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  1. Bovine/Human Coronaviruses

    Hasoksuz, M., A.E. Hoet, S.C. Loerch, T.E. Wittum, P.R. Nielsen, and L.J. Saif. 2002. Detection of ... and RT-PCR and nested PCR for their detection. Arch Virol 146:2401-19. Cho, K.O., A.E. Hoet, S.C ... 217:1191-4. Lathrop, S.L., T.E. Wittum, K.V. Brock, S.C. Loerch, L.J. Perino, H.R. Bingham, F.T. McCollum, and ...

  2. Bovine Toroviruses

    Hoet, A.E., K.O. Cho, K.O. Chang, S.C. Loerch, T.E. Wittum, and L.J. Saif. 2002. Enteric and nasal ...

  3. Human Rotaviruses

    1994. Nongroup A rotaviruses of humans and animals. Curr Top Microbiol Immunol 185:339-71. Gouvea, V., ... in vitro. Science 207:189-91. ...

  4. Porcine Coronaviruses

    J Vet Res 57:664-71. Shoup, D.I., D.E. Swayne, D.J. Jackwood, and L.J. Saif. 1996. Immunohistochemistry ... intramuscular injection of pregnant swine with a modified live-virus vaccine. Am J Vet Res 36:267-71. Bohl, ...

  5. Porcine Rotaviruses

    antibodies against an avian group A rotavirus. Avian Dis 35:563-71. Jiang, B.M., Y. Qian, H. Tsunemitsu, K.Y. ...