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Fall Armyworm in Ohio Field Crops ENT-0093 fall armyworm, soybean pests, corn pests, forage pests
Bumble Bee Pollination in Tomato Greenhouses ENT-0092 bumble bees, tomatoes, greenhouse, pollination, commercial bees, buzz pollination
Slugs and Their Management in Landscapes HYG-2010 slug, slugs, pests, mollusks, controlling slugs, slug bait, slug pesticides
Northern House Mosquito ENT-89 culex pipiens, skeeter, mozzie, west nile virus, wnv
How to Control and Prevent Mosquito Bites In and Around Ohio Homes ENT-88 mosquito, mosquitoes, disease transmission, west nile virus, eastern equine encephalitis virus, la crosse virus, st. louis encephalitis virus
Asian Tiger Mosquito ENT-87 mosquito, mosquitoes, skeeters, mozzies, wrigglers, tumblers
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug ENT-90 stink bug, pest, apple, peach, sweet corn, peppers, soybean
Monitoring and Managing Spotted wing Drosophila in Fruit Crops ENT-86 swd, spotted-wing-drosophila, fruit fly, vinegar fly, invasive, invasive species
How to Identify and Enhance Ohio’s Wild Bees in Your Landscape ENT-85 bee, bees, apoidea, polyester bees, shiny green bees, squash bees, dull green sweat bees, bee nests, leafcutter bees, mason bees, orchard bees, bumble bees, carpenter bees, mining bees, identifying wild bees, ground nesting bees
Bumble Bees in Ohio: Natural History and Identification of Common Species ENT-84 bumble bees, pollinators, native bees, ohio bumble bees, pollinator, common eastern bumble bee, brown-belted bumble bee, two-spotted bumble bee, golden northern bumble bee, perplexing bumble bee, half-black bumble bee, black -and-gold bumble bee, american bumble bee, lemon cuckoo bumble bee
Monitoring Carrot Weevils Using Wooden Boivin Traps ENT-83 carrot weevil, parsley, carrots, celery, monitoring weevils, boivin trap, wooden trap, pests
Carpenter Bees HYG-2074 bees, stinging insects, wood damage, pollinators, carpenter bees, carpenter bee insecticide, preventing carpenter bees
Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Native Bees ENT-80 pollinators, native bees, native plants, plants for native bees, ground nesting bees, leaf cutting bees, social bees, gardening for native bees
Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Bumble Bees ENT-81 pollinators, bumble bees, queen, drones, native plants, rusty-patched bumble bee, common eastern bumble bee
Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Pollinators ENT-78 pollinators, habitat, threats, key plants, monarch butterflies, native bees, bumble bees, native plants, honey bees, hummingbirds, butterflies
Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Honey Bees ENT-79 pollinators, honey bees, native plants, bee, bees, pollen, beekeeping, threats, varroa mites
Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Monarchs ENT-82 pollinators, monarch butterflies, native plants
Distinguishing Emerald Ash Borer from Native Borers ENT-77 emerald ash borer, native clearwing borer, clearwing larva, common native ash borers, native roundheaded borer, eab
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Funnel Weaver Spiders ENT-76 grass spider, funnel weaver spiders, hackledmesh weaver spiders, ohio spiders, arachnids, agelenidae, agelenopsis
Asian Longhorned Beetle ENT-75 trees, forests, asian longhorned beetle, how to kill longhorned beetles, holes in tree trunk, wood borer, invasive beetle, trees killed by longhorned beetles
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Crab Spiders ENT-70 biological control, arachnid, crab spiders, white banded crab spider, northern crab spider, bark crab spider, goldenrod crab spider, ohio spiders, ohio crab spiders, ohio insect predator
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Lacewings ENT-72 beneficial insect, pest control, pest management program, lacewings, green lacewings, brown lacewings, aphid control
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Long-Legged Flies ENT-69 beneficial insect, pest control, long-legged flies, predatory fly, metallic-colored fly, gold fly
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Harvestmen (also known as daddy longlegs) ENT-68 beneficial predator, arachnid, harvestmen, daddy long legs, shepherd's spiders, predatory arachnid
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Mantids ENT-67 biological control, beneficial insect, mantids, praying mantis, insect predator, predator insect
Ohio’s Natural Enemies: Jumping Spiders ENT-74 arthropod, jumping spiders, ohio garden spiders, good garden bugs, salticid spiders
Ohio's Natural Enemies: Hover Flies ENT-73 beneficial insect, hover flies, sweat bees, drone flies, flies that look like bees, bee mimics, hornet mimics
Ohio Trees for Bees ENT-71 bees, pollinators, trees, honey bees, native bees, ohio bees, carolina silverbell, seven-son flower, goldenrain tree, japanese pagoda tree, maple, boxelder, buckeye, horsechestnut, alder, serviceberry, catalpa, common hackberry
