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Research and Reviews: Poultry and Swine

Special Circular 164-99




Skeletal Muscle Collagen Organization May Be Associated with Proteoglycan Expression
Sandra G. Velleman

Influence of Adult Body Weight and Egg Weight on Hatching Time in Selected and Randombred Control Lines of Turkeys
K. E. Nestor and D. O. Noble

Effect of Crossing a Line Selected for Increased Shank Width with Two Commercial Sire Lines on Performance and Walking Ability of Turkeys
Karl E. Nestor and John W. Anderson

The Energy Used for Maintenance Each Day by Broiler Chickens
David Latshaw and Matthew Toussant

Variation at Microsatellite Loci in the Large White, Yorkshire, and Hampshire Breeds of Swine
S. L. Kacirek, K. M. Irvin, P. I. Dimsoski, M. E. Davis, and H. C. Hines

The Estimation of Maternal and Individual Heterosis in Yorkshire, Large White, and Hampshire Swine and Their Crosses
M. J. Barhorst, K. M. Irvin, S. J. Moeller, and S. M. Neal

Investigation of the Estrogen Receptor Gene and Its Association with Reproductive Tract Traits in Swine
B. Isler, K. M. Irvin, and S. M. Neal

Effects of Exogenous Testosterone on Follicular Responsiveness to Gonadotrophins During the Luteal Phase of the Estrous Cycle in Gilts
M. B. Cunningham and W. F. Pope

Evaluation of the Further-Processing Quality of Ham Muscles from Hampshire Hogs
C. L. Knipe, D. L. Meeker, B. D. Paxton, S. J. Moeller, K. M. Irvin, D. M. Wulf, and R. C. Emnett

Frequency and Effects of the Napole Gene in the U.S. Pork Industry
D. L. Meeker, S. J. Moeller, K. M. Irvin, D. M. Wulf, C. L. Knipe, and R. C. Emnett

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