparagus recipes, spears, tips, bundled spears
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Grapes HYG-5518 grapes, ohio grape recipes, grape, apple, and chicken salad, winemaking, storage, serving, nutrition, concord, niagara, himrod, reliance
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Maple Syrup HYG-5522 home, yard and garden, maple syrup, storage, serving, maple trees, concentration, light amber, dark amber, medium amber, nutrition, maple flavored sweet potatoes
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Peas HYG-5527 peas, ohio pea recipes, nutrition, storage, cooking, sugar snap peas with toasted sesame seeds, canning, frozen, green garden peas, edible pod peas, snow peas, sugar snap peas
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Strawberries HYG-5531 strawberries, ohio strawberry recipes, nutrition, storage, serving, low sugar strawberry freezer jam
Selecting, Storing, and Serving Ohio Tomatoes HYG-5532 tomatoes, ohio tomatoes, tomato recipes, bruschetta salad, nutrition, storing, storage
Shiitake Mushroom Production: Fruiting, Harvesting, and Storage F-0042 mushroom cultivation, agroforestry, timber stand improvement, woodland, shitake, mushrooms, fruiting, harvesting, storage
Storing Corn Stover for Biobased Industries FABE 660.1 biofuels, corn, stover, lignocellulosic biomass, biobased energy, indoor permanent structure storage, outdoor tube-wrapped storage, outdoor open storage, outdoor tarped storage, storage
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