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agronomic crops

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Defoliators on Soybean ENT-39 agronomic crops, pests, bean leaf beetle, treatment, insecticides, pesticides, yellow woollybear caterpillars, silver spotted skipper, defoliation, painted lady, thistle caterpillar, soybeans, grasshoppers, green cloverworm, japanese beetle, mexican bean beetle, slugs
Western Bean Cutworm ENT-40 agronomic crops
Monitoring Western Corn Rootworm Activity in Soybeans to Predict Rootworm Injury in First-Year Corn ENT-17 agronomic crops
Corn Rootworm Management ENT-16 agronomic crops
Slugs on Field Crops ENT-20 agronomic crops, slugs on field crops, slug defoliation, slug pesticides, molluscicides, strategies for managing slugs
Bean Leaf Beetle on Soybean ENT-23 agronomic crops, bean leaf beetle, soybeans, bean pod mottle virus, insecticides, defoliation, moldy beans, pod injury
Twospotted Spider Mite on Soybean ENT-24 agronomic crops
Alfalfa Weevil on Alfalfa ENT-32 agronomic crops
Potato Leafhopper on Alfalfa ENT-33 agronomic crops, potato leafhopper, nymph, leafhopper, infestation, alfalfa pest, alfalfa insect, alfalfa
Black Cutworm on Corn ENT-35 agronomic crops, cutworm, black, insecticide, pesticide, corn hybrids, bcw, control, corn, moths, crop, infestation, symptoms, management
Armyworm on Wheat ENT-36 agronomic crops
Soybean Aphid ENT-37 agronomic crops, soybean aphid, sooty mold, insecticides, pesticides
Cereal Leaf Beetle ENT-38 agronomic crops
Brown Spot of Soybeans AC-18 agronomic crops, septoria leaf spot, brown spot, yellow spots, soybean fungus, infected soybean, septoria glycines
Sudden Death Syndrome of Soybean AC-44 agronomic crops, soybean sudden death, sds soybean symptoms, scn infestation, fusarium virguliforme, soybean in cold climate, crop disease
Frogeye Leaf Spot of Soybean AC-53 agronomic crops, frogeye leaf spot, soybeans, ohio, cercospora sojina, disease cycle, fungus, brown spots on leaves, holes in leaves, frogeye lesions
Gibberella Ear Rot and Mycotoxins in Corn: Sampling, Testing, and Storage AC-52 agronomic crops, corn, rotting corn, mycotoxin test, corn infection and colonization, optimal corn conditions, vomitoxin test, storage, harvesting corn, black light, test, gibberella ear rot
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