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Agronomic Crops Team On-Farm Research Projects 1998

Special Circular 166-99

The Effect of Crop Rotation On Soybean Cyst Nematode Management

Alan Sundermeier, Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent
Beck Brothers, Henry County Producers


Study the changes in soybean cyst nematode levels during crop rotation.

Nearest Town:Napoleon
Soil type:Millgrove loam
Crops:1995 - soybean; 1996 - corn; 1997 - corn; 1998 - resistant soybeans


In 1995, four soybean-cyst-nematode-resistant varieties (Asgrow 3134, Asgrow 3431, AgriPro 3460, Callahan 3377) and two susceptible varieties (Resnick, Asgrow 3237) were replicated three times and randomly planted into a nematode-infested field. Individual plots were 15' by 500'. Soil samples for cyst nematode egg counts were randomly collected at four-inch depths in each plot. Samples were taken in June and September each year. Corn was planted in the entire study area in 1996 and 1997 and cyst nematode resistant soybeans in 1998.


 Average Number of Cyst Nematode Eggs/200 cc Soil
 SoybeanCornCorn Resistant Soybean
June 95Sept 95June 96Sept 96June 97Sept 97 June 98Sept 98
Asgrow 3134 (R)288021314273731120120067
Resnick (S)381399475093284090713367147
AgriPro 3460 (R)38276671467105377312020093
Asgrow 3431 (R)28401840176068086793373107
Callahan 3377 (R)256053310673078001075340
Asgrow 3237 (S)328078403200161381342736093
Average Susceptible 3547889341472227860280213120
Average Resistant3027813143060389011015777
LSD (P = 0.05)152121611568106537414527757
Significant DifferenceNoYesYesYesNoYesNoNo

Summary and Notes

One year of corn following susceptible soybeans did not lower cyst counts (2,227 eggs/200cc soil) to safe levels compared to one year of corn following resistant soybeans, which reduced cyst levels to 603 eggs/200 cc soil. Two years of corn were needed to lower soybean-cyst-nematode egg counts (below 500 eggs/200cc soil) to safe levels. In 1998 resistant soybeans did not allow cyst counts to increase.

This study confirms soybean-cyst-nematode control recommendations. After nematode infection is confirmed when planting susceptible SCN soybean varieties, plant two years of corn followed by one year of SCN resistant soybeans. Then, with counts below 500 eggs/200 cc soil, farmers may again use susceptible SCN soybeans in rotation.

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For additional information, contact:
Alan Sundermeier
Ohio State University Extension, Henry County
104 E. Washington
St., Suite 107
Napoleon, OH 43545
Phone: 419-592-0806

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