Recent Updates

  1. Freezing and Canning Venison

    Care and Handling of Venison
  2. Silo Safety

    Objective: To know the safety guidelines for working around silos to prevent incidents and diseases associated with silo gases or dust. Trainer’s Note
  3. Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

    Objective: To become familiar with Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Trainer’s Note
  4. Safety Means Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV)

    Objective: To know the proper use of the Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) emblem. Trainer’s Note By law, farming equipment must display an SMV emblem when moving on roadways at less than 25 mph. Point out the advantages of using the SMV. Demonstrate how to attach the sign correctly. Compare SMV signs in good repair with unacceptable damaged or faded signs. Review the true or false quiz.
  5. Safely Starting and Stopping a Tractor

    Objective: To be able to start and stop a tractor the proper way. Trainer’s Note Have an experienced tractor operator demonstrate the proper techniques for safely starting and stopping a tractor. An extra rider is only allowed for training purposes. Review the true or false quiz. Background
  6. Safe Use of Tractors and Self-Propelled Farm Equipment

    Objective: To be able to safely operate tractors and other self-propelled farm equipment. Trainer’s Note
  7. Phosphorus Nutrient Management for Yield and Reduced P Loss at Edge of Field

    Eight steps to maximize returns to phosphorus in row crop production while reducing downstream contributions to streams and lakes.
  8. Soil Evaluation for Home Septic Systems  

    The first step in constructing a septic system is to understand and describe the soil.  Soil is an excellent medium for treating wastewater and is the most important part of a septic system.  The system designer uses information about the soil to select the system type and size.
  9. Consumer Debt Relief in the United States and Canada

    In July, the New York Fed’s “Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit” reported that delinquency rates on mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards are currently similar to, or lower than, they’ve been at any point since 2000. Serious delinquency (90 plus days) for all loan types, except for student loans, which remains high, peaked during the Great Recession and are currently low or very low compared with historical levels (Federal Reserve Bank of New York 2017a, b).
  10. Safe Use of the Power Take-off (PTO)

    Objective: To become aware of the dangers of the PTO system, and to learn to use the system safely. Trainer’s Note