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Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet

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Perennials for Specific Sites and Uses


Jane C. Martin
Extension Agent, Horticulture
Franklin County

Gardeners often seek that "perfect" herbaceous (non-woody) perennial plant to fill a special location or need in the landscape. Below are listed some perennial plants useful for special purposes based on central Ohio growing conditions and experiences. Your experience with the plant may vary somewhat. Of course, this list is not all inclusive, but includes plants that should perform well for you; use it as a guide and then plan some further research on your own.

Sometimes many plants in a genus will fit the category given and are listed as "Hosta spp.," for instance. Do more research to narrow your selection within the genus. Occasionally, a specific cultivar is listed (in single quotes), indicating that the particular plant is the best choice within the species. The Latin name and a common name are given for most listings.

Plants for Sunny, Dry Areas

Plants for Moist to Wet Areas

Plants for Full Shade

Plants for Partial Shade

Plants for Long Bloom Season

Fragrant Flowers

Flowers for Cutting

Plants for Dried Flower or Fruit Use

Attractive to Butterflies

Attractive to Hummingbirds

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