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  1. Scott McIntyre

    (2006)  Registration of 'HS0-3243' Soybean. Crop Science 46: 1811. St. Martin SK, Mills GR, ... Science 46: 2709. St. Martin SK, Mills GR, Fioritto RJ,  McIntyre SA, Dorrance AE, Cooper RL (2004)  ...

  2. Breeding Ohio-adapted Soybean Cultivars

    phenotype selection for linolenic acid in soybean using genetic markers.  Crop Sci. 46: 747-750. Bilyeu KD, ... acid soybeans. Crop Sci. 46:1913-1918. Cardinal AJ, Burton JW, Cmacho-Roger A-M, Yang JH, Wilson RF, ... to the soybean aphid in the soybean cultivar Dowling. Crop Sci. 46: 1601-1605. McBain BA, Fioritto ...

  3. Marcia Feller

    Registration of 'HS0-3243' Soybean. Crop Science. 46: 1811-1811. Patents: McHale L, St. Martin S, ...