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Guidelines for Livestock Producers

Livestock Waste Management Plan

A livestock waste management plan specifies how, when and where animal waste will be handled. It is used for systems that store, stabilize, transport or apply animal waste to land. A livestock waste management plan is used by Ohio EPA for controlling landapplied wastes in two situations: if animal operations or facilities have a controlled direct discharge to waters of the state; or if an animal operation has 1,000 or more animal units. This plan also may be part of an installation permit if a permit is needed for new or expanded animal waste treatment, storage or disposal facilities.

The plan describes:


The livestock waste management plan provides a documented method of operation that will prevent land-applied waste from impacting water quality.

Information needed to process a waste management plan includes:

Ohio EPA and local SWCD office personnel can assist you in completing the plan. Contact the Ohio EPA district office that serves your county.

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