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  1. OARDC Impacts

    parasitic infection. According to the USDA, internal parasites accounted for 34,782 sheep deaths in 2015, ...

  2. Teaming up with farmers to protect Ohio’s water

    Work continues on a project to revise the Ohio Phosphorus Risk Index. The index is a planning tool ... index more accurate and to increase farmers’ management options for reducing phosphorus runoff, said ...

  3. Online tool that helps protect water is now being made even better

    revise the Ohio Phosphorus Risk Index, an online tool that farmers can use to determine — and, if ... done.”—Libby Dayton An integral part of managing phosphorus The Ohio Phosphorus Risk Index is an integral part ...

  4. Utilizing Genomic Selection to Accelerate the Pace of Developing FHB Resistant Wheat Varieties

    soft winter wheat lines. The populatlon was evaluated for lncklence (INC). severity (SEV). index (IND). ... Fusarium damaged kernel (FOK). kernel damage index (ISK). and deoxynlvalenol concentration (DON) in ...

  5. OARDC Impact Archive

    the risk of allergic reactions. On-Field Ohio: Rewriting Ohio’s Phosphorus Risk Index Ohio ... Conservation Service Ohio Phosphorus (P) Risk Index to be more precise in predicting the risk of phosphorus ...