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The Benefits of a Healthy Diet for Children with ADHD FCS-1003 adhd, children, attention deficit, attention deficit disorder, healthy diet, diet quality, fruits and vegetables
ADHD Medications and Your Child’s Appetite FCS-1002 adhd, children, attention deficit, attention deficit disorder, low appetite, weight loss, ritalin, adderall, focalin, concerta, dexedrine
Helping Young Children Through Stressful Times FLM-FS-8-99-R07 stress, children, trauma, homelessness, drugs, alcohol, violence, fearful, sensitive, tense, aggressive, greedy, angry, restless, irritable
Preschool: Nurturing Your Child's Self-Esteem BB-P-2 backpack buddies, preschool, children, self-esteem, activities, confidence building
Preschool: Holiday Stress Busters for Big and Little People BB-P-4 backpack buddies, holiday, fun, stress, preschool, children, activities
Preschool: Caution—Is Your Home Safe? BB-P-8 backpack buddies, children, preschool, home, kitchen, safety
Preschool: Summer Activities for Fun and Learning BB-P-9 backpack buddies, summer, games, fun, activities, preschool, children, science
Kindergarten: Get Off to a Good Start BB-K-1 backpack buddies, breakfast, children, nutrition, kindergarten, diet, health
Kindergarten: Nurturing Your Child's Self-Esteem BB-K-2 backpack buddies, confidence, self discipline, children, games, activities, love, self esteem, empower children, nurturing, kindergarten, praise, respect
First Grade: Understanding Sibling Rivalry BB-F-2 backpack buddies, siblings, rivalry, teasing, children, jealousy, conflict, parenting
Decision Making/Problem Solving With Teens HYG-5301 home, yard and garden, parenting, growing up, important skills, decision making with teens. problem solving with teens, children, teenagers, cooperative problem solving
Gender Issues: Preparing Children for a Lifetime of Success FLM-FS-16-01-R10 gender issues, children, stereotypes, height average, social science, boys, girls, development, human experience, encouragement, parents, family, siblings
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