Ohio State University Research/Extension Bulletin

Agronomic Crops Team On-Farm Research Projects 1997

Special Circular 160-98


Soybean Inoculant Demonstration Plots


To investigate the potential benefits of the recently released USDA inoculant for soybeans.

Cooperator: Larry Lotz
County of Site: Fayette
Nearest Town: Washington C.H.
Major Soil Type: Crosby
Drainage: Improved 60 foot
Irrigation: No
Tillage: Conventional-chisel plow
Previous Crop: Corn
Soil Test: pH 6.4
P 121 lbs./acre
K 249 lbs./acre
Fertilizer: 0-69-90 (actual)
Herbicides: Roundup
Variety: Pioneer and Asgrow
Planting Date: May 7
Harvest Date: Oct. 3


Treatment Plot No. Plant N Yield/Ac. Avg. Yield Treatment
USDA Inoculant 2 6.6% 62.50 bu. 61.54 bu. 2.1 bu/ac. in Favor of USDA Inoculated Plots
USDA Inoculant 4 6.6% 60.58 bu.
No Inoculant 1 6.8% 59.97 bu. 59.42 bu.
No Inoculant 3 6.6% 58.88 bu.

Submitted by:
Larry Lotz
Ohio State University Extension - Fayette County
1415 US Rt. 22 SW, Suite 100
Washington Courthouse, OH 43160-9557

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