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Pulsed Electric Field Processing Applications in the Food Industry FST-FABE-1002 nonthermal process, pulsed electric field, pasteurization, food, processing, liquid food, high voltage pulses
Some Options for Resourceful Living HYG-5248 money, saving money, tips to save money, spend wisely, food, housing, medical, technology, clothing, transportation
Making Your Own Convenience Foods HYG-5366 convenience, food, make-your-own, quick-meals, easy-meals, family meals
Food Preservation: Canning Soup HYG-5340 food preservation, food, canning soup, making stock, making broth, preparing soup for canning, usda soup guidelines, home canning, pressure canning, forbidden soup ingredients
Guide to Creating Food Plots for White-Tailed Deer ANR-61 food, plots, white-tailed deer, whitetail, wildlife, attracting white-tailed deer, food plots for deer
Food Preservation: Making Jerky HYG-5362 food preservation, food, food preservation: making jerky, beef jerky, pork jerky, lamb jerky
Freezer Storage HYG-5402 freezer, home, food, storage, safety, packaging, thawing, refreezing, defrost
Freezing Cooked Foods HYG-5308 food, leftovers, freezing, cooked food, frozen meals, thawing, cooking, frozen prepared food, packaging
Putting MyPlate on Your Table: Dairy SS-150 food, nutrition guidelines, dairy group, fat free, low fat, calcium, potassium, vitamin d, protein
Preschool: Get Off to a Good Start BB-P-1 backpack buddies, preschool, breakfast, health, nutrition, food
First Grade: Nutritious Food for Cool Kids BB-F-7 backpack buddies, nutritious food for children, fun, food, balanced meals, nutritious snacks, jack-o'-lantern eggs, breakfast banana split, recipes for children, healthy eating habits for kids
Pantry Food Storage HYG-5401 food, storage, pantry food storage, properly storing food, recommended food storage times
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