Recent Updates

  1. Fundamentals of energy analysis for crop production agriculture

    Aug 14, 2018

    Energy is embodied in all of the equipment, inputs, and products of agriculture. Agriculture both uses and supplies energy in the form of bioenergy and food. The amount of energy used in agriculture has grown substantially, and currently, the agri-food chain accounts for 30 percent of the total energy used around the world [1]. Sustainable agricultural production requires the optimization of land use, energy efficiency, end of the use of fossil energy sources, and minimization of environmental impacts. Current agricultural systems are heavily dependent on fossil energy resources.
  2. Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents 2017-18

    Aug 13, 2018

    Ohio cropland values and cash rental rates are projected to decrease in 2018. According to the Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents Survey, bare cropland values in western Ohio are expected to decrease from 1.7 to 3.6 percent in 2018 depending on the region and land class. Cash rents are expected to decline from 1.2 percent to 3.0 percent depending on the region and land class.
  3. Selecting Hydrangeas for the Home Landscape

    Jul 20, 2018

    Hydrangeas are relatively easy to grow with a variety of flower colors and sizes. The popularity of hydrangeas has grown tremendously during recent years. As a group, they can bloom from May through fall and have features that garner interest into early winter. Their name, hydrangea, comes from the Greek words “hydor” meaning water, referring to the plant’s preference for moisture, and “aggeion” meaning vessel, referring to the shape of the seed capsule (Oregon State University, 2015). Below are pictures of common hydrangeas grown in Ohio.