Mystery Bugs and Bites ENT-66 bugs, bites, delusory parasitosis, entomophobia, mystery bugs and bites, parasites, itching, scratching
Ohio Bee Identification Guide ENT-57 home, yard and garden, bee, bees, beekeeping, bee id, honey bees, ohio honeybees
Silverfish and Firebrats ENT-64 silverfish, firebrat, insects, pests, insecticides
Common Insects and Associated Pests Attacking Bedding Plants and Perennials ENT-65 integrated pest management, insects and pests, bedding plants and perennials
Magnolia Scale ENT-61 magnolia, magnolia scale insects, magnolia scale infestation, magnolia pesticides, magnolia insecticides, magnolia pest control
Cottony Maple Scale and Its Management ENT-62 trees, cottony maple scale, silver and red maple disease, cottony maple scale pesticides, cottony maple scale insecticides
Cicada Killer Wasp ENT-63 cicada killers, cicada killer wasp, giant ohio wasps, big yellowjackets, the largest ohio wasp, largest wasps in north america
Black Vine Weevil (and Other Root Weevils) ENT-49
Centipedes ENT-50 predatory arthropods, centipedes, house centipedes, centipede prevention and control, centipede pesticides and insecticides
Masked Chafers ENT-51 masked chafers, turfgrass grubs, turfgrass grub infestation, grub insecticides, controlling turf grubs
Springtails ENT-52
Fungus Gnats ENT-59
Galls of Maple Trees in Ohio ENT-60 trees, ohio maple tree galls, sugar maple leaf galls, maple velvet erineum gall, gouty vein gall, gall insecticides and miticides
Periodical and "Dog-Day" Cicadas ENT-58 cicadas, periodical cicadas, annual cicadas, dog-day cicadas, controlling cicadas
Attracting Pollinators to the Garden ENT-47 bees, pollinators, gardening, attracting pollinators to the garden
Stink Bugs on Soybeans and Other Field Crops ENT-48 stink bugs, soybeans, field crops, squash bug, assassin bug, green stink bug, spined soldier bug, kudzu bug, brown stink bug, brown marmorated stink bug, red-shouldered stink bug
Japanese Beetle ENT-46 japanese beetles, white grubs, controlling japanese beetles, parasitic wasps, bacterial milky disease, japanese beetle insecticide
Cereal Leaf Beetle ENT-38 agronomic crops
Defoliators on Soybean ENT-39 agronomic crops, pests, bean leaf beetle, treatment, insecticides, pesticides, yellow woollybear caterpillars, silver spotted skipper, defoliation, painted lady, thistle caterpillar, soybeans, grasshoppers, green cloverworm, japanese beetle, mexican bean beetle, slugs
Western Bean Cutworm ENT-40 agronomic crops
Lady Beetles ENT-45 aphid predator, lady bugs, lady beetles, lady birds, ohio lady bugs, native lady beetles, exotic lady beetles, lady bug diet
European Corn Borer ENT-15 european corn borer, corn, pest, symptoms, management, infestation, larvae, corn stubble, yield losses, stalk disease, stalk breakage, ear drop, reduced corn yield
Monitoring Western Corn Rootworm Activity in Soybeans to Predict Rootworm Injury in First-Year Corn ENT-17 agronomic crops
Corn Rootworm Management ENT-16 agronomic crops
Slugs on Field Crops ENT-20 agronomic crops, slugs on field crops, slug defoliation, slug pesticides, molluscicides, strategies for managing slugs
Bean Leaf Beetle on Soybean ENT-23 agronomic crops, bean leaf beetle, soybeans, bean pod mottle virus, insecticides, defoliation, moldy beans, pod injury
Twospotted Spider Mite on Soybean ENT-24 agronomic crops
Alfalfa Weevil on Alfalfa ENT-32 agronomic crops
Potato Leafhopper on Alfalfa ENT-33 agronomic crops, potato leafhopper, nymph, leafhopper, infestation, alfalfa pest, alfalfa insect, alfalfa
Black Cutworm on Corn ENT-35 agronomic crops, cutworm, black, insecticide, pesticide, corn hybrids, bcw, control, corn, moths, crop, infestation, symptoms, management
Armyworm on Wheat ENT-36 agronomic crops
Soybean Aphid ENT-37 agronomic crops, soybean aphid, sooty mold, insecticides, pesticides
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle ENT-44 asian ladybugs, asian lady beetles, multicolored asian lady beetles, controlling asian ladybugs, insecticides for asian lady beetles
Hops in Ohio: Pests ENT-43 hops pests, hop aphid, japanese beetle, two-spotted spider mite, potato leafhopper
Hops in Ohio: Beneficial Arthropods ENT-42 hops pests, predatory mites, minute pirate bugs, lacewings, lady beetles, wolf spider, aphid predators, jumping spider, crab spider, mite predators
Drain Flies (Moth Flies) ENT-41 home, yard and garden, drain, fly, flies in the bathroom, restroom flies, sewer flies, insecticides, pesticides
Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases HYG-2073 home, yard and garden, lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, lone star tick, blacklegged tick, deer tick, dog tick, ticks, tick-borne diseases, tick life cycle, tick habits
