Ohio State University Research/Extension Bulletin

Taxus and Taxol - A Compilation of Research Findings

Special Circular 150-99

Edited By

Robert C. Hansen
Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
The Ohio State University


Robert C. Hansen

Robert C. Hansen

History of the Development of Taxol as a Cancer-Fighting Drug

Traditional Uses of Yews

A History of Yews in the United States
Kenneth D. Cochran

Taxus Populations and Clippings Yields at Commercial Nurseries
Robert C. Hansen, Kenneth D. Cochran, Harold M. Keener, and Edward M. Croom Jr.

Genetic Resources for Ornamental Taxus in the United States
Kenneth D. Cochran

Root Rot of Taxus spp. in Ohio Caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi
Michael A. Ellis, Sally A. Miller, A. F. Schmitthenner, and Kenneth D. Cochran

Growth Rate of Container-Grown Taxus x media 'Hicksii' and 'Densiformis' Compared at Two Levels of Nutrition and Irrigation
Robert C. Hansen, Kenneth D. Cochran, and R. Peter Fynn

Taxus Clipping Harvester
Robert G. Holmes and Don Wuertz

Thin-Layer Drying of Cultivated Taxus Clippings
Robert C. Hansen, Harold M. Keener, Hala N. ElSohly

Evaluation of Bin Drying of Taxus Biomass
Robert C. Hansen, Ralph B. Shugert Jr., Hala N. ElSohly, Edward M. Croom Jr., Harold M. Keener

Selecting Bed Depth for Drying Cultivated Taxus Clippings
Robert C. Hansen and Harold Keener

Progress Report and Summary: National Cancer Institute Workshop on Taxus, Taxol, and Taxotere
Robert C. Hansen, Robert G. Holmes, Ralph B. Shugert Jr., Edward M. Croom Jr., Hala N. ElSohly, Harold M. Keener, and Kenneth D. Cochran

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