Recent Updates

  1. Working with Large Round Bale Equipment

    Objective: To know how to prevent possible incidents when working with large round bales and equipment. Trainer’s Note It is important to remember that these bales are very heavy and are able to roll. Informally discuss with employees how to accomplish work objectives safely. It will be helpful to review the module on tractor safety, cutter bar safety, and power-take off (PTO) with this discussion. Review the true or false quiz.
  2. Family Mealtime: Routines and Rituals

    Are there any routines in your life that make you feel happy, more aware, and balanced? For some, it may be activities such as yoga, or simply enjoying tea and reading the paper in the morning.
  3. Using Hay Harvesting Equipment Safely

    Objective: To be able to identify the hazards associated with hay harvesting and know how to prevent possible incidents. Trainer’s Note
  4. Trenching and Excavation Safety

    Objectives: To understand and practice safe trenching and excavation. Trainer’s Note
  5. Tractors and Highway Safety

    Objective: To use safe highway procedures for tractors. Trainer’s Note Incidents occur because highway safety precautions are not followed. It is difficult to avoid highway travel when going between farm sites. Discuss procedures for traveling on highways with agricultural equipment. Common sense and good judgment should be emphasized. Discuss driving safely on highways. Review the true or false quiz.
  6. Towing Anhydrous Ammonia Tanks

    Objective: To learn the necessary safety precautions for towing anhydrous ammonia tanks. Trainer's Note
  7. Rural Transportation Programs and Their Benefits

    Did you know that Ohio’s county and local governments can play a critical role in strengthening community transportation resources and providing public transportation options?
  8. Growing Giant Pumpkins in the Home Garden

    Cinderella rode to the ball in a coach that her fairy godmother crafted from a pumpkin in the patch. A fairy tale, yes, but growers of giant squash, Cucurbita maxima, are growing pumpkins that are approaching the size of small cars.
  9. Rural Neighbors—Living and Working Together

    As Ohio's population grows, farm and nonfarm families are increasingly living and sometimes working alongside each other. Farmers who are near the metropolitan areas have been familiar with this trend, while those in more rural areas are seeing pockets of new development around them. There are many benefits for the farmer, nonfarmer, and also the community to living and working together. These include increased awareness and appreciation of interests and increased trust and confidence of farmers and nonfarmers, and a shared sense of community.
  10. Struck-By Hazards

    Objective: To know the common hazards associated with falling objects so that injuries can be prevented. Trainer’s Note