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Growing Degree Days as a Method of Rating the Maturity of Corn Hybrids AGF-101 corn, agronomy, corn hybrids
Energy Conservation in Corn Production AGF-102 corn, energy conservation
Effects of Flooding and Ponding on Corn AGF-118 corn, agronomy, flooding
Assessing Effects of Uneven Emergence on Corn Yields AGF-122 corn, yields, uneven emergence
Identifying Vegetative Growth Stages in Corn AGF-127 corn, growth stages
Grain Quality Attributes of TopCross® High Oil, High Lysine, Waxy, and Conventional Yellow Dent Corns AGF-137-99 corn, grain quality
Managing “Pollen Drift” to Minimize Contamination of Non-GMO Corn AGF-153 corn, pollen drift, gmo
Using Corn for Livestock Grazing ANR-11 livestock, grazing, corn
Tips for Calibrating Grain Yield Monitors—Maximizing Value of Your Yield Data ANR-8 precision agriculture, agronomy, corn, soybeans, wheat, nutrient management
Storing Corn Stover for Biobased Industries FABE 660.1 biofuels, corn
Remote Sensing in Precision Agriculture FABE-554.1 precision agriculture, agronomy, corn, soybeans, wheat, nutrient management
Using Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC) to Delineate Field Variation FABE-565 precision agriculture, agronomy, corn, soybeans, wheat
Corn Stover Feedstock for Biofuels Production: Costs of Feedstock Supply FABE-660 biofuels, corn
Common Rust of Corn PLPATH-CER-02 corn, common rust
Gibberella Ear Rot and Mycotoxins in Corn: Sampling, Testing, and Storage PLPATH-CER-04 corn, gibberella ear rot, mycotoxins
Gray Leaf Spot of Corn PLPATH-CER-05 corn, gray leaf spot
Maize Chlorotic Dwarf of Maize PLPATH-CER-08 corn, maize, maize chlorotic dwarf
Maize Dwarf Mosaic of Maize PLPATH-CER-09 corn, maize dwarf mosaic
Northern Corn Leaf Blight PLPATH-CER-10 corn, northern corn leaf blight
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