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Recent Updates

  1. Boxelder tree stump viewed from above, displaying a reddish stain in the middle section of the stump.

    Ambrosia Coloration in Maple Trees

    Aug 31, 2022

    Maple trees are naturally found across Ohio. Their vibrant fall colors and fast growth rates make them popular in urban areas. In forests, they provide important products such as lumber and syrup, along with wildlife habitat, water quality, and aesthetics. Maple trees, however, can be attacked by beetles, tapped for maple syrup, or otherwise injured.
  2. Woman in white lab coat peering into a microscope in a lab.

    Soil Quality Test Kit

    Mar 10, 2008

    There is a need for farmers and growers to be able to evaluate soil quality in the field to help guide sustainability of agricultural management practices. Since soil organic matter (SOM) is the most widely acknowledged core indicator of soil quality, temporal changes in small but relatively active fractions of SOM may provide an early indication of soils' functional capability in response to management practices.
  3. A corn field has has a stunted, lightly colored green crop on the left because of potassium deficiency and a dark green, tall crop on the right as a result of adequate potassium.

    Interpreting a Soil Test Report

    Aug 8, 2022

    Soil test report formats vary from laboratory to laboratory. However, while report formats differ, any standard soil test report has the critical information needed to make a nutrient recommendation. This fact sheet helps you identify common soil test terms you will find regardless of the report format.