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Native Shrubs: Creating Living Landscapes for Birds, Butterflies, Bees, and Other Beneficials HYG-5813 wildlife, shrubs, pollinators, bees, birds, butterflies, moths
Native Trees: Creating Living Landscapes for Birds, Butterflies, Bees, and Other Beneficials HYG-5815 wildlife, trees, pollinators, bees, birds, butterflies, moths, caterpillars, landscapes
How to Identify and Enhance Ohio’s Wild Bees in Your Landscape ENT-85 bee, bees, apoidea, polyester bees, shiny green bees, squash bees, dull green sweat bees, bee nests, leafcutter bees, mason bees, orchard bees, bumble bees, carpenter bees, mining bees, identifying wild bees, ground nesting bees
Protecting Pollinators While Using Pesticides ANR-68 pesticide safety, labels, pest management, pollinators, bees, protecting pollinators, protecting honeybees, integrated pest management, targeted pesticide application, insecticide effects to bees
Carpenter Bees HYG-2074 bees, stinging insects, wood damage, pollinators, carpenter bees, carpenter bee insecticide, preventing carpenter bees
Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Honey Bees ENT-79 pollinators, honey bees, native plants, bee, bees, pollen, beekeeping, threats, varroa mites
Ohio Trees for Bees ENT-71 bees, pollinators, trees, honey bees, native bees, ohio bees, carolina silverbell, seven-son flower, goldenrain tree, japanese pagoda tree, maple, boxelder, buckeye, horsechestnut, alder, serviceberry, catalpa, common hackberry
Ohio Bee Identification Guide ENT-57 home, yard and garden, bee, bees, beekeeping, bee id, honey bees, ohio honeybees
Attracting Pollinators to the Garden ENT-47 bees, pollinators, gardening, attracting pollinators to the garden
Honey Bees in House Walls HYG-2079 bees and pollination, beekeeping, bees, bee, bees in buildings, honeybees in house walls, honeybee colony, trapping bees, bee colony prevention, queen bee trap, bees in homes
Bumble Bees and Solitary Bees & Wasps in Urban Landscapes HYG-2143 bees, pollinators, bumble bees, controlling ground-nesting bees and wasps, carpenter bees, sweat bees, leafcutting bees, digger wasps, grass carrying wasps
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