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Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents 2012-13 AEDE-15-13 agricultural economics, farm management, cash rent
Whole Farm Planning Model ANR-52 farm management, agribusiness planning, farmer assessment, farming transition plan, farming business plan, farming retirement plan, farming estate plan, farming investment plan, farm planning, business skills for farmers
Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right for Your Farm Business? ANR-51 farm transition, estate planning, farm management, sample prenuptial agreement, dissolution, divorce, prenuptial agreement
Conducting a SWOT Analysis of Your Agricultural Business ANR-42 farm management, business analysis, conducting a swot analysis of your agricultural business, conducting a swot analysis of your farm
Assessing Farm Financial Health Using Your Balance Sheet ANR-0135 balance sheet, farm management, financial statements, farm, assets, liabilities, net worth, financial health
Developing a Farm Digital Strategy 3 – Data Management Considerations FABE-557 precision agriculture, corn, soybeans, farm management, digital agriculture
Developing a Farm Digital Strategy 2 – Precision Technology and Data Generation FABE-556 precision agriculture, corn, soybeans, farm management, digital agriculture
Developing a Farm Digital Strategy 1 - Introduction FABE-555 precision agriculture, corn, soybeans, farm management, digital agriculture
Should I Continue Farming? ANR-71 farm management, profitability, farm stress, agricultural economics, finances
Low-Cost Crop-Management Considerations AGF-110 farm management, ag crops, agronomy
The Basics of a Farm Balance Sheet ANR-64 balance sheet, finances, farm management, farm balance sheet basics, farm cash flow, farm income statement, farm debt, farm assets
Grants and Low-Interest Loans for Ohio Small Farms ANR-63 grants, loans, farm management, small farm, procuring farm grants and low interest loans, farm business plan, farm loan programs
Preparing Newsprint for Bedding CDFS-126 farm management, animal bedding, newsprint, newspaper, cutting, shredding, recycling, bedding material
Planning for the Successful Transition of Your Agricultural Business ANR-47 farm management, farm estate planning, family farm, farm business, retirement, transfer assets, swot analysis, transition planning, heirs, transferring ownership, business management, legacy, asset transfer
Estimate Ammonia (NH3) Emissions from Manure-Belt Layer Houses: An Effective Modeling Tool AEX-723.5 farm management, farm safety
Ammonia Emission from Animal Feeding Operations and Its Impacts AEX-723.1 farm management, ammonia emissions, animal feeding operations, health impacts, environmental impacts
Abate Animal Heat Stress in Hot Weather AEX-151 farm management, economic loss, cooling systems, fans, heat abatement, heat stress, animals, air quality meters, livestock, poultry, ventilation, temperature humidity index, evaporative cooling abatement systems
Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWEs) for Farmers and Farm Workers AEX-983.4 farm management, safety, ohio agrability series, impairment related work expenses, disability, attendant care, spatial adaptations, adaptive technologies, assistive devices, equipment adaptations
Respiratory Impairment in Agriculture AEX-981.17 farm management, farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Storing Lignocellulosic Biomass for Bio-Refining Industry AEX-651.1 farm management, biomass, biorefining, storing, lignocellulosic, ensilage fermentation, enzymatic hydrolysis, dry storage, wet storage, corn stover, harvesting, processing
Turning Crude Glycerin into Polyurethane Foam and Biopolyols AEX-654 farm management, biodiesel, energy, crude glycerin, biodiesel production process, polyols, isocyanates, biological conversion process, polyurethane (pu) foam
Using Pasture Measurement to Improve Your Management HCS-868 farm management, measuring forage, pasture stick, falling plate meter, rising plate meter, electric capacitance pasture probe, pasture growth, grazing wedge, feed budget, feed consumption
Guidelines for Applying Liquid Animal Manure to Cropland with Subsurface and Surface Drains ANR-21 farm management, liquid animal manure, effluent, surface water contamination, cropland, subsurface, drained, crusted soil, clay soil, manure application
Establishing a Fair Pasture Rental Rate FR-8 farm management, pasture, rental, grazing cost, stock, pasture rental, pricing, livestock facilities, landowner, sheep, meat goats, horses, cattle
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