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Precision Agriculture Tools for On-Farm Research FABE-558 precision agriculture, on-farm research, agronomy, corn, soybeans
Nutrient Removal for Field Crops in Ohio ANR-96 agronomy, nutrient removal of field crops
Post Corn, Going to Soybean: Use Cereal Rye ANR-84 soil health, soil, cover crop, agronomy, corn-soybean rotation, cereal rye
Post Soybean, Going to Corn: Use Oats/Radish   ANR-85 soil health, soil, cover crop, agronomy, corn after soybean, oats, radish, soybean-corn rotation
Bushels, Test Weights, and Calculations AGF-503 agronomy, grain, test weights, bushel, bushels, calculations, grain test weight
Useful Tables: Adjustments and Conversions on Corn and Soybean Parameters AGF-502 agronomy, corn, soybean, planting date, micronutrient sources, seed spacing, atomic weight of nutrients, soybean moisture conversions, usda grade requirements for shelled corn, moisture, corn moisture corrections, expected corn yields based on planting dates
Low-Cost Crop-Management Considerations AGF-110 farm management, ag crops, agronomy
Opportunities for Sub-surface Nutrient Placement in Ohio FABE-564.01 precision agriculture, agronomy, corn, soybeans, wheat, nutrient management
Crop Protection Apps FABE-552.03 precision agriculture, agronomy, corn, soybeans, wheat, nutrient management
Crop Nutrition Apps FABE 552.02 precision agriculture, agronomy, corn, soybeans, wheat, ios apps for farming, android apps for farming, apps for crops, nutrient management, smart phone apps for farming, crop nutrient calculators
Correcting Irregular Spread Patterns FABE-562 precision fertilizing, single spinner-disc spreader, uniform fertilizer application rates, spinner-disc spreader applications, correcting irregular spread patterns, corn, soybeans, wheat, nutrient management, agronomy
Spinner-Disc Spreader Set Up and Calibration FABE-561 precision ag, fertilizer, ground drive spreaders, hydraulic spreaders, spinner disc spreader, accurate fertilizer application, corn, soybeans, wheat, nutrient management, agronomy
Proper Spinner-Disc Spreader Operation, Terms and Definitions FABE-563 precision ag, fertilizer, corn, soybeans, wheat, nutrient management, agronomy
Tips for Calibrating Grain Yield Monitors—Maximizing Value of Your Yield Data ANR-8 precision agriculture, calibrating grain yield monitors, agronomy, corn, soybeans, wheat, mass flow sensor calibration, ground speed calibration, motion sensor calibration, temperature calibration, mass flow sensor vibration calibration, nutrient management, yield monitoring file formats
Using Cover Crops to Improve Soil and Water Quality ANR-57 cover crops, soil health, agronomy, using cover crops to improve water quality, advantages and disadvantages of cover crops
Remote Sensing in Precision Agriculture FABE-554.1 precision agriculture, agronomy, corn, soybeans, wheat, improved farming techniques, nutrient management
Effects of Flooding and Ponding on Corn AGF-118 corn, agronomy, flooding, ponding, saturated soil, denitrification, flood damaged corn, corn smut, crazy top, leaching, water drainage
Corn Growing Degree Days: A Method of Maturity Rating for Hybrids AGF-101 corn, agronomy, corn hybrids, growing degree days, heat units, length of growing season, maturity rating
Using Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC) to Delineate Field Variation FABE-565 precision agriculture, agronomy, corn, soybeans, wheat, using soil electrical conductivity (ec) to delineate field variation, collecting soil electrical conductivity data in the field, soil electrical conductivity mapping
Developing Phosphorus and Potassium Recommendations for Field Crops AGF-515 agronomy
Soil Sampling to Develop Nutrient Recommendations AGF-513 agronomy, soil cores, samples, systematic grid sizing, zone management, algae growth, fertile soil, no-till systems, composite sample, crop debris
Soil Carbon Sequestration—Fundamentals AEX-510 agronomy, soil carbon sequestration, fossil fuel emissions, global warming, erosion, carbon trading, carbon management
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