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Developing Phosphorus and Potassium Recommendations for Field Crops AGF-0515 phosphorus, potassium, soil test, recommendation, field crops, corn, soybean, wheat, alfalfa, healthy crops, nutrient dense soil, yield potentials, soil test value, forage crops, soil, acidity, liming
Mono-, Relay-, and Double-Crop Production Systems in Northwest Ohio ANR-100 wheat, soybean, clover, double crop, intercrop, crop diversity, red clover
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug ENT-90 stink, bug, pest, apple, peach, sweet corn, peppers, soybean
Double-Cropping Soybean Following Small Grains AGF-103 soybean, double crop, grain yield, wheat, vomitoxin, row spacing, seeding rate, winter barley, relative maturity
Nutrients Removed with Harvested Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Grain in Ohio ANR-74 nutrient removal rates, corn, soybean, wheat, grain, fertilizer trials, field crops, grain nutrient concentrations, fertilizer rates, fertilizer application rates, tri state fertilizer recommendations
Soybean Cyst Nematode PLPATH-SOY-5 soybean, scn, cyst, nematode, scn prevention, scn symptoms, yellow soybeans, nematodes, scn damage
Phytophthora Damping-off and Root Rot of Soybean PLPATH-SOY-04 soybeans, stem rot, disease cycle, mold, damping-off, seed treatment, phytophthora root rot, soybean, rps genes, single dominant resistance genes
Useful Tables: Adjustments and Conversions on Corn and Soybean Parameters AGF-502 agronomy, corn, soybean, planting date, micronutrient sources, seed spacing, atomic weight of nutrients, soybean moisture conversions, usda grade requirements for shelled corn, moisture, corn moisture corrections, expected corn yields based on planting dates
Corn, Soybean, and Alfalfa Yield Responses to Micronutrient Fertilization in Ohio AGF-519 soil fertility, corn, soybean, alfalfa, wheat, fertilizer trials, fertilizer recommendations, soil, nutrient management, micronutrients, soil conditions
Fusarium Head Blight Forecasting System PLPATH-CER-03 wheat, fusarium head blight, scab, fungicide, wheat scab, vomitoxin, head scab, corn, soybean, disease
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