Recent Updates

  1. Converting between Mehlich-3, Bray P, and Ammonium Acetate Soil Test Values

    Jun 14, 2019

    The purpose of this fact sheet is to report the relationships between Mehlich-3, Bray P, and Ammonium Acetate soil test extractants in the Tri-State Region.
  2. Pesticide Exposure

    Jun 13, 2019

    Objective: To know the types and causes of pesticide exposure and how to prevent exposures. Trainer’s Note Discuss how personal protective equipment can protect the applicator from the different types of exposure. The training modules, “Pesticide Protective Equipment” and “Reading Pesticide Labels,” can provide additional information. Review the true or false quiz.
  3. Overhead Electrical Hazards

    Jun 13, 2019

    Objective: To be able to prevent contact with overhead power supply lines. Trainer’s Note Discuss the hazards of overhead power lines. Suggest methods for avoiding contact with power lines. Address questions concerning power supply lines. Invite a representative from the local power company. Review the true/false quiz.