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  1. Renewable Energy Policy Series: Rules for Siting a Utility Scale Wind Farm in Ohio

    ... the setback distance from nearby residences and property lines for each proposed turbine. As a minimum requirement, each turbine must be ... facility consists of all the turbines, collection lines, any associated substations, and all other associated equipment used to ...

    sysadmin - Sep 7 2016 - 11:13am

  2. Fleas

    ... Flea bites on sleeping people typically occur in clusters or lines of two or more bites. On pets, fleas tend to concentrate their bites to ...

    sysadmin - Dec 5 2016 - 8:48am

  3. Keeping Plants Healthy

    ... the initial crop is planted, the introduction of resistant lines is limited due to the long-term nature of these crops. 2. Cultural ...

    sysadmin - Feb 22 2017 - 1:07pm

  4. Giant Caterpillars

    ... with gray dusting on the forewing edges and vertical pink lines near the body. Each hindwing has a larger yellow eyespot in a field of ... mottled with black and light gray. Two zigzag, black lines extend across the hindwings with a black band near the border. There are ...

    sysadmin - Aug 16 2017 - 1:25pm

  5. Tractor Loader Safety for Trainers and Supervisors

    ... an area free of overhead obstacles, such as overhead power lines. Keep the loader low while carrying loads and/or while driving on an ...

    cochran.442 - Jun 11 2018 - 11:19am

  6. Submitting Insect Specimens for Identification

    ... Service (APHIS) is required to ship live pests across state lines. Most insects, with the exception of butterflies and moths, should be ...

    sysadmin - Nov 1 2016 - 3:19pm

  7. Preventing Falls for Trainers and Supervisors

    ... the location of electrical wires. Stay clear of electrical lines and lighting fixtures. Keep metal ladders away from electrical ...

    cochran.442 - Jun 7 2018 - 9:41am

  8. Guidelines for Applying Liquid Animal Manure to Cropland with Subsurface and Surface Drains

    ... pathways) to reduce the risk of manure reaching drain lines, or till the surface of the soil 3 to 5 inches deep to a condition that ... J.L. Baker. 2001. Bacteria and nutrient transport to tile lines shortly after application of large volumes of liquid swine manure. ...

    sysadmin - Oct 17 2016 - 3:55pm

  9. Front-End Loader Safety

    ... in an area free from overhead obstacles, such as power lines. • Load the bucket evenly from side to side, and keep within ...

    gates.110 - Jan 11 2017 - 11:28pm

  10. The Beef Showman: Will You Be an Asset or a Liability?

    ... Exhibitors need to pay attention to the straightness of lines when bringing their animals to a stop in side-by-side or head-to-tail ... easily confuse a nervous exhibitor. •  While straight lines are important, an animal that is slightly out of place does not ...

    wintringham.4 - Nov 2 2016 - 1:34pm