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Woodlands Make Poor Pastures F-0015 woodlands, forestry, pasture, livestock, grazing, erosion
Nutrient Management of Forage Crops Intended for Hay ANR-0109 hay, fertility, livestock, nutrient management, grass, legume, soil testing
Rabies Prevention in Livestock VME-0001 rabies, livestock, cattle, goats, sheep, swine, horses
Biosecurity Fundamentals for Extension Personnel VME-5 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, extension personnel, livestock, production, fmd, mastitis, brucellosis, tuberculosis, pseudorabies, bovine viral diarrhea, bovine progressive pneumonia, swine dysentery
The Beef Showman: Will You Be an Asset or a Liability? ANR-18 showmanship, beef cattle, 4-h, livestock, showing, show ring, show halter, lead strap
Frequently Asked Questions About Birds and West Nile Virus WNV-1000 west nile virus, livestock
What Horse Owners Should Know About West Nile Virus WNV-1007 west nile virus, livestock, horses, encephalitis, meningitis, north america, united states
Abate Animal Heat Stress in Hot Weather AEX-151 farm management, economic loss, cooling systems, fans, heat abatement, heat stress, animals, air quality meters, livestock, poultry, ventilation, temperature humidity index, evaporative cooling abatement systems
Meat Goat Production and Budgeting AS-14 livestock, meat goats, fencing, meat goat production and budgeting, breeding, goat milk, pasture, goat cheese
Using Corn for Livestock Grazing ANR-11 livestock, grazing, corn, corn for livestock grazing, cost, dry matter yield, nitrate levels, animals
Livestock Water Development ANR-12 livestock, water, water sources for livestock, pressurized water systems for livestock, algae control in water troughs or tanks, water pipeline, water trough, catch basin, calculating water tank capacity, livestock water requirements, livestock watering, winter
Water Effects on Livestock Performance ANR-13 livestock, water, water effects on livestock performance, health, sick
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