Research/Extension Fact Sheet

1995 Ohio Farm Income


Estimates of cash receipts from Ohio farm marketings were published initially in 1927 and annually since 1929. These county estimates of cash receipts are published by the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology of the Ohio State University and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in cooperation with the National Agricultural Statistics Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. This bulletin contains 1995 Ohio county and state cash receipts estimates and revised 1991-1994 state estimates. County production and inventory estimates of various commodities are published annually in the Ohio Agricultural Statistics bulletin.

Current cash receipts from farm marketings of farm products represent calendar year gross receipts from commercial market sales as well as loans (net of redemptions) made or guaranteed by CCC and purchases under price support programs. The value of home consumption and production expenses is excluded. County estimates of cash receipts from farm marketings are derived by allocating state estimates to counties on the basis of crop and livestock production and Census marketings by Agricultural Statistics Districts. Check data such as county dairy production from the milk market administrators are also used.

The definition of a farm includes a place which has annual sales of agricultural products of $1,000 or more. This definition has been used since the 1974 Census of Agriculture. The average cash receipts per farm will aid in the comparison of counties with similar farm practices better than a comparison of total cash receipts.

This bulletin has been prepared through the efforts of many people, including personnel of agricultural agencies throughout Ohio. The greatest recognition is due to the large number of Ohio farmers and agri-businessmen for their interest and help in providing the basic data used in compiling this information.

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