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lawn and turf

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Summer Patch on Turfgrass HYG-3082 plant disease, lawn and turf, turfgrass, prevention, fungicides, symptoms, patch disease, necrotic ring spot, take-all patch, bentgrass dead spot, bermudagrass decline, summer patch, take all patch, spring dead spot, fungi, eri
Identification of White Grubs in Turfgrass HYG-2510 lawn and turf, white grubs in turf grass, ohio white grubs, ohio white grub adults, grub species in lawn, grubs in turf, identification of ohio white grub rasters
Billbugs in Turfgrass HYG-2502 lawn and turf, weevils, chemical control of larvae, snout beetles, turf pests, turf damage, turf fungal diseases, parasitic nematodes, resistant turf varieties, billibugs, insecticide
Dollar Spot on Turfgrass HYG-3075 kentucky bluegrass, infected grass, prolonged wet foliage, plant disease, lawn and turf, dollar spot, bluegrass, turfgrass, symptoms, chemical control, yellow spots on grass blades
Slime Molds on Turfgrass HYG-3074 plant disease, lawn and turf, causal organism, primitive fungi, weedy grass, infestation, slime molds on turf grass
Powdery Mildew on Turfgrass HYG-3081 home, yard and garden, kentucky bluegrass, erysiphe graminis, mildew fungi, plant disease, lawn and turf, powdery mildew on turf, turf fungus, chemical control of powdery mildew, fungal growth
Gray Leaf Spot on Turfgrass HYG-3083 genetic host resistance, p. grisea, chemical control, gray spot, st. augustine grass, plant disease, lawn and turf, gray, leaf, spot, turf grass, grass fungus, symptoms, turf fungus
Brown Patch on Turfgrass HYG-3084 brown patch, white mycelia, rhizoctonia solani, grass lesions, chemical control, cultural practices, genetic host resistance, plant disease, lawn and turf, lesions on turfgrass, turf disease, round patches on turf, brown patch on turf, brown path fungus on lawn, fungicide, infected turfgrass
Clover Mites HYG-2095 home, yard and garden, lawn and turf, life cycle, habits, identification, clover mites
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