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Recent Updates

  1. A man laying seeds into a small ditch in dirt.

    Opportunities for Sub-surface Nutrient Placement in Ohio

    Feb 23, 2024

    The ability to place fertilizer and other soil amendments below the soil surface can be a powerful tool for producers in Ohio. Implements that perform this function can vary in horsepower requirements, the level of tillage and soil disruption, depth of fertilizer placement, and fertilizer placement capabilities. However, when considering strip-till with fertilizer banding, one needs to evaluate the equipment setup and implementation process for strip tillage and fertilizer banding.
  2. Group of cattle standing in a field looking at the camera.

    Forage Testing for Beef Cattle

    Feb 19, 2024

    Forage quality changes with maturity and storage. A forage test can provide useful information about the nutritive value of hay or pasture. This information can be used to adjust the amount of supplement fed to beef cattle. If forage quality is high, the producer can feed less supplement, resulting in savings. Conversely, if the forage quality is low, diet supplementation can improve animal performance and increase profits.
  3. Hand holding dehusked grain kernels.

    Raw Oat Safety

    Jan 30, 2024

    Raw oat dishes, such as overnight oats, are a great option for a healthy make-ahead breakfast or lunch. They can be endlessly customized to fit a variety of flavor preferences and dietary restrictions.