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Promising Practices and Benefits of 4-H Members Saying Thank You 4H-0055 thank you, gratitude, 4-h, thanks, appreciation, kindness
Tools for 4-H Public Speaking 4H-51 youth, public speaking, demonstration, 4-h, self confidence, demonstrations
4-H Project Learning 4H-50 4-h, project, youth development, project review, project advising, project planning, group project, individual projects
Effective Ways to Promote Ohio 4-H Camps 4H-49 4-h, camp, promotion, youth, volunteers, learning, marketing
County-level 4-H Advisory Committees 4H-48 committees, volunteers, 4-h
Traveling with 4-H Teens 4H-47 travel, teens, 4-h, chaperones, logistics, setting expectations, check in, head counts
Demonstrations for 4-H Members 4H-46 4-h, demonstrations, fear of public speaking, tips on public speaking, planning s 4-h demonstration, successful demonstrations, 4-h project, public speaking strategies
Facilitating Positive Behavior in 4-H 4H-45 4-h, positive behavior, positive reinforcement, volunteers, reward positive behavior, address negative behavior, behavior management
Ohio History of 4-H 4H-01 4-h, 4-h youth development, history of 4-h, 4-h history, ohio 4-h foundation, state junior fair, 4-h club week, ohio 4-h, club congress, ohio 4-h congress, boy's and girl's clubs, albert belmont graham
Involving Parents in 4-H 4H-44 4-h, family, parents, involvement, volunteers, recognition
Recognizing 4-H Volunteers Utilizing State Awards to Show Appreciation 4H-43 volunteer awards, state awards, volunteer appreciation, 4-h, applications, categories
Community Service 4H-12 community service, service, experiential learning, 4-h, 4-h clubs, activities
Biosecurity for Youth Livestock Exhibitors VME-7 biosecurity, veterinary medicine, 4-h, ffa, fairs, exhibitions, brucellosis, streptococcus agalactiae mastitis, bovine viral diarrhea, bovine progressive pneumonia, swine dysentery, tuberculosis, pseudorabies livestock disease, avian influenza, foot-and-mouth-disease
Using a Waterslide to Introduce STEM to Younger Youth 4H-38 waterslide, stem, youth skills, 4-h, camping, special events, community club, recreation
Leading Recreation at a 4-H Community Club Meeting 4H-37 recreation, social activities, play, healthy living, 4-h, kickball, table games, board games, team building activities
Interviewing Tips for Judges 4H-36 project, evaluation, judging, interview, 4-h, junior fair, judging criteria, exhibitors
The Beef Showman: Will You Be an Asset or a Liability? ANR-18 showmanship, beef cattle, 4-h, livestock, showing, show ring, show halter, lead strap
Techniques Youth Development Professionals and Key Leaders Can Use to Navigate Difficult Problems 4H-32 youth, solution focused therapy, miracle questions, exception seeking questions, scaling questions, clinical social work, managing conflict, leadership, 4-h, youth development, problem solving
Building a Team within a 4-H Club 4H-30-11 youth development, team building, team formation, team leaders, dynamic groups, 4-h, operating as a team, team building techniques, team inclusion
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