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  1. Expense Item “Food” Clarification for OSP and UNIV Grants

    the Expense Item ‘Teaching Aids and Materials’ (SC10699) so the expense will post to the correct ... EFNEP, would continue to use ‘Food not restaurants or catering’ (SC10693)for the Expense Item when FOOD ...

  2. Background Check Refunds- Create Miscellaneous Payment

    SC10581 ...

  3. Expense Reports Notes on What to Include

    equipment SC) ie, don't use "education and training services" for program supplies. If you ...

  4. Publications Order Process in Workday

    Publications-Printed SC10659 Fill in Lines for Fund, Amount etc... Attach Invoice Submit When approved, the PO ...

  5. Travel Info

    parking, or other charges on the bill to be separated out to another SC (NOT to separate out fees/taxes) If ...

  6. Rural Economic Development Innovation Plan

    which provide 71,083 jobs in the region.  focus on E-connectivity and broadband availability, as well as ...