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Potassium Uptake and Ohio Crop Response ANR-0147 potassium, yield, fertilizer, ohio, crop response, crops, production
Soil Phosphorus and Crop Response to Phosphorus Fertilizer in Ohio ANR-0146 phosphorus, yields, fertilizer, mehlich-3 p, crop, yield response
Interpreting a Soil Test Report AGF-0514 fertilizer, soil fertility, soil test, soil test report, soil nutrients, laboratory, nutrient management, ohio, cec, om, cation exchange capacity, organic matter
Efficient Lawn Care Practices to Help Protect Ohio’s Waterways HYG-5812 lawn, grass, turfgrass, algae, fertilizer, lawncare, seeding, establish lawn, new lawn
What to Look for in a Lawn Care Service HYG-4025-88 lawn, lawncare, mowing, fertilizer, disease control, grub control, soil cultivation, re-seeding, re-sodding, irrigation services, lime application
Equipment Needed for Planting and Maintaining Food Plots ANR-82 food plots, white-tail deer, wildlife, atv, seeders, planting, maintenance, frost seeding, lime, corn planter, fertilizer, fertilizer spreader, sprayer, mower, tools, equipment safety
Converting between Mehlich-3, Bray P, and Ammonium Acetate Soil Test Values ANR-75 mehlich-3, nutrients, phosphorus, converting-mehlich-3-bray-p, converting soil test extractants, tri-state region, fertilizer
Spinner-Disc Spreader Set Up and Calibration FABE-561 precision ag, fertilizer, ground drive spreaders, hydraulic spreaders, spinner disc spreader, accurate fertilizer application, corn, soybeans, wheat, nutrient management, agronomy
Proper Spinner-Disc Spreader Operation, Terms and Definitions FABE-563 precision ag, fertilizer, corn, soybeans, wheat, nutrient management, agronomy
Soil Testing for Ohio Lawns, Landscapes, Fruit Crops, and Vegetable Gardens HYG-1132 soil, soil testing, garden, lawn, vegetable, fruit, turfgrass, fertilizer, trees, soil testing for ohio lawns, landscapes, fruit crops, and vegetable gardens
Physical Properties of Granular Fertilizers and Impact on Spreading FABE-550.1 precision agriculture, fertilizer, physical properties of granular fertilizers and impact on spreading
Purchasing Nutrients for Hay and Forage Crops ANR-7 forages, nutrients, fertilizer, hay, purchasing nutrients for hay or forage crops, cost of fertilizer for hay and forage crops
Fertility Management of Meadows ANR-5 forages, nutrients, fertilizer, hay, pastures, tall grass, urea fertilizer, legume, rhizobia, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, sulfur, soil ph, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, soil, nitrogen
Gypsum for Agricultural Use in Ohio—Sources and Quality of Available Products ANR-20 gypsum, soil amendment, cast gypsum, properties, drywall gypsum, natural gypsum deposits, synthetic gypsum, fertilizer
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