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  1. Effective Ways to Promote Ohio 4-H Camps

    Dec 6, 2019

  2. County-level 4-H Advisory Committees

    Dec 6, 2019

    The 4-H Advisory Committee Role
  3. Is It Pine, Spruce, or Fir?

    Nov 19, 2019

    Pine (Pinus spp.), spruce (Picea spp.), and fir (Abies spp.) are all types, or genera, of medium to tall (60-200 feet), evergreen, needle-bearing, cone-producing trees that have a conical or pyramidal shape. Collectively, they are called conifers because of their cone production. Conifers are commonly found growing in Ohio landscapes and several species are used as Christmas trees. To the casual observer, these trees look similar, but they belong to different genera.