4-H Youth Development

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Demonstrations for 4-H Members 4H-46 4-h, demonstrations
Facilitating Positive Behavior in 4-H 4H-45 4-h, positive behavior, positive reinforcement, volunteers
Ohio History of 4-H 4-H-01 4-h, 4-h youth development, history of 4-h, 4-h history
Involving Parents in 4-H 4H-44 4-h, family, parents, involvement
Recognizing 4-H Volunteers Utilizing State Awards to Show Appreciation 4H-43 volunteer awards, state awards, volunteer appreciation
Community Service 4H-12 community service, service, experiential learning, 4-h, 4-h clubs
4-H Camp Active Threat Guidelines 4H-42 camp counselor, 4-h camp, active shooter, safety
Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) for 4-H Youth Livestock Producers and Families 4H-40 veterinary feed directive, antibiotic drugs, animal feed, animal medications
Creative Leadership in 4-H—Stand Up Paddle Boarding 4H-41 paddle board, recreation, leadership, camping
Creative Leadership in 4-H—Flatwater Kayaking 4H-39 kayak, recreation, leadership, camping
Using a waterslide to introduce STEM to younger youth 4H-38 waterslide, stem, youth skills, 4-h, camping, special events, community club, recreation
Leading Recreation at a 4-H Community Club Meeting 4H-37 recreation, social activities, play, healthy living
Building Self-Esteem in Youth 4H-008 self-esteem, helping children, early adolescents, self identity
Interviewing Tips for Judges 4H-36 project, evaluation, judging, interview
Instructions for Tattooing Rabbits 4H-35 rabbits, ear, tattoo
Rabbit Basics for the Beginner 4H-31 rabbits
Camp Management Frequently Asked Questions 4H-34 health form, record, incident form, injury form, camp counselor, background check, day camp, resident camp, cloverbud
Parliamentary Procedure for Community Organizations and Boards 4H-11 parliamentary procedure, meetings
Implementing "Learning by Doing" Strategies 4H-33 youth education
Techniques Youth Development Professionals and Key Leaders Can Use to Navigate Difficult Problems 4H-32 youth
Building a Team within a 4-H Club 4H-30-11 youth development
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