Recent Updates

  1. Rotary Agricultural Mower Safety

    Objective: To understand hazards associated with rotary mowers and methods for reducing those hazards. Trainer’s Note
  2. Restricted-Entry Intervals (REI)

    Objective: To observe and know why it is important to observe restricted-entry intervals. Trainer’s Note
  3. Respiratory Diseases

    Objective: To know the symptoms of respiratory diseases, and how to take actions to prevent these diseases. Trainer’s Note
  4. Respirator Protection and Fit

    Objective: To wear the correct respirator for the job and make sure it fits properly. Trainer’s Note There are many daily jobs that require the use of respirators to protect your lungs. It is important to use the respirators correctly to receive their full benefit. Have respirators on hand to try on for fit and to show the different types. Review the true or false quiz.
  5. Repetitive Motion

    Objective: To be able to identify the potential for injury in tasks requiring repetitive motion. Trainer’s Note Eliminating repetitive motion injuries requires adapting work activities. Alert workers to the warning signs of potential problems. Discuss how to avoid or correct problems. Review the true or false quiz.
  6. Port Authorities as an Economic Development Tool for Local Government

    Port authorities can be useful economic development tools for local governments. With a wide range of powers provided by Section 4582 of the Revised Code of the State of Ohio, port authorities can own land, set fees, and levy taxes. They are usually self-sustaining and often operate railroads, airports, or shipping terminals, but can support a breadth of community and economic development goals. Local governments frequently establish port authorities to promote or support economic development.
  7. Reading Pesticide Labels

    Objective: To read and understand pesticide labels before using the chemicals. Trainer’s Note
  8. Protective Gloves

    Objective: To be able to choose what type of gloves are needed for the job, if any at all. Trainer’s Note Many jobs on the farm or ranch require the use of gloves. Display various type of gloves during the session and discuss their proper use. It is as important to discuss when NOT to use gloves as it is to discuss the use of gloves. Review the true or false quiz.
  9. Protecting Hands and Fingers

    Objective: To understand the need to protect fingers and hands, and how to prevent injuries. Trainer’s Note Use the guide below to bring attention to danger zones. Review a list of hand and finger safety precautions. Use examples to illustrate points. Workers may offer some other examples of incidents that lead to hand or finger injury. Review the true or false quiz.
  10. Protecting Against Noise

    Objective: To know the effect of noise on hearing, and to practice proper protection against unsafe noise levels. Trainer’s Note