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The Living Will SS-170 living will, family, health, directive, health care, power of attorney, agent, advanced directive, terminal condition, permanently unconscious state
Self-Care for the Caregiver HYG-5811 caregiver, stress, family, elderly, caregiver burnout
Nurturant Grandfathering: Let’s Get Involved HYG 5800 grandfather, grandchild, nurturing, family, relationships
Nurturant Grandfathering: Character Work HYG-5804 grandfather, grandchild, character, ethics, personality, family, relationships
Nurturant Grandfathering: Lineage Work HYG-5801 grandfather, grandchild, lineage, family, relationships
Nurturant Grandfathering: Spiritual Work HYG-5803 grandfather, grandchild, spiritual, family, relationships
Nurturant Grandfathering: Recreation Work HYG-5805 grandfather, grandchild, recreation, leisure, family, relationships
Nurturant Grandfathering: Mentoring Work HYG-5802 grandfather, grandchild, mentoring, family, relationships
What Schools Need to Know to Enhance School-Family Engagement within their Grandfamily Communities HGY-5810 schools, grandparent, community, parents, guardians, family, caregiver, academic performance, parental engagement
Family Mealtime: Routines and Rituals HYG-5249 family, family meals, meals, rituals, routines
The Benefits of Family Meals HYG-5246 family meals, eating together, family, meal, benefits, togetherness, health benefits, self esteem, relationship building
Communication Strategies to Support a Family Member with Diabetes HYG-5322 diabetes, caregiver, family, blood sugar, complication
Involving Parents in 4-H 4H-44 4-h, family, parents, involvement, volunteers, recognition
Primary Caregiver for a Farm Family Member AEX-984.2 family, safety, ohio agrability series, primary caregiver, illness, disability, taking care of farm family members, caregiving on the farm, coping with feelings, health on the farm
Fathering Your Adolescent: Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship HYG-5298 family, being a father to adolescents, talking with teens, learning parenting skills, giving parental advice, understanding, affection, companionship, support, social, psychological
Gender Issues: Preparing Children for a Lifetime of Success FLM-FS-16-01-R10 gender issues, children, stereotypes, height average, social science, boys, girls, development, human experience, encouragement, parents, family, siblings
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