Ants In and Around the Home HYG-2064 home, yard and garden, ants in and around the home, ant control, ant pesticides, ohio ant control, ant insecticides
Honey Bees in House Walls HYG-2079 bees and pollination, beekeeping, bees, bee, bees in buildings, honeybees in house walls, honeybee colony, trapping bees, bee colony prevention, queen bee trap, bees in homes
Identification of White Grubs in Turfgrass HYG-2510 lawn and turf, white grubs in turf grass, ohio white grubs, ohio white grub adults, grub species in lawn, grubs in turf, identification of ohio white grub rasters
Billbugs in Turfgrass HYG-2502 lawn and turf, weevils, chemical control of larvae, snout beetles, turf pests, turf damage, turf fungal diseases, parasitic nematodes, resistant turf varieties, billibugs, insecticide
Chinch Bugs in Turfgrass HYG-2503 hairy chinch bug, common chinch bug, chinch bugs in turf grass, chinch bug turf damage, controlling chinch bugs, chinch bug insecticides
Yellowjackets HYG-2075 home, yard and garden, insects, yellow jackets, ohio wasps, german yellowjackets, eastern yellowjackets, common yellowjackets, controlling yellowjackets
Fleas HYG-2081 fleas, controlling fleas, flea infestation, flea shampoo, flea dip, flea bombs, flea spray, flea dust, flea powder, flea collar, flea medicine, flea pesticides, flea insecticide, flea repellent
Aphids on Trees and Shrubs HYG-2031 aphids, trees, shrubs, plant lice, control, treatment, insecticide, pesticide, ant cows, wooly aphids, life cycle, black sooty mold, distorted leaves, single host plant, aphid reproduction.
Lace Bugs HYG-2150 lace bug, walnut lace bugs, sycamore lace bug, pesticides, insecticides, life cycles, habits, leaf damage, rhododendron, andromeda, azalea, basswood, hawthorn, hackberry, oak
Pharaoh Ant HYG-2136 pharaoh ant, life cycle, ant satelliting, ant fractionating, ant budding, ant colony habits, ant eggs, ant control, inspection, ant pesticides, pharaoh ant colony prevention, insecticide
Carpet Beetles HYG-2103 carpet beetles, carpet beetle insecticide, carpet beetle prevention, controlling carpet beetles, black carpet beetle, varied carpet beetle, furniture carpet beetle, common carpet beetle
Millipedes HYG-2067A millipedes, millipede insecticides, thousand-legged worms, controlling millipedes, preventing millipedes, millipede fall migrations, millipedes in mulched plants, millipedes from compost piles, perimeter treatments
Fungus Beetles HYG-2084 fungus beetles, foreign grain beetle, beetle infestation, beetle prevention, hairy fungus beetle, plaster beetle, sigmoid fungus beetle, acute-angled fungus beetle
Ground Beetles HYG-2102 home, yard and garden, murky ground beetle, longnecked ground beetle, eastern snail eater, bigheaded ground beetle, seedcorn beetle, caterpillar hunter, pennsylvania ground beetle, common black ground beetle, ground beetles, identifying beetles, beetle life cycle, beetle insecticides, controlling beetles
Bagworm and Its Control HYG-2149 home, yard and garden, trees, shrubs and groundcovers, thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis (haworth), bagworm, extra silk on plants, life cycle of bagworms, pesticides on the plant foliage, timed sprays, mechanical hand picking
Bumble Bees and Solitary Bees & Wasps in Urban Landscapes HYG-2143 bees, pollinators, bumble bees, controlling ground-nesting bees and wasps, carpenter bees, sweat bees, leafcutting bees, digger wasps, grass carrying wasps
Giant Caterpillars HYG-2015 yard and garden, giant caterpillars, caterpillars, ohio caterpillars, caterpillar life cycle, hatched eggs, identifying caterpillars, larvae, moths, butterfly identification
Spider Mites and Their Control HYG-2012 shrubs and groundcovers, spider mites and their control, ohio spider mites, twospotted spider mite, tetranychus urticae, spruce spider mite, oligonychus ununguis, european red mite, panonychus ulmi, honeylocust spider mite, platytetranychus multidigituli, southern red mite, boxwood spider mite, eurytetranychus buxi, maple spider mite, oligonychus aceris, yellow and white speckles
Choosing a Pest Management Company HYG-2178 pest, management, insect, rodent, bed bugs, control, pesticide, insecticide, pest problem, pest management professional
Carpenter Ants HYG-2063 yard and garden, ant, wood damage, structural pest, biting insect, carpenter ants, black ants, ant nests, ant pesticides
Boxelder Bugs and Leaf-footed Bugs HYG-2106 bug prevention, nymphs, pesticides, boxelder bugs, leaffooted bugs, life cycle of boxelder bugs and leaffootedbugs, controlling boxelder bugs and leaffooted bugs, boxelder and leaffooted bug insecticides
Earwigs HYG-2068 flowers, european earwig, forficula auricularia l., euborellia annulipes (lucas), insects, nests, ringlegged earwig, lifecycle, nymphs, insecticides, trapping, prevention
Clover Mites HYG-2095 home, yard and garden, lawn and turf, life cycle, habits, identification, clover mites
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