Recent Updates

  1. Septic Tank: Soil Treatment System

    Aug 13, 2019

    Homes not served by a public sewer must treat and disperse wastewater on the lot. Septic tanks with soil treatment systems (also known as leach fields) are a common onsite system. The septic tank removes most settable and floatable solids from the wastewater to protect the soil from clogging. The soil under the pipes buried in the yard filter out pollutants and pathogens to treat the wastewater before moving into groundwater or surface water.  
  2. Rotary Agricultural Mower Safety

    Aug 12, 2019

    Objective: To understand hazards associated with rotary mowers and methods for reducing those hazards. Trainer’s Note
  3. Restricted-Entry Intervals (REI)

    Aug 12, 2019

    Objective: To observe and know why it is important to observe restricted-entry intervals. Trainer’s Note