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  1. Wastewater Management in Rural Communities

    Three options to treat the wastewater: 1) Gather all the wastewater in a community, treat, have the water flow into a stream. 2) Gather all the wastewater in a community, treat, use irrigation to discharge water. 3) Manage individual home treatment system ...

  2. Wastewater Treatment Principles and Regulations

    Sewage treatment begins with the separation of large solids and debris. Water is then left in tanks so that large particle will settle at the bottom and grease will rise to the top. Three methods are availiable to take the clarified wastewater and mix it ...

  3. Household Well Water Testing

    It is recommended that homes that are served by private wells be tested at least once a year. While testing can be expensive, it is the only way to ensure safe, clean water. At minimum, testing should include total coliform bacteria, nitrate, pH, and tota ...

  4. Where to Have Your Water Tested

    A list of laboratories that are certified to test the private wells, organized by Ohio counties. To view full text, click here. ...

  5. Drinking Water Regulations

    The Safe Drinking Water Act (1974) had the EPA develop national drinking standards. Laws developed are constantly being revised. Requirements for the treatment, monitoring, and reporting of public water systems are established. Primary laws are enforceabl ...

  6. Electrochemical Disinfection in the Fresh-Cut Produce Industry

    Foodborne illnesses affect about one in six people around the world. Pasteurization, thermal sterilization, washing, irradiation, and antimicrobial agents can prevent foodborne disease outbreaks.   To view full text, click here. ...