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Estate Planning Considerations for Ohio Families


The purpose of this website is to acquaint our Ohio readers with the issues associated with estate creation and transfer. It can provide the basis for understanding estate planning terms and assist in outlining personal objectives. This knowledge will be of assistance when selecting and working with estate planning counselors. The general principles discussed here should not be applied to specific situations without the advice of an attorney.
  1. Background and Basics (pdf)
  2. Retirement Planning and Medical Insurance (pdf)
  3. Property Ownership (pdf)
  4. Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Related Information (pdf)
  5. 40 Estate Planning Tools (pdf)
  6. Gift Taxes, Ohio and Federal (pdf)
  7. Income Tax Considerations (pdf)
  8. Business Organization Forms (pdf)
  9. Ohio and Federal Estate Settlement Costs (pdf)
  10. Sample Estate Tax Calculations and an Illustration of Potential Savings from a Simple Estate Plan (pdf)
  11. Blank Forms to Analyze Your Own Estate Settlement Costs (pdf)
  12. Index


This website is not intended to substitute for legal or financial counsel or serve as a final answer to personal estate and financial planning problems. Statements made here apply to general situations. Solutions to specific problems depend upon the facts of the situation and the desires of family members involved. Legal and other appropriate counsel is advised for dealing with the planning, maintenance, and transfer of an individual estate.


This website had its origins in the 1960s with work by John E. Moore, Extension Economist, Emeritus, Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, The Ohio State University, now deceased.  He served as a mentor and encouragement to many of the current and emeriti authors. After Dr. Moore’s retirement, the work continued and was periodically updated by Dr. Richard Duvick, Mr. Darrel Acker, and Mr. Paul Wright, esq., who are all emeriti of The Ohio State University. This revision for the web would not have been possible without the efforts of these four men. However, all errors and omissions are the responsibility of the current authors:

November 2003

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