Recent Updates

  1. Why Do Septic Systems Malfunction? 

    Jul 1, 2019

    A properly functioning septic system removes pollutants from wastewater, and with proper usage and maintenance, the system should work for decades, protecting public health and the environment. However, when a septic system malfunctions or fails, contamination can occur. Obvious signs that a septic system may not be operating properly include soft, smelly spots in the yard and sewage backing up into the home. Other failures are not always apparent, however, and can result in untreated wastewater contaminating streams, ditches, or groundwater.
  2. Septic System Care and Maintenance 

    Jun 28, 2019

    Homes beyond the reach of a city sewer must treat and disperse wastewater on their lots. This household sewage treatment system requires regular care and maintenance just like other components of a home. A neglected system threatens public health and can result in financial losses to the property. In cities, a trained professional operator cares for the wastewater treatment system. For homes with household sewage treatment systems, the property owner is responsible for maintenance.
  3. Preventing Falls

    Jun 18, 2019

    Objective: To be able to recognize hazards and prevent falls. Trainer’s Note Falls happen quickly and are unexpected. Discuss problematic areas on the farm or in the workplace. Have one of the employees demonstrate safe ladder practices (Refer to training module, “Proper Use of Ladders”). Use the following points to discuss how falls can be prevented. Review the true or false quiz.