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food preservation

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Drying Fruits and Vegetables HYG-5347 drying fruits and vegetables, food preservation, food dehydration, pretreatments, dipping, blanching, cooking, candying
Food Preservation: Basics for Canning Fruit HYG-5343 food preservation, canning, fruit, basics for canning fruit, canning fruit juice, pressure canner, standard canning jars and lids, water bath canner
Food Preservation: Basics for Canning Vegetables HYG-5344 food preservation, canning, vegetables, basics for canning vegetables
Food Preservation: Canning Soup HYG-5340 food preservation, food, canning soup, making stock, making broth, preparing soup for canning, usda soup guidelines, home canning, pressure canning, forbidden soup ingredients
Food Preservation: Freezing Basics HYG-5341 food preservation, freezing, food preservation: freezing basics
Food Preservation: Freezing Fruits HYG-5349 food preservation, freezing, fruit, storing fruit, thawing frozen fruit, defrosting frozen fruit, how to freeze fruit, selecting fruit, washing fruit, preserving fruit
Food Preservation: Freezing Vegetables HYG-5333 food preservation, freezing, vegetables, vegetables to not freeze, blanching with boiling water, preparing frozen vegetables, packaging vegetables, microwave blanching, blanching vegetables, selecting and washing vegetables
Food Preservation: Making Jerky HYG-5362 food preservation, food, food preservation: making jerky, beef jerky, pork jerky, lamb jerky
Food Preservation: Preserving Herbs: Freezing and Drying HYG-5360 food preservation, freezing, drying, herbs, dehydrator drying, oven drying, air drying, microwave drying, preventing food spoilage, preserve
Food Preservation: Preserving Water for Emergency Use HYG-5354 food preservation, food safety, drinking water, emergency preparedness
Food Preservation: Salsa—From Garden to Table HYG-5339 food preservation, salsa, ingredients, recipes, home canning, processing, peach apple salsa, chile salsa, tomatillo green salsa
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