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Assessing Farm Financial Health Using Your Balance Sheet ANR-0135 balance sheet, farm management, financial statements, farm, assets, liabilities, net worth, financial health
Elderberry Production in Ohio ANR-0110 elderberry, elderberries, fruits, super, foods, farm, garden, alternative, cash crops, farm diversification
Growing Hardy Figs in Ohio HYG-1439 fig, hardy fig, fruit, farm, high tunnel, farm diversification, cultivars, varieties, hardy chicago, brown turkey, growing figs in ohio, ohio figs
Kiwifruit and Hardy Kiwi (Kiwiberries) HYG-1426 kiwi, hardy kiwi, kiwiberry, fruit, home, farm, kiwifruit, kiwi cultivars, trellising kiwi, fertilizing kiwi, growing kiwi in ohio, growing hardy kiwi, kiwi frost hardiness, dormant pruning
Safety Practices for a Tractor Mounted Post-Hole Digger AEX-593.1 agricultural safety, farm, safety, post-hole digger
Safe Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia AEX-594 agricultural safety, farm, safety, legal requirements, anhydrous ammonia, roadway transport safety, safe field practices, care and maintenance of anhydrous ammonia equipment, personal protection, first aid, safe handling, incidental release hazard, safe handling of anhydrous ammonia
Disinfection in On-Farm Biosecurity Procedures VME-8 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, disinfection, sanitation, farm, farm biosecurity, farm disinfectants, quaternary ammonium, phenol-based compounds, hypochlorites, iodophors
On-Farm Biosecurity: Traffic Control and Sanitation VME-6 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, sanitation, farm, traffic control, disease introduction, infectious disease
Checklist for Business Success: Organic Vegetable Production ANR-28 agricultural economics, organic, vegetable, production, farm, farming, profitability, marketing
Farming with a Visual Impairment AEX-981.16 farm, safety, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, legal blindness, ohio agrability series, visual impairment, blind farming, vision loss
Respiratory Impairment in Agriculture AEX-981.17 farm management, farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Farming with Alzheimer’s Disease AEX-982.9 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, wandering, disability, long-term health condition, alzheimer's disease, alzheimer's, dementia
Secondary Injury Prevention: Using Braces to Reduce Joint Injuries AEX-982.8 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, ankle, sprain, strain, joint brace, muscle pain, loss of function
Farming with Chronic Back Pain AEX-982.7 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, ergonomics, managing chronic back pain, preventing back pain, injuries, spinal, muscle, tendon
Recovery from Hip or Knee Replacement for Farmers AEX-981.15 farm, safety, ohio agrability series
Gardening with a Physical Limitation AEX-983.3 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, alternative gardening, assisted gardening, assistive technology
Farming with Diabetes AEX-982.6 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, farming with diabetes, working with diabetes, managing energy levels, assistive technology, meal planning sheets, mobility aids, audible motion detectors
Farming with Parkinson’s Disease AEX-982.5 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, parkinson's disease, neurodegenerative disease, tremors, rigidity, dopamine deficiency, muscle stiffness/rigidity., working with parkinson's
Farming After a Stroke AEX-982.2 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, stroke survivor, effects of stroke, working after a stroke, occupational therapy advice for strokes, staying safe after a stroke
Initial Farm Injury Emergency Response AEX-984.1 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, emergency medical services on the farm, farm injuries, severe employment injury, scene assessment, caring for injured employee
Farming with Upper Extremity Limitation/Amputation AEX-981.10 agricultural related injury, farm, safety, ohio agrability series, upper, extremity, amputation, finger and hand injuries, entanglement and entrapment injuries
Secondary Injury Prevention: Repetitive Motion AEX-981.12 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, ergonomic, rapid movement, injuries, forceful movement, static loading injuries, repetitive motion injuries, secondary injury
Secondary Injury Prevention: Understanding Concussions AEX-981.11 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, concussion, unconscious, traumatic brain injury, head injury, managing a concussion, concussion symptoms, traumatic brain injury from farming, preventing concussions
Farming with Lower Extremity Amputation AEX-981.9 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, amputation, agriculture-related injury, recovery, lower extremity, toe, foot, leg, above the knee, working with lower extremity amputation
Managing Stress for a Healthy Heart AEX-982.4 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, hypertension, farming with heart disease, working with artery disease, farming stress, preventing coronary attack while farming, managing stress while working on the farm
Assistive Technology for the Farm AEX-983.2 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, prosthetics, orthotics, assistive farm technology, mobility aids, vision aids, hearing aids, job accommodations, augmented communication, environmental controls, assistive, tools, disabled people, technology
Injury Prevention: Types of Cold Stress AEX-981.13 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, symptoms, first aid, cold stress, wind chill, frostbite, hypothermia, trench foot, chilblains, freezing prevention, cold weather precautions, high wind, cold water effects
Injury Prevention: Working in Cold Weather AEX-981.14 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, injury prevention, working in cold weather, cold weather gear, cold weather clothing, outdoor work clothes, outdoor safety precautions, cold insulation
Make Sure Your Load Is Secure AEX-598.2 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, trailer weight, hauling cargo, transporting heavy loads, smv emblem, securing trailer loads, tie downs, working load limits
Secondary Injury Prevention: Farming with a Pacemaker AEX-981.8 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, farming with a pacemaker, farming safety precautions, farming tools and equipment that are compatible with pacemakers
Extending Universal Design Principles onto the Farmstead AEX-983.1 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, universal design, increased productivity, mobility limitations, assistive technologies, farmstead designs
Secondary Injury Prevention: Heat Stress AEX-981.4 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, heat, stress, stroke, collapse, exhaustion, cramps, dehydration
Overexertion Causing Secondary Injury AEX-981.5 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, workplace injuries, overexertion, spraining muscles at work, pushing and pulling hazards
Secondary Injury Caused by Lifting AEX-981.1 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, secondary injuries, lifting incidents, workplace hazards, employee back injury, proper lifting techniques
Secondary Injury Prevention: Caught-in, Caught-between, or Struck by Objects AEX-981.2 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, injury, workplace incidents, injury prevention, secondary injuries, equipment hazards
Secondary Injury Prevention: Walking and Working Surfaces AEX-981.3 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, walking surfaces, working surfaces, preventing injuries, slips, trips, falls
Secondary Injury Prevention: Safety for Senior Farmers AEX-981.7 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, breathing problems, hearing loss, older farmers, balance issues, muscle strains and sprains, reduced vision, poor vision
Secondary Injury Prevention: Ergonomics for the Farm AEX-981.6 farm, safety, ohio agrability series, ergonomics, preventing injury, injury prevention, repetitive injury, correct posture
Safe Operation of Utility Type Vehicles (UTVs) AEX-597.1 farm, safety, tow, utv driving directions, safe operation, utv tire pressure, ohio agrability series, recreational off-highway vehicle, rov, side-by-side, utv, utility type vehicles, hauling, work vehicles
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