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  1. Rotavirus C: prevalence in suckling piglets and development of virus-like particles to assess the influence of maternal immunity on the disease development

    a significantly higher prevalence (p = 0.0002) of litters with diarrhea born to gilts compared with those born ...

  2. Adsorptive removal of dyes using char derived from anaerobic digestate

    Methyl orange. The maximum removal (%) was found to be 91.958 ± 2.604 for 10 ppm of Methylene blue at ...

  3. Dairy Twilight Tour

    families).  The farm is located at 7852 Easton Rd (SR 604) Sterling.  The tour is planned and organized by ...

  4. Farmland Rental Prices

    expected corn price $3.90 = $604.50 Excess yield share of 1/3 will go to landowner Actual revenue is ... $604.50 = $97.50 Share to landowner: 1/3 of $97.50 = $32.50 Final rental price: (Base + excess yield ...

  5. Manure Application: N Value and Timing

    crop. According to OSU Extension bulletin 604, 50 to 75 percent of the ammonia portion of the nitrogen ...

  6. Fly Control Around Livestock Facilities

    about and covered at the twilight dairy tour at Sterling Heights dairy farm (7852 SR 604) on the evening ...