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Soils and Soil Health ANR-0136 soil, soil health, soil management, minerals, microbes, liebig's law of the minimum, nutrients, macronutrients
Composting at Home HYG-1189-99 composting, environment, soil, mulching, lawns
Post Corn, Going to Soybean: Use Cereal Rye ANR-84 soil health, soil, cover crop, agronomy, corn-soybean rotation, cereal rye
Post Soybean, Going to Corn: Use Oats/Radish   ANR-85 soil health, soil, cover crop, agronomy, corn after soybean, oats, radish, soybean-corn rotation
Soil Evaluation for Home Septic Systems   AEX- 742 septic tank, septic tanks, leach field, sewage treatment, soil, soil depth, soil saturation, soil permeability, soil evaluation for home septic systems 
Corn, Soybean, and Alfalfa Yield Responses to Micronutrient Fertilization in Ohio AGF-519 soil fertility, corn, soybean, alfalfa, wheat, fertilizer trials, fertilizer recommendations, soil, nutrient management, micronutrients, soil conditions
Ohio Data that Shaped the Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations AGF-518 soil fertility, corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, michigan, ohio, indiana, fertilizer recommendations, soil, nutrient management, tri-state fertilizer recommendations
Soil Testing for Ohio Lawns, Landscapes, Fruit Crops, and Vegetable Gardens HYG-1132 soil, soil testing, garden, lawn, vegetable, fruit, turfgrass, fertilizer, trees, soil testing for ohio lawns, landscapes, fruit crops, and vegetable gardens
Fertility Management of Meadows ANR-5 forages, nutrients, fertilizer, hay, pastures, tall grass, urea fertilizer, legume, rhizobia, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, sulfur, soil ph, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, soil, nitrogen
Role of Soil Fungus ANR-37 fungus, soil, microbes, nutrients, mycorrhizae, role of soil fungus, microbial ecology
Role of Soil Bacteria ANR-36 bacteria, soil, microbes, nutrients, role of soil bacteria, microbes in the soil, soil microbes
Manure and Compost: Nitrogen Availability in Organic Production ANR-34 organic, manure, compost, nitrogen, soil, nutrient management plan, plant-available nitrogen, volatilization losses, ammonia nitrogen losses, bedding, additives
On-Farm Agrichemical Mixing/Loading Pad FABE-522 agrichemicals, pesticides, contamination, worker safety, chemical storage. concrete joint cracks, concrete specification, site selection, soil, water, containment, mixing area, loading area
Wastewater Management in Rural Communities AEX-750 wastewater, water pollution, pollutants, irrigation, treatment system, soil
Using Soil to Remove Pollutants From Wastewater AEX-745 wastewater, sewage, effluent, soil, pollutants, removing wastewater pollution with soil, wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, treating wastewater with soil
Controlling Non-Native Invasive Plants in Ohio’s Forests: Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) F-66 control methods, mechanical, foliar herbicide, forestry, invasive species, basal rosette, garlic mustard, infestation, herbicides, successful control, labels, soil, controlling garlic mustard
Understanding Value in Lime ANR-9 soil, lime, dolometic limestone pellets, pulverized dolomitic limestone, pulverized industrial by-product, calacitic lime, dolometic lime, n hydrated lime dolomitic, pulverized dolometic lime, correcting soil ph, lime recommendations, lime comparisons, determining application rate of lime, cost of lime, effective neutralizing power
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