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  1. Giant Caterpillars

    ... with gray dusting on the forewing edges and vertical pink lines near the body. Each hindwing has a larger yellow eyespot in a field of ... Topics:  Home, Yard and Garden Insects and Pests Tags:  home, yard and garden Program ...

    sysadmin - Aug 16 2017 - 1:25pm

  2. Food Safety for Fruits and Vegetables

    ... condition. The remnants of product left on belts, tables, lines, and conveyors could provide a food source for microbial growth; thus, ... or replaced as needed. Management of Animal Pests in Packing and Storage Facilities All animals, including pets, ...

    sysadmin - Aug 24 2016 - 12:11pm

  3. Boxelder Bugs and Leaf-footed Bugs

    ... utility pipes or conduits, air conditioners, heat pump lines, and the foundation. These bugs are attracted to lights and can fly in ... Many insecticides registered for "creeping and crawling" pests or "bugs" will work to quickly knock down these nuisance bugs. Spray ...

    sysadmin - Dec 2 2016 - 2:18pm

  4. Soybean Aphid

    ... Ohio that are capable of overcoming the resistance in those lines. Thus, when and if these varieties are released, growers should contact ... State University Extension Bulletin 545, Control of Insect Pests of Field Crops , for those insecticides labeled for soybean aphid, or ...

    sysadmin - Oct 17 2016 - 3:16pm

  5. Ants In and Around the Home

    ... Entomology Ants can be one of the most annoying pests encountered in homes and buildings. Fortunately, most of Ohio ant species ... and antennae, and the head and thorax furrowed with parallel lines or grooves running top to bottom. In winter, nests may be found in the ...

    sysadmin - Aug 16 2017 - 1:29pm

  6. 20 Questions on Plant Diagnosis

    ... bullets. Be aware that some plant pathogens and plant pests have alternate hosts, so two very different plant groups may be affected ... to a particular event, such as installation of new sewer lines or a new driveway. Conversely, pointing out normal annual growth can also ...

    Anonymous - Feb 22 2017 - 12:25pm

  7. X-Disease (Mycoplasma disease of peaches and nectarines)

    ... while feeding. These leafhoppers are usually not considered pests of peach and cherry. The main damage they cause is the incidental ... bushes are commonly found in hedges, along property lines, in open woods, and in overgrown meadows and abandoned fields. Brush ...

    scardena.1 - Aug 22 2017 - 1:19pm

  8. Pruning and Care of Tree Wounds

    ... as well as increased susceptibility to pathogens and pests. Why Pruning? Trees are pruned for a variety of reasons, for ... far enough from buildings, sidewalks, driveways, and power lines. Furthermore, ensuring that a tree is planted properly and in a ...

    sysadmin - Nov 1 2016 - 3:00pm